The Best Iconic Vera Wang Wedding Dresses of All Time

It’s hard to find a girl, who doesn’t know the name of Vera Wang. Vera Wang wedding dresses are known all over the world and many girls dream about wearing the designer’s gown for their wedding. Such celebrities as Lily Aldridge, Victoria Beckham, Ivanka Trump, Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian and many other gave preference to gowns by Vera Wang.

For almost 30 years of creating wedding dresses, Vera Wang has become one of the most famous wedding designers in the world. She has created many exclusive gowns. Let’s see what the magic of the brand’s wedding dresses is in and have a look at the most iconic creations by Vera Wang.

The Secret of Popularity of Vera Wang Brand

Vera Wang entered the wedding fashion industry in 1990. The designer attracted attention by creating exquisite and sophisticated wedding gowns, which are absolutely unique. No matter what silhouette the dress has, Vera Wang mermaid wedding dresses are as astonishing as A-line and ball gowns.

The distinguishing features of Vera Wang’s style are:

- Light fabrics like organza, chiffon, tulle and guipure lace

- Swirling and flared skirts

- Statement bows often of contrasting colors, for instance, a black bow on a white dress

- Interesting color variations from the shades of white to black

There are 5 main reasons why Vera Wang wedding dresses are so popular:

Kate Hudson in Vera Wang dress in Bride Wars movie

Kate Hudson in Vera Wang dress in Bride Wars movie


It’s not a secret that Vera Wang bridal gowns are loved much by celebrities. Among the most famous brides, wearing her dresses are Lily Aldridge, Alyssa Milano, Victoria Beckham, Ivanka Trump, Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Garner, Heidi Klum, Uma Thurman, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Hudson and many others.

Moreover, the brand’s gowns are often seen in movies. The most well-known examples are the gowns of Ann Hathaway and Kate Hudson in “Bride Wars”, the one of Blair Waldorf in “Gossip Girl” and Wilhelmina Slater in “Ugly Betty”. Maybe, that’s why so many girls want to wear a dress by Vera Wang for a wedding and feel as if they were Hollywood stars.


The quality of the dresses is very high no matter if they are strapless or long sleeve wedding dresses Vera Wang. The designer uses the best materials for creating her collections. Moreover, each dress is made by hand. The designer pays attention to every detail. It’s impossible to find some demerits in her gowns.

Variety of Colors and Styles

Though Vera Wang wedding gowns have certain distinguishing features, they are available in various silhouettes and styles. You may find luxurious ball gowns as well as more discreet sheath dresses in her collections.

Vera Wang is also known for her experiments with the color of the wedding dress. She shocked the wide public by creating a black wedding dress and continues to create gowns in various shades of white, red, pink etc.

Wedding Dresses by Vera Wang

Wedding Dresses by Vera Wang

Modern Design

The dresses by Vera Wang look very modern. The designer wants to meet the requirements of contemporary brides, but, at the same time, maintains the traditional bridal look. She creates trends in the bridal fashion, providing the brides with edgy but chic choices.


Clearly, Vera Wang wedding dresses prices are pretty high and only well-off people can afford buying them. The prices for the luxe collection start at $6000 and may go up to $20 000. But you can also find cheaper variants for $2000-7000. The designer explains the high cost of her gowns in such a way:

“There’s a real creative process that goes into it. And I think I’m a fashion designer who designs wedding gowns, as opposed to a bridal designer. I came in [to the bridal industry] with no knowledge — I had knowledge of fashion and no knowledge of bridal per se, so I think I brought a sense of freedom and rule-breaking without even knowing it. And it was sort of instinctive, it was whatever I felt and what I thought girls should want to wear or be available to them if they wanted to. It was that freedom and that fashion edge that really changed the industry”.

However, not everyone knows that Vera Wang wedding dress price can be rather affordable. Starting from 2011, the designer also releases affordable wedding dresses for $600-1400, which are for sale at David’s Bridal store. Thus, the list of the brides, wearing dresses by Vera Wang considerably rises.

5 Iconic Wedding Dresses by Vera Wang

It's really hard to choose what Vera Wang wedding dresses are the best. However, here is our Top 5 list:

Gemma Wedding Dress

Gemma by Vera Wang

Gemma by Vera Wang

Gemma is a strapless mermaid wedding dress with sweetheart neckline. The bodice features cool asymmetrical draperies. However, the main accent is made on the organza blossom hem with blizzard beading technique. The dress is also adorned with a ribbon.

The wedding dresses Vera Wang of the mermaid style look the best at the girls with hour-glass body type. Even plump girls may look great in this dress as asymmetrical draperies can make you visually slimmer.

Eliza Wedding Dress

Eliza by Vera Wang

Eliza by Vera Wang

Eliza is a strapless tulle gown of A-line silhouette. The bodice is covered with Chantilly and Alencon lace. The tulle skirt is softly tucked and is adorned with lace and swirling pleated organza insert. A black bow on the waist reminds us about Vera Wang’s unrepeatable style.

This Vera Wang bridal dress will look great on the girls with almost any type of body. The only exception is the brides with wide shoulders as the strapless bodice will accentuate that. At the same time, the pear-shaped girls will be able to accentuate the small upper part and hide the fuller hips.

Hannah Wedding Dress

Hannah by Vera Wang

Hannah by Vera Wang

Hannah dress is a strapless ball gown. What we like it for is that it looks both classy and creative. The tulle skirt features the veiled degrade floral laser cut organza, which adds irresistible charm to the gown. The dress features a detachable trapunto stitched bustier.

This gown is a great option for pear, hourglass and petite brides. However, this Vera Wang wedding dress isn’t the best option if you aren’t an owner of a slim waist. The waistband and the ruffled top of the skirt create some additional volume in this zone and so, if you have an apple-type body, you will look fuller than you are.

Joelle Wedding Dress

Joelle by Vera Wang

Joelle by Vera Wang

Black wedding dresses are one of the reasons why Vera Wang became so popular. She showed that a bride can wear not only white or ivory gown, but even a dark one and look astonishing in it. One of the coolest models in black is Joelle. It’s a strapless corset wedding dress with textured pleating and organza scallops.

The gown looks fantastic thanks to the combination of black and nude colors. However, it’s also available in ivory. Clearly, this Vera Wang black wedding dress is for the brides, who are open to experiments. It suits almost all types of figures, even the plus size brides.

Katarina Wedding Dress

Katarina by Vera Wang

Katarina by Vera Wang

You must have seen the designer’s black gowns for many times, but what about Vera Wang red wedding dress? For example, Katarina gown is one of the iconic gowns of the brand. It’s a strapless corset ball gown with a ruffled skirt. Such gown looks very interesting thanks to the scarlet color and the complicated skirt design.

The gown looks the best at tall and slim girls. The rectangle, pear and hourglass bodies will also look good in it. And if you like the dress, but aren’t ready for experiments with the red color, you can acquire it in ivory color.

Now, you understand why Vera Wang wedding dresses are so popular. Though not everyone can afford buying them, they are the objects of dreams of millions of women around the world.

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