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What Are the Best Red Wedding Dresses and How to Pick Up the Perfect One?

Who has told you that you must wear a white wedding dress for your wedding? Though it’s a well-established tradition to wear a white gown for wedding, you are not obliged to be in white if you don’t want to. Remember that before Queen Victoria started the fashion for white gowns, the brides got married […]

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Why Do Some Brides Get Married Using Red Wedding Dresses?

Have you ever thought about wearing a red dress for your wedding day? It seems to be rather a crazy idea, which breaks all the traditions. However, the bride in red may look extremely beautiful and fresh. And we are going to prove that. Let’s get this show on the road and consider the reasons […]

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25 Astonishing Ideas of Black Wedding Dresses

Do you think that black wedding dresses are suitable for gothic weddings only? We are sorry, but you are wrong. Of course, a bride in black looks extravagant and causes the shock of many guests. But it’s the ideal choice if you want everyone to remember your wedding look forever. A black dress doesn’t always […]

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