Do You Need a Wedding Planner?

We are not going to conceal that wedding organization is an exhausting process. It demands much time and strength as well as stable psyche as some problems and surprises are inevitable. In order not to face all those challenges, some couples decide to hire a wedding planner, a professional who takes on all the wedding organization responsibilities.

However, do you need such a person at your wedding or you can easily plan everything yourself? Have a look at our list of pros and cons of turning to a professional for help to understand what your priorities are.

Pros of Hiring a Wedding Planner

- Undoubtedly, if you shift responsibilities to other people, you are subjected to less wedding preparation stress and can enjoy the process without going into details.

- It’s time saving. As you don’t have to communicate with all the vendors yourself and take care of many other things, you save time and can dedicate it to beauty procedures or getting in shape before the nuptials.

- Wedding planners know all the details of wedding organization and may help you to allocate the budget properly as they know vendors and their prices.

- When you entrust wedding planning to a professional, it’s he/she who is responsible for fixing everything that goes wrong.

- The wedding planner is a god’s gift if you plan a destination wedding. By hiring a local professional who knows all the local vendors, you don’t need to travel to your wedding location to settle all the issues that emerge or run around the town in the search of, for example, a flower shop that sells orchids for wedding decoration.

- As wedding planners deal with weddings daily, they may offer you many cool ideas you have never thought of.


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Cons of Using the Services of a Wedding Planner

- You can lose control of the wedding. If you like to have total control over everything, you will feel uncomfortable when all the tasks are solved by another person. Moreover, some things may go not the way you dream about but the way a planner considers to be more appropriate.

- Clearly, the services of a planner require additional costs. Usually, good planners are rather pricy. And if you choose to go for a cheaper option, you may end up sacrificing quality.

- Your wedding won’t be personal. No matter how much experience a wedding planner has, he/she isn’t you and it’s possible that he/she envisions your wedding in another way. So, if you want everything to be exactly like you dream about, you’d better do everything yourself.

- It’s a big challenge to find a proper person who you will have a connection with and who will understand all your wishes.

Our verdict: we think that a wedding planner is indispensable if you plan a luxurious wedding with many guests as it’s really hard to organize a big party without the help of professionals. Also, it’s better to hire a wedding planner if you are going to have a destination wedding. In other cases, wedding organization is a task that you can cope with if you have enough time, inspiration and some close people who will gladly help you. However, if you want to avoid stress, still think about turning to a professional for help.

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