How to Create Unforgettable Bridal Look with Lace Wedding Dresses?

Lace wedding dresses are always a good idea no matter if you have a casual or luxurious wedding ceremony. They are classic, elegant, feminine and very sexy. Lace gowns are available in various silhouettes and styles and will suit every bride.

If you still doubt if to wear a lace wedding gown or the one made of other fabrics, we are going to help you to make the choice. So, let’s consider the reasons why to choose lace dresses as well as see how lace can be used for the dress design.

The Reasons to Choose a Lace Wedding Dress

Here are 8 main reasons to consider wearing a lace bridal dress for your wedding:

1. Lace is suitable for any wedding format. The great thing about such material as lace is that it’s rather universal. It can look luxurious yet delicate, be elegant yet girlish. Depending on the type of the lace and how it’s used, you are free to create the astonishing bridal look for any wedding format from a casual ceremony to a big reception.

2. Lace looks expensive. Even if you opt for a simple wedding dress, it will look more expensive with lace than without it. Of course, high-quality lace may cost pretty much. However, there are always some more affordable substitutes.

3. Lace can be used for various dress styles. Starting from vintage lace wedding dresses to beach wedding gowns, you are free to use lace everywhere. The gown can be fully covered with lace as well as feature some lace parts, for example, sleeves or bodice.

4. Lace goes well with all the wedding dress silhouettes. Lace mermaid wedding dresses look as great as A-line and sheath ones. Moreover, almost all types of necklines work well with lace.

5. Lace adds texture. It can be a challenge to make a plain white or ivory dress look interesting. Even a small textured part will make the gown look more vivid. Moreover, by choosing the lace pattern you like, you will add character to the dress and make it special.

6. Lace can be flattering for any body type. If to play with the lace pattern, you may highlight your merits and hide demerits. Both plus-size and petite brides may look astonishing in lace wedding dresses if the proper pattern is chosen.

7. Lace is versatile. It’s not obligatory to have an allover lace wedding dress. You are free to add some minor details. For instance, a lace bodice can be used together with a tulle, chiffon or satin skirt. Or, you may add some accents on the train, hem, waist as well as on such wedding accessories as veil and bolero.

8. Lace never goes out of fashion. The wedding fashion changes, but lace has been one of favorite wedding designers materials for many years and continues to be extremely popular. In fact, lace is always classic. And what’s great about it is that it may look fantastic on a modern as well as vintage dress.

Types of Lace

Before choosing wedding dresses with lace, you need to know what types of lace exist and what their peculiarities are. There are 7 basic kinds of lace, which can be used for the wedding gowns designs. Here they are:

- Knit Lace. Knit lace is rather soft and flexible thanks to the lack of the tulle back. It flatters the body curves ideally.

- Guipure Lace. Guipure lace, also known as Venetian lace, is stiff and firm and has no net background. The patterns are formed with the help of close embroidered stitches. Such a kind of lace can blend into the design of any wedding dress. Very often, this lace resembles macrame and embroidery. It will be liked by the girls, who are fond of texture.

Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Lace

- Emroidered Lace. Emroidered lace consists of delicate patterns, which are tightly stitched onto the illusion base. The patterns look like appliques. Such lace can add dimension to the dress. The patterns usually include interconnected floral motifs. The base material can be different from thick to thin illusion netting. In the majority of cases, tulle is used under the lace layer.

- Chantilly Lace. Chantilly lace is known for its patterns, which are outlined in flat, untwisted strands, known as cordonnet, as well as abundant details. It usually features flowers and ribbons on a plain net background. This type of lace will make the bridal dress look delicate and romantic. It’s often used for the dress overlay and sleeves.

- Brocade. Brocade is a decorative woven fabric, which may be made, using gold and silver threads as well as colored silk. Brocade lace is thicker than Alencon or Chantilly laces and doesn’t have such a delicate effect. Though, it looks very rich.

Alencon Lace

Alencon Lace

- Alencon. Alencon is a needlepoint lace, which usually features a floral design on a sheer background. The lace pattern features a raised cording, which follows the lace pattern underneath. In such a way, the lace has a slight 3D effect. Alencon lace is the perfect choice for the brides, who want to look classy and stylish. As a rule, it features Victorian floral designs like cabbage roses, daisies, scrolls and medallions. Moreover, it can be decorated with seed pearls and sequins.

- Eyelet Lace. This lace is ideal for bohemian dresses. It looks vintage and modern at the same time. It features embroidered cutouts in the fabric and is trimmed with thread. This type of lace is the most breathable and so it’s great for summer weddings and beach ceremonies.

How to Use Lace in Wedding Dress Design

There are many ways of using lace for bridal dresses. It can be an allover lace dress as well as the one featuring just a couple of lace accents. Here are 9 ways of how to enhance wedding dress with lace.

Allover Lace Dress

Undoubtedly, it looks gorgeous when lace covers the wedding dress completely. The floral motifs, which span the entire length of the gown, create the texture throughout the silhouette. As a rule such gowns don’t have any additional embellishments as they are absolutely self-sufficient.

For instance, lace mermaid wedding dress looks very stylish and helps to highlight beautiful body curves. The sheath and A-line gowns also look very beautiful with the lace overlay. In addition to traditional gown, short lace wedding dress or the one of tea-length can be also fully covered with lace.

Lace Bodice

In fact, wedding dresses with lace bodice are one of the most popular. They make the bridal look very feminine and luxurious, but, at the same time, are rather traditional. The lace bodices can have all the types of necklines from plunging to bateau. Moreover, they can be used with almost all types of skirts from light chiffon to sophisticated multi-tiered ones.

Depending on the type of lace, the bodice can be sewn from lace fabric or be covered with cut out lace appliques. The softer laces work well for the first variant while thicker and more textured ones are usually used for the second one. Moreover, you may opt for a lace wedding dress with sleeves from cap to long ones.

Lace Back

Lace Back Wedding Dress

Lace Back Wedding Dress

Today, many brides think carefully not only about the dress front but also about its back. Sometimes, the dress back turns into its statement feature and looks more luxurious than the front. It can be a lace sleeve wedding dress with a simple bodice, but in which, the accent is made on beautiful sleeves and back.

For instance, the gowns with lace illusion backs are in trend now. Though they cover the whole back, they make the bride look very sexy thanks to the transparent parts. Or, the lace back can be of unusual form. Thus, keyhole backs with lace look very intriguing.

Lace Sleeves

In truth, lace sleeves look much more interesting than the ones, made of heavier fabrics. They make the dress look lighter and, at the same time, add elegance and sophistication. Lace cap sleeves can add a charm to any simple gown, while three-quarters and long lace sleeves look more festive and feminine.

A long sleeve lace wedding dress may be made of soft lace like Chantilly. It can be combined with some other lace details of the dress or be the only lace part of it. Also, it looks very beautiful when the sleeves are made of tulle and are adorned with cut out guipure or Alencon lace.

Lace on Skirt

Wedding Dress with Lace Skirt

Wedding Dress with Lace Skirt

The accent with lace can be made on the skirt. Though this variant isn’t so popular as the one with lace bodice, there are some cool ways of creating an astonishing skirt. For instance, it can be overlaid with thin lace or feature some lace trims. The multi-tiered skirts can feature the ruffles, made of lace.

In the majority of cases, lace appliques are attached to the skirt. It can be done randomly or in a certain pattern. If you are a plus-size bride or are of short height, a great idea is to locate the appliques vertically. They will stretch your silhouette and will make you look taller and slimmer.

Lace Hem and Train

Wedding Dress with Lace Hem

Wedding Dress with Lace Hem

Basically, the use of lace for hem decoration is rather widespread for various dress styles. However, it works the best for mermaid, A-line and ball gowns as it’s more noticeable on them. It looks luxurious when the lace covers the dress hem in the round. However, if you are on a tight budget, you may add lace appliques throughout the hem.

While the skirt may feature no lace, it can be added to the train. This variant allows saving some money on adorning the dress hem and, at the same time, to get a gorgeous train. The train can be detachable as well as be an integral part of the wedding gown.

Lace Waist Accent

Lace can adorn the waistline as well. For instance, a dress may feature a waistband, adorned with lace. Or, the lace details can be sewn in the dress. Making lace accents on the waist is great for A-line gowns as the lace may help to create the gradual transition from top to bottom even if the dress isn’t a single-cut one.

The most important is to choose the right lace. Thus, if you are a plus-size bride or have an apple-type body, too textured lace can make the waist look thicker. That’s why, it’s better to opt for thinner variants. Also, the lace location matters. For instance, if it’s located in vertical stripes, it can make you look taller and slimmer.

Lace Illusion Details

Actually, illusion wedding dresses are very much loved by modern brides. They make the bride look sexy and, at the same time, very feminine and elegant. As a rule, the dresses feature illusion bodices, which have some transparent parts on the waist, decollete, back and which are adorned with lace.

Illusion details are a great addition to a lace long sleeve wedding dress. While the dress still has sleeves, they are almost invisible and only the lace parts stand out against the skin. Also, the illusion hems look breathtaking and are loved by brides, who don’t want to follow all the wedding traditions.

Embellished Lace Details

Embellished Lace Wedding Dress

Embellished Lace Wedding Dress

And finally, no matter if you prefer long sleeve wedding dresses or the strapless ones, you always have an opportunity to opt for embellished lace. The lace fabric as well as appliques can be adorned with beads, sequins and crystals. The embellished lace makes the wedding gown more luxurious.

Usually, embellished lace is used for the upper parts of the gown. It helps to make cute 3D accents on the bodices. However, it’s possible to use it for the hem as well as cover the entire dress with it.

So, you see that lace wedding dresses are an astonishing opportunity to get an extremely beautiful and stylish bridal look. Also, don’t forget that lace can be used for veils, boleros, capelets as well as some other wedding accessories.

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