What Are the Simple Secrets of a Happy Marriage?

How can I have a happy marriage? This question is asked by millions of people around the world. Though many of us think that we know an answer to this question there are so many couples that commit mistakes leading to the marriage failure.

Of course, a properly chosen partner is definitely one of the most important secrets of a happy marriage. But we think everyone has witnessed how couples that used to be madly in love and seemed to be a perfect match break up within the first years of marriage.

Today, we are going to unveil seven secrets of a happy marriage that are pretty simple and don’t demand any extra efforts from you.

Ability to Listen

What is the secret to a long happy marriage? I would definitely put the ability to listen in the first place. Though many people talk about this rule, only a few follow it. It’s important to be a good listener for your partner so that he/she could share everything with you.

Here, we talk not about physical listening, but about the ability to open your heart and give all your attention to your significant other. Every person has its motives and, of course, we all are different, so it’s important to know what happens in your husband’s/wife’s soul and what pushes him or her forward to behave in one or another way.

Mutual Support and Care

Mutual support is also the secret of happy married life. As we all have different dreams and plans, it’s important to believe in your partner and provide support no matter what he/she does. Celebrate even the smallest moments, for instance when your partner was praised by a boss or when he won a football match with his friends.

How to be happy in marriage without taking care of each other? In no way. The care about your partner must be a basis of your relationship. For instance, if your wife is pregnant, try to help her with some home chores. You can wash the dishes or vacuum the floor. Or, if your husband is about to have a very difficult day, feed him with a great breakfast and prepare a lunchbox for him so that he doesn’t forget to eat.

Mutual support is extremely important for a happy marriage

Mutual support is extremely important for a happy marriage


No matter how much you love each other, don’t forget that you are two independent personalities. Your ability to be an interesting and self-sufficient person even without your partner is the secret to a great marriage.

Financial independence is important, but spiritual one is even more important. Never stop to develop, read books and have hobbies. A person who does nothing and spends all the time of front of a TV-set can become rather boring for his/her partner. Moreover, laziness can cause arguments.

No-Controlling Behavior

The secret to a happy marriage is to give freedom to your partner and trust him/her. Nobody likes when his life is under control of someone, even if it’s a close person. And, actually, it’s unbearable to live with a person who doesn’t trust you.

By being too-controlling, you can spoil your relationship in two ways: either make your partner too intimidated and dependent on you (and we have already mentioned that independence is really important) or provoke his/her anger. No matter what reaction of your partner is, it will definitely lead to degradation of your relationship.


The secret to a successful marriage is laugh. When you laugh together, you become closer. Moreover, your brain releases endorphins that help to relieve pain and trigger feelings of pleasure. What can be better?

There are many ways of having fun together. You can watch a comedy film, go to karaoke together though you both aren’t good singers or just read anecdotes together. Moreover, you can make fun of some daily things, for instance while watching your dog barking at the mirror.

Laugh is the key to a successful marriage

Laugh is the key to a successful marriage

Romantic Moments and Intimacy

Your relationship will never be happy if you avoid intimacy and don’t have any romantic moments. It’s great if you can have a date night, at least, once in 1-2 months, and dedicate the whole day or, at least, evening to your partner. You can watch a sunset together, watch a movie at home with popcorn or just stroll in the city.

Undoubtedly, sex is a very important part of a healthy marriage. If a person is sexually unsatisfied, he/she gets more annoyed and stressed. That may lead to some problems in your relationship as well as affect other spheres of life.

No-Family Time

How can marriage be happy and successful if you don’t spend all the time together? The answer is easily. The majority of us need to spend some time without a partner to feel that we miss our sweetheart and understand how much we love him/her.

We don’t say that you need to have big parties without your partners. You can just have a cup of coffee with your parents, go bowling with your friends or dedicate time to your hobby. If you are an introvert, you may stay home alone and read a book or get some additional knowledge from online courses.

Believe that even happy couples argue and each marriage has its ups and downs, but it’s important to work on your relationship. Moreover, along with some universal secrets of a happy marriage, there are also some that work exactly for your couple. By finding them, you will be rewarded with happy and fulfilling relationship.

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