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9 Helpful Tips on Choosing Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

The process of choosing plus size bridesmaid dresses often turns into a real challenge, because girls don’t look alike, everyone has her unique stature and shape. That’s why a dress that fits one girl can look totally different on the other.If you want to feel comfortable and adorable at the wedding party, color and size […]

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How to Choose Fall Wedding Guest Dresses?

Have you been invited to a fall wedding? Still don’t have any idea of what to wear to look stylish and, at the same time, feel comfortable? How fall wedding guest dresses differ from the ones for summer or winter weddings?Fall is rather a popular choice for weddings because of comfortably cool weather and beautiful […]

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The Best Dresses for Wedding Guest at an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are rather widespread in the spring-summer season. The most often chosen places for such weddings are gardens, countryside and beach. The main plus of such weddings for guests is that they don’t have such a strict dress code as traditional weddings and the wedding ceremonies in church.If you are invited to an outdoor […]

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What Dresses to Wear to a Wedding: A Guide on the Wedding Guest Outfit

​Deciding what dresses to wear to a wedding can be a really hard task for any girl and woman. It’s important to choose not just a beautiful dress, which fits you perfectly, but also the one, which suits the wedding format and looks neither too dull nor too bright. But today, we are going to […]

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How to Save Money on Wedding Guest Dresses?

Have been invited to a wedding but have no desire to spend much money on your outfit? That’s not a problem at all. Believe that you don’t have to spend huge money in order to look great being a wedding guest. In fact, there are dozens of ways of saving money on wedding guest dresses […]

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The Tips on Choosing the Best Wedding Guest Dresses for Various Kinds of Weddings

Have you already got your invitation for the wedding? If yes, it’s time to start thinking about what dress you will wear. There are many things, which you need to consider, from the format of the wedding to the season it’s held at. In order to save your time, we have prepared some tips on […]

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