A Guide to the Best Undergarments for Wedding Dresses

We all know that the right choice of the wedding dress isn’t the only important thing if you want to look perfect at your wedding day. Undergarments also play a crucial role. That’s why you need to pay attention not only to the wedding gown, but also to what you will wear under it.

Let’s see what the best undergarments for wedding dresses are and how to choose them, taking into account the style of your gown.

Undergarments for Wedding Dresses with Open Back

A strapless backless bra

A strapless backless bra

If you have an open back wedding gown, you have only one variant of undergarment – a strapless backless adhesive bra. There are different designs of them, but all of them are attached to the breast thanks to the sticky cup. However, this bra isn’t suitable for brides with large breast as it won’t provide enough support.

The alternative is a sewn-in padding. You may ask about that at the wedding salon you are going to buy a dress at or turn to a seamstress.

The Perfect Undergarments for Low Back Dresses

A low back bra

A low back bra

When your gown features a low back, you can still wear a bra with back. However, it needs to have low back. The ideal choice is a padded bra with a long strap, which criss-crosses at the back and ties at the tummy.

A tip: if you already have a bra, which suits your gown perfectly, you can make it with the criss-crossed back using a bra back converter, which is attached to the bra with hooks and elongates it, making possible to tie it in the front.

Best Undergarments for Wedding Dresses with Deep Neckline

A deep plunging bra

A deep plunging bra

The deep V necklines are very popular now. If you have such a wedding gown, you need a deep plunging bra. If you have a strapless gown or the one with open back, seek for a plunge backless strapless bodysuit, which won’t only support your breast, but will also make the waist look slimmer. Also, you may have the padding sewn into your wedding dress.

Undergarments for Strapless Wedding Dresses

A strapless bustier

A strapless bustier

Clearly, here you need a strapless bra. However, it’s more convenient to replace the bra with a bustier either boned or unboned. A bustier is more comfortable and provides better support. We recommend to wear such undergarments for trying on wedding dresses in order to see how you will look in the result. It’s especially important if you have big breast.

Undergarments for Mermaid Wedding Dresses

A forming dress

A forming dress

As a rule, mermaid dresses are made with corsets and fit well. However, if you still want to make some corrections, have a look at a forming dress, which has pre-formed cups and supports tummy, waist and thighs. By wearing such a dress, you will easily reach the ideal silhouette. Such dresses may have straps or be strapless.

Undergarments for A-Line and Ball Gowns

A high waist brief

A high waist brief

In the majority of cases, such gowns don’t need any special shapewear. However, it’s possible that you would like to highlight some your merits or want to hide the demerits. That’s why, the push-up bras and bustier can be used for enlarging the breast while high-waist shorts can make the waist visually slimmer.

Slimming Undergarments for Wedding Dresses

A shaping bodysuit

A shaping bodysuit

In truth, not only plus size undergarments for wedding dresses may have a slimming effect. The girls of any weight may want to correct something in their body and so, they give preference to slimming undergarments. If you want to make the waist look slimmer, you can seek for a shaping bodysuit or wear shorts with a high waist. This type of undergarment is one of the most popular for mermaid wedding dresses.

Other Tips on Choosing the Best Undergarments for Your Wedding

Wedding Undergarments

Wedding undergarments

- Many girls wonder if it’s necessary to wear the proper undergarments for trying on wedding dresses. Of course, it’s great if you have the undergarments, which suit you perfectly and can be used under the wedding dress. But very often, the brides don’t know exactly what dress they want and in this case, it’s pointless to buy undergarments before you know what dress you have. We recommend you to choose the gown and only then buy the undergarments. However, you already need to have the undergarments at your final dress fitting.

- How much are the average undergarments for wedding dresses? It’s impossible to answer this question as the price depends on what exactly you need. Moreover, the brand matters. But we can surely state that there are cheap lingerie sets as well as extremely pricy ones. It’s clear that the quality of pricy pieces is much better.

- If you are going to wear a white wedding gown, the color of the undergarment must be in white, cream or flesh tones. Leave the black and bright lingerie for other occasions.

- Choose the proper size. Some girls think about buying the smaller size of undergarments for wedding dresses plus size. But don’t do that. The lingerie must fit you properly. Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable and that’s hardly what you want for your wedding day. While trying on the undergarments, test them by moving and make sure that they don’t bunch, bind or roll.

- Think about sewn-in bra cups. If the only problem you have is how to support your breast, give preference to “built-in” cups. It doesn’t cost much to do that (as a rule, it’s cheaper than buying a good bra) and is very convenient.

- And, finally, remember that there is a great difference between beautiful lace lingerie and the one, which make you look slimmer and helps to hide the demerits. Wear something plain and smooth under your wedding dress and leave the lace set for the wedding night and honeymoon.

In a nutshell, the choice of the best undergarments for wedding dresses can be rather difficult. However, in the result, you will look just the way you have dreamt about and this result definitely costs the efforts spent on it. It doesn’t matter if you buy cheap or luxurious undergarments. Here, the most important is that it suits you perfectly.

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