21 Stylish Ideas of Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

If you are invited to a winter wedding, you need to choose the outfit that looks amazing along with being comfortable for the season. As a rule, winter wedding guest dresses feature dark hues, rich fabrics and longer sleeves. But you also need to keep in mind the wedding format and your body peculiarities. 

Here are 21 really stylish and extremely beautiful ideas for winter guest wedding attire.

Formal Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

Formal dresses for winter weddings are usually made of thicker fabrics like velvet or heavy satin and are long. Moreover, trendy wedding guest dresses winter 2020 may feature sequins or beaded details while statement sleeves, leg slits and intricate details are also welcomed.

For instance, the pictured dress is a great variant. Its long-sleeved V-neck top is made of velvet while the skirt is made of satin. Moreover, the dress features a sexy high leg slit.

This high neck gown looks pretty classy, but is a good variant for the fans of lace. We also like that the bodice is beautifully adorned with a satin ribbon. The gown is available in navy blue, green, black, burgundy and dusty pink colors.

Satin always looks great on rather minimalist dresses like this. The A-line silhouette and high neck are beautifully combined with beaded décor that adds a festive look to the dress.

The combination of velvet and lace looks rather unusual, but it’s a great mix for a winter wedding. Such a gown looks bright and is very convenient.

This gown is an ode to elegance. Such a style with V-neck and sleeves never goes out of fashion while such deep hues as dark green, burgundy and black look very elegant and rich.

Want to sparkle? Winter weddings are the perfect occasion to wear a sequined dress like this. The gold color, V-neck, sleeves and a leg slit are combined in a very stylish way.

At first sight, we thought that it’s an off-the-shoulder wedding guest dress, but after having a closer look, we noticed the intricate beading and fell in love with it. Undoubtedly, this dress looks very elegant and trendy.

It’s rather surprising but sequins can be beautifully combined with velvet and the pictured variant proves it. Moreover, the mermaid silhouette looks very feminine. Some other colors are available as well.

This dress is pretty simple, but the tassel sleeves add uniqueness to it. By wearing such a gown, you will create a really bright and fresh look.

Though we like this dress mostly for its beaded skirt, we admit that the mermaid silhouette and a plunging neckline are the best way to highlight your femininity.

Semi-Formal Winter Wedding Guest Outfits

Semi-formal dresses can be knee-length, tea-length and long. The best dresses for a winter wedding guest in a semi-formal style don’t feature many adornments but still may have some zests like volume sleeves, lace inserts or leg slits.

Wrap dresses are always a good idea as they look brilliantly no matter what fabrics, color and decorative elements they feature. We recommend opting for the one with long sleeves for a winter wedding.

Undoubtedly, a cape will help you to create a more romantic look even if it’s attached to such a classic knee-length dress. The pictured variant is available in black, burgundy and navy blue colors.

Though it’s not the first velvet dress in this post, we like it for a more relaxed look and universality as it can be worn on various occasions. The combination of long sleeves and a high leg slit is a perfect mix.

This cold shoulder dress looks both sexy and elegant. The tight fitting silhouette and volume sleeves look very stylish while a leg slit adds some intrigue to the look.

Bishop sleeves are among the biggest trends now. And we like that this gown features the ones made of transparent dotted fabric.

And this is one more variant with bishop sleeves but a more closed top. The dress’ another zest is a cute bowknot on the neckline.

Casual Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

The main plus of casual wedding guest dresses is that they can be worn not only for weddings but also for many other events and even daily. Today, dresses with sleeves and the ones of shirt design are actual. As a rule, the length of casual dresses varies from short to tea-length. However, it may still be a long dress for winter wedding guest with minimal décor.

Shirt dresses are very popular now and they are perfect for casual wedding guest outfits. Moreover, such a style is suitable for winter wedding guest dresses plus size. The pictured variant is sold in khaki, dusty pink and dusty blue colors.

A frill neck, long sleeves and tea length are beautifully combined in this casual dress. Moreover, it’s available in amazing colors: dusty blue, rust brown, baby pink and khaki.

It’s a very simple dress that will suit daytime weddings and small ceremonies. It’s available in green, black and gray colors. We also think that such a gown requires some good accessories like a statement necklace or earrings.

It’s a very nice variant that can be worn not only to weddings and festive events as it can be even a part of an office style. The dress is rather classic, but a slit adds a bit of intrigue to the look.

This dress is also universal as it can be worn daily as well as for festive events, including fall and winter weddings. We also like that it features one-shoulder neckline.

So, we hope that you have got inspired by these ideas of winter wedding guest dresses and already know what you need. Don’t forget that along with being beautiful and stylish, your attire needs to highlight your best parts and hide the demerits.

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