The Review of Iconic Vera Wang Diana Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses by Vera Wang are a dream for many girls. Vera Wang isn’t just a successful brand but also the creator of very beautiful and stylish dresses. We’d like to discuss an A-line gown with draped wrap bodice and swirly frothy draped skirt, named Diana.

Vera Wang Diana wedding dress is a legendary gown, which is beautiful, stylish and airy. It’s one of the brand’s bestsellers for many years. So here we go to more detailed review of the dress.

Whom Is This Vera Wang Gown For?

A Diana wedding dress

A Diana wedding dress

Though many girls want to have dresses by Vera Wang, they aren’t suitable for everyone. The dress, which we are talking about, isn’t an exception. So, let’s see whom this dress is suitable for.

First of all, the A-line silhouette is considered to be universal and it’s believed to suit the girl of any complexion. It’s truth, but with a couple of exceptions for this peculiar dress. For instance, it doesn’t suit brides with wide shoulders because of the heart-shaped bodice. The girls with wide shoulders look better if the top has sleeves or, at least, straps.

Also, while the A-line gown is a great solution for a plus size bride, it isn’t good if you have much excess weight. The draperies may add volume to both waist and hips and highlight your demerits.

A bride wearing Diana wedding gown

A bride wearing the Diana wedding gown

Secondly, this dress is suitable for many formats of weddings from luxurious to country-styled ones. The only exception is the wedding in retro style or the one dedicated to the exact theme.

Thirdly, if you are well-off, there will be no problems in spending several thousands of dollars for the dress by the favorite designer. However, not every person can afford it and if you are on a tight budget, you will have to seek for cheaper variants.

Finally, the Diana dress is ideal if you want to look simple and luxurious at the same time. It’s very stylish and classic and that’s why it’s adored by so many girls around the world.

The Characteristics of a Vera Wang Diana Gown

A Diana wedding dress by Vera Wang

A Diana wedding dress by Vera Wang

Here are the basic characteristics of the gown:

Silhouette. The Vera Wang Diana model of a wedding gown features an A-line silhouette. Its main plus is that it suits almost all body types. In fact, it’s the most popular wedding gown silhouette among brides-to-be.

Style. The greatness of this dress is that it is classic and creative at the same time. Though the silhouette and the materials are traditional as well as the bodice heart-shaped type, all the attention is attracted by the skirt. It features so many complicated swirls and draperies that it’s hard to characterize it.

Though some people consider this dress to be very simple, we don’t think so. Of course, the dress doesn’t feature any additional decorations like lace, beads or rhinestones. However, it’s not simple at all as its zest is in draperies and complicated skirt.

Back of the Diana wedding dress by Vera Wang

Back of the Diana wedding dress by Vera Wang

Materials. Vera Wang wedding dresses are often made of light materials. This one is made of tulle and organza, which makes it look very airy.

Colors. The official site of Vera Wang states that this gown is available in white and ivory colors. Thus, if you face any other color variations, be sure that it’s false.

Sizes. The wedding dress is available in many sizes. Moreover, it’s possible to make the necessary adjustments of the dress size and length.

Prices. The prices vary, depending on where you buy the dress and if it’s new or used. The new dress costs around $7000-8000, while the used can be bought half the price.

The Pros and Cons of Vera Wang Diana Dress

The bodice of diana wedding dress

The bodice of Diana wedding dress

Obviously, like any other product, a Vera Wang Diana wedding dress has its pluses and minuses. Let’s consider them in more detail.


1. Brand. Vera Wang dresses are well-known around the world. Many girls dream about wearing the dress by this brand on their special day. In fact, Vera Wang is such a name in the wedding industry, which doesn’t need to be described as everyone knows it.

2. Universality. The A-line gowns can be definitely called universal wedding dresses. They look brilliant on the brides of different complexions. They look perfect on tall and short, petite and plump brides.

3. Style. This dress is from the spring collection of 2010, but still remains actual. It seems that it has become one of the classy variants of wedding dresses. In fact, many designers have tried and still continue to try creating something similar.

4. Airiness. As the dress is made of organza and tulle, it looks very light and airy and that’s exactly what many brides pay attention too while choosing the best wedding dress for them.

A skirt of Diana wedding dress

A skirt of Diana wedding dress


1. Price. Such a dress costs about $7000-8000 and, of course, not every girl can afford it. If you dream about it, you can seek among used Vera Wang wedding dresses. The pre-owned dress will cost you $3000-4000. 

2. Simplicity. Some people consider the Diana dress to be too simple because it doesn’t feature any decorations. However, this opinion is rather subjective.

3. Colors. This dress is available only in white and ivory colors. That’s why, if you seek for a wedding dress of unusual color, like blush or pink, you won’t find this model in other color variations.

Alternatives to Vera Wang Wedding Dress

If a Vera Wang dress is too pricy for you, here are three variants, which are similar, but cost less.

Watters Ansel Skirt 2082B

Watters Ansel Skirt wedding gown

Watters Ansel Skirt wedding gown

This Watters wedding dress costs between $2000-4000. It has the complicated tulle skirt, but it’s made of ruches. The bodice is of V-neckline and with short sleeves. That makes it a good variant for petite brides and the ones, who have wide shoulders.

Penny Wedding Dress by Maggie Sottero

Maggie Sottero wedding dress Penny

Maggie Sottero wedding dress Penny

Such a dress costs $1000-1500. The bodice is decorated with draperies while the skirt is swirly. This dress is very similar to the one by Vera Wang, but is available in other colors. Also, its waistline is a bit lower and that makes it inappropriate for petite brides.

Sensualle Style GR251 by Demetrios

Sensualle Style Demetrios dress

Sensualle Style Demetrios dress

This Demetrios wedding dress for about $350 is also a good choice. The bodice is covered with lace, which makes the dress look gorgeous. Moreover, the closed top is suitable for girls with small breast as well as for the wide-shouldered ones. Though the pattern of the skirt is less complicated, it also looks good.

In a nutshell, Diana wedding dress by Vera Wang is a really good choice if you can afford it. It makes the bride look luxurious, stylish and airy. This dress really costs the money it’s sold for as it will help you to create the unforgettable look at your wedding.

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