What to Do If You Have Some Extra Wedding Budget?

You might be brimming with glee at discovering a bit of leeway in your wedding budget but what is the best way to use it? Your partner is dropping heavy hints about entertainment and you want to expand the glam with some additional wedding accessories. Put the kettle on and chew the fat over your plans to date - it's fun to see how much is already in hand, and might help you reach a decision about how to use that extra funding!

You'll want to look your best on your wedding day. No matter what your style is, your gown should be flattering and make you feel confident. Take a look at some of these ideas for cool informal wedding dresses for inspiration about what could work for you on the day.

One way to feel truly comfortable is to wear a gown that will suit the demands of the day. Your dress will need to accommodate quite a lot - transportation, your ceremony, culinary delights, wedding cake and more! And we hope you won't mind us giving a gentle hint that four glasses of anything liquid will result in a call of nature - you might require the support of some understanding bridesmaids!

Whether you're travelling in a car, carriage or canoe - your dress should allow you to move with ease. You'll probably know that wedding day nerves can effect body temperature - it's useful to have an additional layer that can be swiftly discarded when you warm up. A hand-painted silk wrap or delicate lace shawl can be enough to keep you from getting chilled prior to your ceremony.

A Wedding Party

A Wedding Party

Alternatively, if the weather is hotter than expected, some silk lingerie will help to keep you cool. A useful tip is to arm one of your bridesmaids or guests with your own bespoke "Keep Me Cool emergency kit". It doesn't need to be bulky - perhaps some scented cologne wipes, a cooling foot spray, tissues, plasters, headache and antihistamine pills - just a few items to keep you feeling refreshed and in control during a very busy day.

If you've never had the pleasure of wearing a full length, formal dress, it may surprise you to find that it's a powerful magnet - for children! Your little guests will be entranced at your transformation - so don't be surprised if you find a few toddlers trying to hide under your skirt or sitting on your pearl bedecked train and expecting a ride across the dance floor! One way to combat their inexhaustible supply of energy is to think about hiring a Children's entertainer - it's a perfect diversion for an hour or so in the afternoon, and they'll remember your wedding as being the best party ever and their parents will love you too! They'll get time off to party with their peers, without worrying about little Oliver being stuck in a ceremonial suit of armour - again.

Shoes are one of key thing for your wedding. Ensure they arrive in time for you to wear them in - even if it's indoors. Painful feel are very difficult to disguise, and your stance and expression may give the game away. Consider your wedding venue and any dancing that may happen too - are you going to be on a grassy lawn, pebble beach or a grand, long staircase? And can your heels cope with surface? If you have plans for a Barn Dance in a barn - your satin stilettos are in for a shock! Ask one of your helpmates to take a spare pair of shoes for you to change into and you'll dance till dawn.

By now, you've both demolished a pot of tea and packet of biscuits and you're still not sure how to spend that unexpected windfall. Well, it's easy – book some great value entertainment for your wedding since it's much more affordable than you'd think, and you'll still be able to buy that gorgeous, crazy, beautiful wedding accessory you've been swooning over without wrecking the budget. After all, there aren't many opportunities to arrive at a reception on the back of a Unicorn.

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