What Are the Basic Tips on Choosing a Wedding Necklace?

As soon as you have got your wedding dress, you start thinking about the necessary accessories. The choice of a wedding necklace is one of the most important tasks you need to perform as it must be a perfect fit for your bridal gown. Moreover, it needs to match your personal taste as well as overall wedding style and theme.

That’s why, in this post, we have gathered everything you need to know about the choice of a bridal necklace in order to make this process really easy and enjoyable for you. Let’s get started.

Basic Rules for Choosing Wedding Necklaces for Brides

Before buying bridal pendant necklaces, make sure than you know all the basic rules of the jewelry selection.

Don’t overdo. Though we all need jewelry to make our bridal look complete, it’s crucial not to overdo. Too many accessories as well as statement necklaces in combination with richly embellished dresses may look flashily and be absolutely inappropriate. Moreover, it’s not obligatory to wear a set of jewelry, consisting of a necklace, earrings, a bracelet and a ring. You can look astonishing by wearing just one or two pieces. For example, big statement earrings may be absolutely enough in many cases.

Think about the metals. Many stylists tell that silver and platinum pieces look the best with white dresses, gold ones work well with ivory and champagne gowns while rose gold is the best metal color for a blush wedding dress. However, the rules exist to be broken. So, if you have a white gown but are fond of rose gold, you can definitely opt for a rose gold necklace and earring set for wedding. Though, it’s important to make the overall look harmonious. So, you may need to add some accessories, like a bridal comb or a bracelet, to complete the necklace.

Don’t mix the metals. If you have selected silver as the main color for your bridal jewelry, stick to it. It looks awful when a bride wears gold earrings and a silver necklace or vice versa. The only exception is if one piece contains several metals. There are many cool variants of jewelry pieces where silver and gold hues look amazing and stylish in a single item.

Pearl necklace

Pearl necklace

Consider the dress neckline. No matter if you are going to have a diamond necklace for bride or the one with rhinestones, the necklace shape must fit the dress neckline. We will consider this issue in more detail a bit later.

Don’t be afraid of adding some color. The traditional gold or silver wedding necklace usually features white rhinestones or pearls. However, the color of the stones may be different. For instance, sapphires and rubies may look absolutely gorgeous in combination with a wedding gown. The rule remains the same: if you have sapphires in your bridal necklace, stick to them while choosing earrings and a bracelet.

Style. And one more key thing is that the necklace must fit the overall style of the dress as well as your wedding. For instance, if you have a vintage wedding, you may try wearing some vintage or even antique-styled pieces. Or, if you have a rustic wedding, you need to opt for the necklace, which will be pretty simple and, simultaneously, beautiful. You will agree that a statement diamond necklace may look a bit weird of you are getting married on a beach in a light chiffon gown and barefoot.

What Are the Basic Types of Necklaces?

Now, you are welcome to have a look at our guide to the most widespread types of necklaces for a bride.


A choker is a single strand necklace, which embraces the neck. It’s usually 14-16 inches long. A choker can be made of various materials: from a ribbon to a string of diamonds. Also, it can be a pearl wedding necklace. As this type of a necklace is pretty short, it can go well with almost any type of a neckline, from scoop to deep plunging neckline.


Resembling a choker, a collar necklace fits snuggly around the neck and usually features a more complicated design. It can be wider than a choker as well as feature not one but several strands. A collar necklace looks very elegant and works the best to accentuate a long neck. Also, if a central ornament is added to the collar, it’s called a collarette.


A pendant is usually a chain featuring an ornament like a diamond or a rhinestone. It’s about 18 inches long but some longer variants are also available (up to 60 inches). As a rule, pendants go well with various styles of wedding dresses. They are available in various styles, but a wedding diamond necklace is among the brides’ favorites.


A locket looks almost identical to a pendant but has one significant difference: it opens to reveal a space for storing a photograph or other small item. Many lockets are made in vintage style.


It’s an intricate type of a necklace featuring strings of beads or rhinestones hanging down from the main necklace. It’s also often called a princess necklace. This style works the best with luxurious wedding dresses with a strapless bodice.


An esclavage contains several strands of different length. The strands can be interwoven.


Lariat or Y shape necklace consists of one strand of beads that hangs down at the throat forming a Y shape. This type of a necklace can add a cool accent to a V-neckline wedding dress. Moreover, you can wear it backwards if you have an open back wedding gown.

Wedding Necklace Set

The most creative brides may also try mixing several types of necklaces to create a unique and unforgettable set. Such experiments are suitable for bohemia, beach and casual weddings.

How to Choose a Wedding Necklace for Different Types of Wedding Dress Necklines?

As we have already mentioned, it’s very important to choose a matching necklace for wedding dress taking into account its neckline. Here are our pieces of advice for any type of a wedding dress neckline.

Strapless and Sweetheart Wedding Dresses

The choice of necklaces for strapless gowns is immense. Actually, the majority of items for sale may go well with such a neckline: from minimalist wedding pearl necklace to the statement pieces with luxurious rhinestones. Moreover, the length can be different: a choker looks as great as a bridal pendant necklace. By the way, the latter works the best with the sweetheart bodice.

The stylists recommend placing the necklace halfway between the neckline and your collarbone so that it was neither too short nor too long. Also, you may avoid wearing a necklace and wear dramatic earrings or a statement headpiece.

Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Dresses

Necklaces of a collar or choker design will be the best option for off-the-shoulder wedding dresses. They didn’t distract the attention from the beautiful shoulder line and, at the same time, add the necessary wow effect. In some cases, a delicate wedding drop necklace may look pretty cool, especially if the dress doesn’t feature too many embellishments.

V-Neck Wedding Dresses

V-necklines look the best with long pendant necklaces with minimalist design or Y-shape ones. Such a necklace will form a V shape, resembling the one of the neckline. In such a way, this beautiful neckline will be accentuated. However, it’s crucial that the necklace doesn’t overlap the dress.

At the same time, you may also try a choker. However, we recommend giving preference to some delicate pieces or even minimalist ones. Moreover, it’s not obligatory to have a rhinestone or pearl necklace. Thus, a stylish metal piece may look gorgeous and complement the neckline perfectly.

Wedding Dresses with Scoop Neckline

Delicate pendants look fantastic with scoop necklines as well as chokers. Here, it’s important that the wedding necklace isn’t too long to prevent it from overlapping the dress.

High Neck, Halter Neck and One-Shoulder Wedding Dresses

Halter, high neck and one-shoulder necklines are pretty hard to be combined with a necklace. That’s why, we recommend skipping this piece and opt for statement earrings or a beautiful bracelet. Also, you may adorn your hair with a stylish headband.

All in all, the choice of a wedding necklace isn’t a very hard task if you already have your dress and know what style you prefer. So, just make sure that the item you select looks harmonious with your overall bridal look and highlights your natural beauty.

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