How Wedding Dresses Are Made: Tips on Creating the Design of Your Wedding Dress

Do you want to have a unique wedding gown? Do you already imagine how it must look? Then, impress the guests of your wedding by a gown, designed by you. Nowadays, every bride can create the unique design of her wedding gown, even if she doesn’t know the secrets of how wedding dresses are made. There are many bridal salons and ateliers, where you can get the necessary consultation and order a custom-made wedding gown, sewn by your own sketches.

So, let’s get started and talk about how to create the design of your wedding dress and get the gown of your dreams.

The Benefits of Creating Your Personal Wedding Dress Design

A beautiful ball gown wedding dress

A beautiful ball gown wedding dress

For the majority of girls, a wedding gown is the grandest thing they ever wear. That’s why, it’s not strange that the brides seek for the perfect gown, which will meet all their demands. However, sometimes this mission is impossible as it may happen that the bridal salons of your city don’t offer what you want. In this case, many girls start to think about sewing a wedding dress.

Though some brides are afraid of creating something, that they can’t estimate till it’s ready, and don’t know how to make a wedding gown in details, the custom made wedding dresses are rather widespread now. There are several benefits of creating your own wedding dress design:

- You will get an absolutely unique wedding gown, which no one had, has or will have after you. Though a wedding isn’t the event, when you can meet the girl in the same outfit, some of us want our wedding dress to be unforgettable and not similar to anything else.

- Knowing how to sew a wedding dress or referring to a professional seamstress, you will get the gown, which fits your body perfectly. All of us have some peculiarities and not all wedding gowns for sale can look great on us. That’s why, by making a custom wedding dress, you can be sure that it will be sewn, taking into account all your parameters and peculiarities.

- You have a chance to create your dream dress. It’s possible that you have some crazy ideas as to your wedding gown. For instance, you dream about a black wedding gown or the one, which is decorated with flowers. You will hardly find many variants of such gowns for sale, but can easily bring even the most creative ideas into life by making wedding dress yourself.

A wedding dress with long sleeves

A wedding dress with long sleeves

- A dress, which is specifically designed by you or for you, is the most convenient. Besides the ideal fitting, it will also have all the things you consider important. Thus, if you want a dress with a detachable skirt or a transformer wedding gown, you can do that. If you want to have pockets on your wedding dress, you can do that. And we say nothing about creative colors and various dress lengths.

- You can save money. It’s not a secret that many brides-to-be fall in love with luxurious designer wedding gowns, which they can’t afford to buy. They start to seek for something similar, but cheaper. But, very often, they find nothing suitable. In you are one of them, you may try to create something similar. Though it won’t look exactly like the original, you will get what you have dreamt about.

- The latest benefit of creating your own wedding gown is that you will be proud of yourself. Making a wedding gown is rather a difficult process, which demands much time and efforts. We are sure that in the result, you will get an incredibly beautiful gown, which will impress all the guests at your wedding.

How to Bring Your Wedding Dresses Design into Life

Creation of a wedding dress

Creation of a wedding dress

If you have already dealt with sewing and know how to sew a wedding gown, everything is quite easy as you will create your wedding dress with no problems. While sewing, you can also use some tutorials and tips on how to make a wedding dress.

However, if you can sew, but aren’t sure that you will cope with a wedding gown, it’s better to turn to atelier or a seamstress. It’s hardly possible that you will create the perfect dress if you have no experience in that. The creation of the wedding gown has many peculiarities, which significantly differ from sewing any other kind of clothes.

If you a creative personality and already know what you want your wedding dress to look like, but don’t know how to bring all your ideas into life, turn to professionals. There are many bridal salons, which don’t only sell gowns, but also receive custom orders for them. You can also turn to design studios and ateliers. There are also many seamstresses, who know how to design a wedding dress and sew it.

In any case, the professional aid is very important. The experienced designers and seamstress will not only sew a gown, but will also provide you with recommendations on what fabrics to choose, what dress is better for your body type as well as help to choose the best undergarments and accessories.

The Steps for Designing Wedding Dresses

There are 6 basic steps for making wedding dresses:


A girl trying on a wedding dress

A girl trying on a wedding dress

First of all, you need to do a research. Look at the photos of wedding dresses on the net, in wedding catalogs and on social media. Having looked through dozens, hundreds or maybe thousands of photos of wedding dresses, you will understand what exactly you want.

However, it’s extremely important not only to consider the beauty of the dress, but also if it’s suitable for you. That’s why, you need to find out what dresses suit your type of body and take into account other peculiarities of your body. For instance, if you don’t like how your arms look like, pay attention to the gowns with sleeves.

Before you design a wedding dress, it’s advisable to try on some wedding dresses in order to see what suits you and what not. It may happen the dresses, which are similar to the one you want, aren’t suitable for you at all. That’s why, we recommend not only to follow the general rules of what dresses suit what types of bodies, but check that before making the final decision on the wedding dress design. Sometimes, it may happen that the gown, which mustn’t suit you according to the general rules, will look great on you.

Make the Sketch

Drawing the sketch of the wedding gown

Drawing the sketch of the wedding gown

Making a sketch is the most creative step if you design wedding dresses. At this stage, you need to sum up all the information, you have found out during the research, and create the wedding gown, which meets all your requirements.

In truth, if you can’t draw, that’s not a problem. You can just choose the images of the gown you like the most and use them during the creation of the gown. For instance, it can be the bodice from one dress and the skirt from the other one. If you trust the creation of your wedding gown to professionals, they will make the sketch themselves after you show them what exactly you want.

Consult a Professional

Consultation with a wedding dress designer

Consultation with a wedding dress designer

Now, you need to discuss the possibility of sewing the wedding dress of your dreams. Turn to a professional, who knows well how to make bridal dress. Such a consultation is recommended even if you sew a wedding gown yourself.

It’s possible that it will turn out to be too complicated to be sewn at home and so, you will need to trust this work to a seamstress or wedding designer. Of course, the work of a wedding designer costs more, but he or she won’t just sew the gown, but will also advise you on how to make it ideal.

Choose the Supplies

The wedding gown fabrics

The wedding gown fabrics

Clearly, it’s one of the most important steps. If you sew the dress yourself, you will choose all the fabrics and findings. So, take care that you choose the fabrics of good quality. It’s better to pay more and get qualitative fabrics than to save money and later regret this decision. The most widespread fabrics for wedding gowns are satin, chiffon, organza, tulle and silk.

If you want a lace gown, you will have a wide choice of lace in all possible patterns. The French lace is the most common, but choose the one, you really like. The lace may already feature some decor like beads or sequins. Also, beads, sequins as well as crystals can be bought separately and be used for the decor of any wedding dress as well for some wedding accessories.

If you order a custom wedding gown from a wedding designer or at a bridal salon, the supplies are, as a rule, bought not by you. You just choose what you like from the samples at the salon and that’s it.

Sew a Dress

Sewing a wedding dress

Sewing a wedding dress

Now, you need to make a wedding dress. If you are ready to risk and do everything yourself, make sure that you have all the necessary equipment. If you have some questions during the process, you may find many useful tips on the net.

If you trust the dress creation to professionals, you don’t have to worry about all the details. The seamstress or wedding dress designer will take care that the gown is sewn well and fits you perfect. Be ready to come to several fittings before getting the ready dress. It’s necessary to make it meet all your requirements and wishes.

Make the Necessary Alterations

The wedding dress fitting

The wedding dress fitting

Once the gown is ready, you need to make sure that it fits you perfectly. If you ordered the custom-made wedding gown, you just go to the salon or atelier for a fitting. At this stage, you must make sure that the gown meets your requirements. If you think that certain alterations must be made, say about that.

If you sew the wedding gown yourself, ask your mother, sister or friend to help you with the fitting. They won’t only help you to put it on, but will also share their opinion on what alterations must be made. Moreover, they will help to pin the places, which need to be changed.

In addition, while trying on a wedding gown you have made, you may see that it’s necessary to add something to it. For instance, if the dress looks too plain, you can add lace, applications or some beading. Consider every detail of the gown in order to make your dream dress true.

But the bottom line is this: don’t be afraid of creating the design of your wedding gown yourself. Even if you don’t know all the secrets of how wedding dresses are made, you can turn to a professional, who will help you to bring all your ideas into life. Release your inner creativity and allow it to make wonders to your wedding look.

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