How to Write a Wedding Vow: 5 Easy Steps and Tips on Writing Vows

How to write a wedding vow? We think that every person who prepares to get hitched asks this question. In fact, it’s a big challenge to sum up all your love, dreams, and promises in one short text. Moreover, a vow is very intimate and it’s not easy to pronounce it in front of your family and friends.

Today, we are eager to share some basic tips on how to write a great wedding vow as well as a step by step guide. So, let’s start.

Step by Step Guide on Writing Wedding Vows

Though there are many ideas for writing your own wedding vows, there are some basic steps that need to be made. Here are 5 most important steps for writing a vow that will serve as a skeleton of your vow’s body. Clearly, you can expand your vow with some other words and promises.

Step 1. Tell who this person is for you. Start a vow with telling that your bride/groom is your best friend, partner in crime or even your everything. If you are thinking about some other words that have a special meaning for your couple, use them. For instance, if you like to nickname your partner teddy bear, you can use that instead of the more widespread words we mentioned before.

Step 2. Tell that you love your partner and how he/she changed you. Don’t forget to tell what you love your partner for and what his/her special place in your life is.

Step 3. Add a personal story. It can be a funny story about your relationship or a story about an adventure you passed through together. However, never add any embarrassing facts that are too personal as your vow will be heard by all your wedding guests who don’t need to know too intimate details of your life.

Step 4. Make the promises. Of course, you can promise to love, to support, to cherish as well as many other abstract things. However, we recommend thinking about more realistic things to make the promises more down-to-earth. For example, you may promise to take your partner to the mountains or that you will always support his/her favorite sports team. In such a way, your promises will be more meaningful.

Step 5. Tell about things you will do together. It’s important to add your thoughts about future to the vow. Mention the specific things you will accomplish together like having three kids or buying a farm.

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5 Tips on How to Write a Vow for Wedding

While talking about how to write a wedding vow, it’s important to mention some things that you need to keep in mind before starting the creative process. Here are 5 easy tips for everyone who needs to write a vow for wedding.

Tip 1. Start early and don’t put off until the last moment. A vow creation isn’t a task for a couple of minutes as it demands much work. Don’t hope that you will create a cool vow in the night before your wedding. Start at least a couple of weeks before the big day or even earlier in order to have time to edit the vow and make it perfect.

Tip 2. Use memories. In order to get inspired, use photos with your significant other, things you bought together or other keepsakes. By surrounding yourself with those things, you will recollect everything you have passed through and inspiration will definitely come.

Tip 3. Make a list of the things you want to mention. You don’t need to write the full sentences, just write down everything that you consider important and proceed with inserting that into the text. Remember that a vow isn’t a long speech and so, not all things you want can be included. Just pick up the most significant ones.

Tip 4. Seek for inspiration. You can draw inspiration by listening to the vows of other people. You can also get inspired by romantic movies, books or even insert some romantic quotes into the text.

Tip 5. Get a second opinion. If you have a close friend or other person you trust to, read the vow to him/her and ask what he/she thinks about it. Close people can give you constructive criticism and help to improve the vow.

Now, you know the basics of how to write a personal wedding vow and are ready to start practice. Don’t be afraid of demonstrating your emotions and declaring the love to your partner.

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