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23 Best Celebrity Wedding Dresses Ever

Celebrities are always in the centre of attention. And when it becomes known that they are getting married, a real hunting for their wedding photos starts. One of the most important things is the bridal gown.The celebrity wedding dresses are very different. Some brides decide to follow the traditions and wear classic full skirt dresses, while […]

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What Are the Best Wedding Dresses for Petite Brides

Want to know a secret on how to choose a wedding dress if you are a petite bride? We’d like to assist you in that. You understand that the wrong silhouette may make an accent on the small height and show off all the demerits. On the other hand, the correctly chosen gown can make […]

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Best Wedding Dresses of 2017: The Latest Trends in Wedding Fashion

Are you already preparing for the wedding? If yes, you definitely need to know what the best wedding dresses of 2017 are in order to choose the gown, which won’t be only beautiful but also stylish and trendy. We have had a look at the latest collections of wedding designers and noticed some trends, which […]

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