What Are the Best Accessories for the Brides, Who Prefer Modest Wedding Dresses?

Today, many brides give preference to modest wedding dresses. Someone try to save the wedding budget while the others just like simple and minimalist dresses and aren’t going to wear a luxurious wedding gown for their special day.

In order not to look too simple at your wedding, you need to complement your wedding dress with the proper accessories. That’s why, let’s see what accessories are the most suitable for wedding dresses modest.

Sashes and Belts

Wedding Dress Belt

Wedding Dress Belt

Basically, cheap modest wedding dresses can be turned into rather chic ones with the help of the properly chosen belts. It’s not a secret that unembellished gowns cost less, but you are free to complement the look with bright accessories.

Thus, beautiful sashes and belts help to create cute wedding dresses out of absolutely simple ones. And their choice is pretty large. For example, metallic belts in gold or silver hues may look organic on fitted wedding dresses as well as flowy ones. Or, the belts, embellished with crystals and sequins, will make any dress sparkling.

Also, if you are fond of minimalism, but still want to have an interesting accent on the dress, you are free to add a silk or velvet waistband of another color. You may go dramatic and create a stylish combination of black and white, or, by adding a waistband in blush or any other pastel color, you will make your image more romantic.


Bridal Veil

Bridal Veil

In truth, not every bride wears a veil for her wedding day. However, we are sure that this accessory is ideal for complementing the bride’s style, even if she wears a modest wedding dress. There are many designs of veils and so you can find the proper one for any kind of dress, even a short one.

Though cathedral veils go well with not every type of dress, they look astonishing. In fact, this long veil can serve as a train if your wedding dress doesn’t have the one. Mid-length veils are more universal and are suitable for traditional as well as alternative wedding gowns. Spanish-styled mantilla veils with lace trim look luxurious, but suit not all types of gowns.

Needless to say, the color of the veil must coincide with the one of the dress. The veil can be single-tier and multi-tier. Usually, single-tier or two-tier veils are worn together with simple smooth and lace wedding dresses. Also, the veils can be unembellished as well as embellished with lace, sequins, embroidery or crystals.

While choosing the veil, it’s very important to keep all the details of your wedding gown in mind. Thus, modest lace wedding dresses look better with unembellished veils if you don’t want to overdo with lace details. However, if you have a simple dress with smooth texture or some small embellishments, you can add chic with a veil, adorned with lace, sequins and crystals.


Bridal Headpiece

Bridal Headpiece

Along with or instead of veils, you can use some interesting headpieces. Of course, classic tiaras aren’t the best choice for modest wedding dresses, but various combs, pins and headbands can be brilliantly combined with simple dresses. The most important is that the style of the headpiece corresponds to the style of the gown.

An interesting variant is a birdcage veil used in combination with a comb or headband. It covers only part of the face and looks very cool. Such a headpiece is an ideal accessory to a vintage wedding dress, but it can also be combined with a modern gown, from long sleeve lace wedding dress to short one.

Also, flowers, both natural and artificial, are great for the bridal hairstyle, especially if you plan an outdoor wedding in rustic style or a beach ceremony. It can be a flower crown. It is well-combined with a flowy wedding dress and loose hair. Or, a flower comb is more universal. It can be used in many types of hairstyles from buns to loose hair.


Bridal Shoes

Bridal Shoes

The good thing about wedding shoes is that, today, you don’t need to opt for the white ones if you have a white wedding dress. Many brides opt for the shoes of neutral colors like beige or nude. They suit all the colors and styles of wedding dresses and can be worn after wedding as well. If you like bright details or plan a wedding in a certain color scheme, you are free to wear bright shoes. Thus, the mint-colored shoes are great if you have a mint-styled wedding.

Wedding shoes may feature some embellishment. For example, if you have a simple lace wedding dress or your dress features some lace details, you may choose the shoes covered with lace. Or, the shoes may be also adorned with sequins, pearls or crystals.

So what the choice of the shoes depends on? The most important is that you feel comfortable in them. While the color isn’t important, the style of the shoes must be the same with the dress. However, there are many universal variants, which suit all the types of wedding dresses. The embellishment also must look organic with the dress.


Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Bouquet

Clearly, the choice of the wedding bouquet doesn’t heavily depend on the dress style. The same bouquets go well with luxurious and minimalistic as well as standard and plus size modest wedding dresses. However, in our opinion, if you have a modest wedding dress, you may make a cute accent with an unusual and creative bouquet.

If you plan a wedding in a certain style, you may add some details to the bouquet. For example, if your dress and wedding decorations feature lace, you may add a piece of lace to the wedding bouquet. Or, you may choose the flowers for the bouquet, taking into account the chosen wedding colors.

Don’t stick to the single type of flowers. Mix the flowers as well as their colors. Some additional materials can be added like feathers, pearls or brooches. Also, a bouquet can be seasonal and consist of seasonal flowers. Thus, the fall bouquets often feature chrysanthemums and anemones while the spring ones contain tulips and peinies.


Wedding Jewelry

Wedding Jewelry

Undoubtedly, jewelry will add shining to any bridal outfit. However, it’s extremely important not to overdo with that. First of all, the jewelry must be of the same style with the wedding dress. Agree that vintage accessories will look weird with a contemporary wedding dress.

Secondly, the materials matter. A luxurious Swarovski necklace won’t suit a rustic-styled dress. If you plan a rustic wedding, you may opt for the accessories made of natural materials. Pearls are cool for vintage weddings while crystals are for more traditional wedding themes.

And thirdly, think carefully what exact accessory you need. The earrings go well with almost every dress. The choice of the necklace depends on the shape of the neckline. Bracelets are necessary if your arms are bare, but you don’t need them for modest wedding dresses with sleeves. If you have a strapless wedding dress or the one with spaghetti straps, a cute idea is to wear some shoulder jewelry.

Other Accessories

Bridal Garter

Bridal Garter

Obviously, other accessories like bags, wraps, garters and undergarment are also important. Thus, bag can have some common features with shoes. For instance, both of them can be adorned with lace. But there is no need to seek for the perfect match. At the same time, the garter is chosen either according to your personal taste or in correspondence with the wedding theme.

If you wanted to have one of modest long sleeve wedding dresses, but bought the one without sleeves, you may buy a capelet or bolero, which will make the dress more closed. Moreover, the ones with lace and beading will also add chic to your wedding gown.

The choice of the proper undergarment doesn’t depend on the simplicity of the dress. It depends more on the peculiarities of your body and the dress style. The more detailed guide on the undergarments choice you can find in this post.

So, you seen that modest wedding dresses cheap can look absolutely different thanks to the accessories. Believe that each accessory plays as important role as the dress. That’s why, everything must be selected with much care, especially if you have a simple dress

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