9 Types of Necklines, Which Look the Best with Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Do you want to have a wedding gown with long sleeves? It’s a wonderful idea. Long sleeve wedding dresses look very chic even if they are made of simple materials and aren’t expensive. Moreover, there are so many possible variants of dresses with long sleeves, that you will find the ideal one, taking into account all your preferences as well as peculiarities of the body.

However, in order to look perfect at your wedding day, it’s important to choose the long sleeved wedding dress with the correct neckline. And today, we are offering you a guide to the best necklines for gowns with sleeves.

V-Neck Long Sleeved Wedding Dresses

V-Neck Wedding Dress

V-Neck Wedding Dress


V-neckline is formed by two diagonal lines, which go from the shoulders and meet on the chest, creating a shape, similar to letter “V”. It suits girls with different sizes of bust as well as with different shoulders width. The girls with apple, athletic shapes as well as petite and curvaceous ones will look astonishing in a gown with such a neckline.

The depth of such a neckline can be different and its choice depends on the size of your bust. If you have smaller busts, opt for a less dramatic neckline and if you are an owner of larger busts, you are free to wear a wedding gown with a deeper variant of V, which will elongate your silhouette.

Basically, V-neck is one of the hottest trends in today’s fashion. It suits almost everyone. The only exceptions are the girls with thin and long necks. Such a neckline can make the neck look even longer. However, if you have a long neck and are fond of V-neckline dresses, you may try to wear it with a necklace.

The V-neckline will look fantastic with a lace long sleeve wedding dress or, a gown, which features the lace bodice. However, it may also look good with simpler fabrics. Such a neckline works well with all the silhouettes from mermaid to ball gowns.

Sweetheart Gowns with Sleeves

Sweetheart Neckline Wedding Dress

Sweetheart Neckline Wedding Dress


A sweetheart neckline is characterized by a high back and a low-cut front with two curved edges, which resemble the top half of the heart. It suits almost all bust sizes. Surprisingly enough, but it’s the great choice for a small bust as its shape creates the illusion of a bigger bust. This neckline elongates the face and makes the silhouette more balanced.

This type of neckline makes the look very feminine. It’s considered that the sweetheart neckline helps to create the illusion of curves for the girls with inverted triangle and rectangle bodies. At the same time, it helps to accentuate the natural curves of hourglass, pear and apple body shapes.

While wearing a wedding dress with the sweetheart neckline, be ready that it will draw much attention to the neck. That’s why, if you have a short or thick neck, the neckline may do a bad job for you. Also, long sleeve trumpet wedding dress with the sweetheart neck doesn’t look good at the girls with too wide shoulders.

Good news: wedding dresses long sleeve look astonishing with sweetheart necks. They always look feminine and luxurious. The best material for a sweetheart bodice with long sleeves is lace. However, the skirt can be made of all possible types of fabric from tulle to lace. All the types of silhouettes are possible.

Wedding Dresses with Bateau Neckline

Bateau Neckline Wedding Dress

Bateau Neckline Wedding Dress


A bateau neck, also known as boat neck, has a high, wide, slightly curved neckline, which extends onto the shoulders across the collarbone. It is a great option for the brides with pear, hourglass and rectangle body types.

As the accent is made on the shoulders, the girls with inverted triangle and wide shoulders should avoid it. Also, this neckline is the best for small and medium bust sizes. The large bust will look large and the bridal silhouette may fail to be proportional. Also, this style won’t suit the girls with short and thick neck.

The wedding dresses with bateau necks are beautiful in all possible variations of fabrics and silhouettes. They can be made of silk or satin or be fully covered with lace. Also, the combination of the lace and smoother fabrics will be great.

In truth, the sheer long sleeve wedding dresses of empire waist silhouette look as beautiful as mermaid or ball gowns. Of you are an owner of an hourglass figure, the mermaid silhouette will fit you while the brides with pear bodies are recommended to opt for sheer and a-line silhouettes.

Off-the-Shoulder Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Dress

Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Dress


Frankly, off-the-shoulder neckline has much in common with bateau neck. However, the line is much lower as it goes below the shoulders and collar bone. This neckline helps to make an accent on the shoulders and upper part of the body and make the fuller mid-section look more balanced.

Off-the-shoulder necklines are suitable for the girls with small and medium bust. The large-busted brides may feel uncomfortable with totally open shoulders. The shoulders must be slender or narrow as it’s a bad idea to accentuate broad shoulders. As to the body types, this style is the most flattering for pear, athletic, petite and hourglass brides.

Long sleeve lace wedding dresses look fantastic with open shoulders. They may even have some illusion parts. If you want the sleeves to be tight on you, it’s better to opt for stretching fabrics. However, chiffon and silk are great if you are fond of frill and volume sleeves.

Plunging Neckline Wedding Gowns with Long Sleeves

Plunging Neckline Wedding Dress

Plunging Neckline Wedding Dress


Plunging neckline has the very low front. It usually dips just below the ribs. However, there are the dresses with the plunging neckline, which drops to the navel. If you want to be a sexy bride, this neckline is just the case. Clearly, only the most daring and self-confident brides can wear a plunging neckline. It works the best for the brides with small or medium bust.

A long sleeve wedding dress with a plunging neckline helps to make the bridal look more balanced. While the cleavage is rather big, it’s better to opt for a dress with all the rest parts closed. And the one with long sleeves is the best option. The dress with a plunging neckline, open back and arms may look too provocative at a wedding.

In truth, the wedding gowns with plunging necklines look fantastic in both simple and luxurious variants. They can be made of smooth fabric as well as of lace. If you want to look sexy, the sheath and mermaid silhouettes are the best. But this neckline works good with A-line as well.

One Shoulder Wedding Dresses

One-Shoulder Wedding Dress

One-Shoulder Wedding Dress


One shoulder neck is often referred as asymmetrical. It cuts across the torso diagonally from one shoulder to under the other arm. Unfortunately, this neckline doesn’t suit all girls. For example, if you have a big bust or a short neck, this style will hardly be flattering for you. However, it’s great if you have a small bust.

Such a neckline helps to create the illusion of narrow shoulders. And so, if you have wide shoulders, you definitely need to try a gown with asymmetrical neckline on. Also, the unusual neckline helps to draw attention away from the tummy and hip area and if you aren’t satisfied with your forms there, you should also try such a gown on.

In fact, wedding dresses with one shoulder neck look very unusual. They aren’t so widespread as sweetheart or V-necks, especially the ones, which feature a long sleeve. As a rule, the dresses with one-shoulder necks aren’t very volume. The sheath, empire waist, mermaid and A-line silhouettes are suitable.

As to the fabrics, the flowing ones, like chiffon or silk will look very beautiful, especially on the draperied bodices. They will look astonishing at beach and country weddings. The lace gowns look more luxurious and are suitable for traditional wedding celebrations.

High-Neck Long Sleeved Bridal Dresses

High Neck Wedding Dress

High Neck Wedding Dress


High necklines for wedding dresses are usually of two types: turtleneck and crew. Turtlenecks have an extended tight-fitting collar, which may go almost to the chin. Meanwhile, the crew neckline is round and ends just on the line, where the neck starts. As a rule, the brides don’t wear any necklaces with such collars.

They are good for girls with long and thin necks. The girls with small chest will also look good in the gowns with high neckline. The closed bodices allow using push-up cups, which will add some volume and remain unnoticeable. Crew necklines suit the girls with wide shoulders while the turtleneck is better for the brides with narrow shoulders.

You may think that the dresses with high necks are parts of modest long sleeve wedding dresses. However, they can look really sexy. For example, if the bodice is closed, you may open part of the back with low back wedding dresses. Or, you may opt for the bodice with illusion parts, covered with lace.

The high necks are well combined with all the types of wedding dress silhouettes. Moreover, they can be sewn from various fabrics. They can be made of satin, tulle, lace and many other traditional wedding fabrics.

Keyhole Neckline Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress with Keyhole Neckline

Wedding Dress with Keyhole Neckline


Basically, keyhole necklines are rather rare. They feature a central hole below the collar bones, but it may also be a bit lower and form something medium between plunging and halter necks. The form of the hole can be different. Usually, it’s of an oval or round shape. But it can be trianguar or of more creative shape. Also, the size of the hole may be different. It may demonstrate your decolletage or be so small that nothing will be seen.

You may think that this neckline is good for busty girls as it shows much decolletage. But in fact, it can make large bust look awkward. It works better with small and medium busts. Though the accent will be made on the upper part of the dress, medium and small busts look much better with such a neckline.

A long sleeve wedding gown with a keyhole neckline looks very creative. However, it can be rather a challenge to find many variants for sale. That’s why, if you are the fan of this type of neckline, think about sewing a wedding dress specifically for you.

Illusion Neck Long Sleeve Bridal Dresses

Illusion Neck Wedding Dress

Illusion Neck Wedding Dress


The illusion neckline is usually a combination of two necklines. It may consist of a basic strapless bodice, which is covered by a sheer panel of other fabric, which is attached to it. In the result, you get a dress, which actually consists of two types of necklines.

The wedding gowns with illusion necks are favorites of modern brides. The great thing about illusion neck dresses is that they are suitable for the girls with almost any body shape. Everything depends on the shapes of the two chosen necklines types. Moreover, the illusion bodice works well with all the possible silhouettes of wedding gowns.

Illusion necks can make you look discreetly sexy and very feminine. They may look rather classic, but still add some intrigue to the bride’s outfit. Usually, the heavier fabrics are used as a basis and are covered with thin materials like stretching tulle or lace. For instance, a long sleeve lace wedding dress with illusion bodice is a very cool variant.

In short, long sleeve wedding dresses are suitable for the brides with any figure and look great with the majority of necklines. That’s why, it’s better to pay attention to what neckline and dress silhouette is the best for your body type and the sleeves will be just a cool addition to the dress.

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