Why Do Some Brides Get Married Using Red Wedding Dresses?

Have you ever thought about wearing a red dress for your wedding day? It seems to be rather a crazy idea, which breaks all the traditions. However, the bride in red may look extremely beautiful and fresh. And we are going to prove that.

Let’s get this show on the road and consider the reasons for wearing red wedding dresses as well as some cute ideas of them.

The Reasons for Wearing Red Dresses for Wedding

Of course, wearing a red wedding dress is an absolute shift from the western wedding traditions. However, nowadays, more and more brides opt for wedding dresses of unusual colors as they look fresh and creative. There can be some objective reasons for wearing wedding dresses with red or it can be just the matter of personal taste of the bride. Let’s consider the possible reasons.

First of all, the red color of the wedding dress is traditional for some countries, including India and China. You have definitely seen traditional red Indian wedding dresses as well as Chinese ones in various movies. In China, the red wedding dresses meaning is related to fortune, success, honor, fertility, love and luck. The meaning of red in the Indian culture is similar, but it also signifies the start of the new life.

An Indian wedding dress

An Indian wedding dress

So, if you or your groom has Chinese or Indian roots, the red color is a great choice for the wedding. In such a way, you will show your respect to the traditions.

Secondly, red wedding dresses suit brides with all the possible body shapes. So, plus size red wedding dresses look as great as the ones of standard colors. Also, red can suit the brides with all kinds of hair and eyes color. There are so many shades of red that you will definitely choose the one, which suits your appearance most.

Thirdly, if you have a wedding in the red color scheme, you can choose the red gown as it will suit the theme of the reception ideally. Or, if you plan a gothic wedding, you can seek for some cool ideas of wedding dresses black and red.

Fourthly, it’s not obligatory to choose a wedding gown, which is fully red. You can just add some colorful accents to the traditional gown. There are many possible designs of white with red wedding dresses, which are traditional, creative and bright at the same time. Moreover, you can add some red hair accessories. For instance, it can be a red flower crown or a hair vine adorned with red crystals. 

A Chinese wedding dress

A Chinese wedding dress

The fifth cause to wear red is your desire to stand out from the rest of the brides. If you don’t want to be like others and think that your wedding is a great chance to show your personality, you can surely wear the dress of whatever color you want.

If you are going to have a casual wedding, you can find some good variants of cheap red wedding dresses, which can be used for your wedding and later as simple evening dresses. It’s a great way to save money if you are on a tight budget.

Moreover, if it’s your second wedding, it’s possible that you won’t have a desire to wear the white gown. The majority of the brides choose gowns of other colors. Usually, they are pastel ones, but the most self-confident girls opt for the red gown.

And finally, you are free to wear a red gown if you simply like it. It may happen that you initially don’t plan to get married in a red wedding dress, but while visiting wedding salons, you just fall in love with a certain gown and can’t stand buying it. Love at first sight is definitely a serious reason to get the red bridal gown.

10 Cool Ideas of Red Wedding Dresses

Clearly, there aren’t so many red wedding dresses for sale as white or ivory ones. Some brides even make custom orders for them. Or, you may seek for the proper gown not among wedding dresses but among prom and evening gowns. Now, we’d like to provide you with some inspirational ideas of wedding gowns, some of which can be also used as red dresses for wedding guest.

Red and White Wedding Dresses

Red white wedding dresses are the most traditional variants among red wedding gowns. Many brides are afraid of choosing a red gown and prefer to blend it with white for a more traditional look. Undoubtedly, the combination of white and red looks very beautiful. Moreover, almost all the shades of white look good with various hues of red.

Among all the ideas we offer, this one is the most widespread one. That’s why, it won’t be a problem to find a gown in such a color scheme even if you need red and white wedding dresses plus size. There are dozens of variants how red and white can be combined in a single dress, from using a red waistband on the white gown to absolutely creative ways of mixing red and white.

Black and Red Wedding Dresses

A red and black wedding dress

A red and black wedding dress

Red and black wedding dresses may look rather gloomy. So, you need to be careful with such a color combination if you plan a traditional wedding. It’s better to choose the gown of the red color with some black accents.

However, the combination of black and red is the ideal choice for the gothic wedding. As a rule, black gowns are chosen for such ceremonies, but you can make some red accents in order to make the gown brighter. Or, you are free to opt for the gown, where the both colors are used equally.

Wedding Dresses with Red Accent

If you aren’t going to risk buying a red wedding gown, but can’t stand adding something red to your bridal look, think about how to add some red accents to a traditional white or ivory bridal gown. The most classic variant is to add a red waistband. In fact, colorful waistbands are often used for wedding gowns and red is one of favorites.

The red accent can be also made on the bodice by adding the red lace or applications. You can decorate the skirt with such applications as well. If your gown has a tulle skirt, you can exchange one layer of tulle (not the upper one) for the red one. It will create the beautiful effect.

Red Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Surely, it’s the hottest variant of a red wedding gown. The combination of a bright color and highlighted body curves will make it impossible to look away from the bride. Of course, you need to have the ideal hourglass body to look absolutely perfect.

The red mermaid gowns look astonishing if they are fully covered with lace. Also, the combination of lace and satin looks very stylish.

Red Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

The traditional shape of the wedding gown in the red color will make you look like a Disney princess. Such dresses are unforgettable. The variants with tulle skirts are the most traditional, but you can also opt for satin and lace dresses.

However, red wedding dresses plus size of the princess silhouette aren’t the best choice. The plus size brides need to seek for the ways to demonstrate their merits and hide the demerits. A volume ball gown will make you look bigger than you are and the red color will highlight that.

Empire Waist Red Wedding Gowns

In truth, the majority of red empire waist wedding dresses can be found not among wedding gowns, but among evening dresses. They may look rather simple, but their plus is that they can be used on some other occasions.

These gowns often feature flowing skirts, for instance made of chiffon or silk. The bodice can be made of the same fabrics. However, the gown will look more festive if the top is decorated with lace, applications or features some beaded elements.

Red Black and White Wedding Dresses

A red wedding dress with poppies

A red wedding dress with poppies

Red white and black wedding dresses are rather rare. Usually, the wedding dresses designers use two colors if one of them is red. However, for instance, a black and white wedding gown can be decorated with a red waistband or be complemented by red accessories.

The combination of red, white and black looks great on the dresses, which feature poppies. Of course, a flowery dress isn’t a common choice for a wedding, but possible, especially if you seek for an informal wedding gown or are getting married for the second time.

Red and Gold Wedding Dresses

Nothing looks more luxurious than the combination of red and gold. These colors are traditional for Indian and Chinese wedding gowns, but can be also used for more traditional Western bridal gowns of all possible styles.

As a rule, the gold elements are added to the red gown in the form of sequins or beaded elements. Also, the gown with embroidery looks astonishing. But, everything can be vice versa and the gold dress can be adorned with red decorations.

Short and Tea-Length Red Wedding Dresses

Definitely, it’s the most casual variant of a red wedding gown. The mini, knee-length and tea-length red gowns aren’t usually considered as wedding dresses at all and so, if you want to have something like that, it’s not necessary to go to a wedding salon as you can buy that at many other stores.

Moreover, they can serve as great red dresses for wedding guests. So, if you wear such a gown for your wedding, you can later use it as an evening or cocktail dress and wear it for the weddings of other people or other types of events.

Red Open Back Wedding Gown

The modern brides are fond of open-back wedding dresses. And it’s not strange as they look sexy and help to make a cute accent. Every silhouette of the wedding gown can feature the open back and that’s great news for all the brides.

If you make up your mind to wear a red wedding gown with the open back, you need to take care that you don’t look too vulgar. That’s why, if the back is open, choose the gown with a more closed front. Also, it’s beautiful when such gowns have sleeves.

It’s down to you if to wear a red gown for your wedding day or not. It looks unforgettable, but be ready that some guests may fail to understand your choice. If you like red but want to follow the wedding traditions as well, have a look at white and red wedding dresses with the prevalence of white and red accents.

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