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When you are seeking for dresses for bridesmaids, your task is pretty difficult as you need to find the attires all the girls will be satisfied with as well as the ones, which will look really beautiful and stylish. Moreover, you need to take your wedding budget into consideration. The dress we are offering for a review is liked by us because of its universality, affordable price and great look.

So, let’s have a closer look at EP07211 evening dress, which is for sale here and can serve as a great variant for your bridesmaids.

Who This Dress Is Suitable For?

Sky blue evening dress

Sky blue evening dress

First of all, this is a good variant of a dress for a bridesmaid. It’s the most suitable for spring and summer wedding as the dress is very light as well as pretty revealing. Moreover, such a bridesmaid gown looks very stylish and can be adorably combined with beautiful jewelry or flower crowns.

By the way, you may choose the dresses of two colors for your bridesmaids to express their individuality. For instance, navy blue looks great in combination with burgundy while lilac looks fantastic if combined with sky blue. The EP07211 dress is available with two possible top designs: off-the-shoulder and one-shoulder. So, you can also buy different dresses for your bridesmaids, which, at the same time, will be of the same style.

Navy blue evening dress

Navy blue evening dress

Secondly, this model may be used as a wedding guest dress. It suits weddings of various formats, from traditional ceremonies to beach weddings. Its main plus is that after the wedding, you are free to wear this gown for a vast number of events: from parties to birthdays and anniversaries.

Thirdly, that’s a good idea of a prom dress. Today, many girls refrain from wearing too luxurious and expensive gowns for proms and give preference to more democratic variants.

Furthermore, these evening dresses are pretty universal and can be used for many other events as well. Their silhouette allows girls with various body types to wear them, though this model looks the best at slim girls as well as the ones who have beautiful shoulders.

Characteristics of EP07211 Evening Dress

Lilac evening dress

Lilac evening dress

Here are the main characteristics of the gown.

Silhouette: the silhouette of this bridesmaid dress is A-line and it means that the dress is suitable for girls with various body types.

Style: this evening dress is flowing and looks very romantic. Its main accent is ruffles, which add an undeniable charm to this pretty simple dress. There are two possible variants of the top design: off-the-shoulder and one-shoulder. Additionally, the variant with off-the-shoulder neckline features a high leg slit.

Materials: the gown is made of chiffon and it means that it’s rather lightweight and convenient. The material is breathing.

Colors: you are free to purchase a dress in four colors, which are dusty lilac, sky blue, burgundy and navy blue.

Sizes: the gown is available in the sizes from 4 to 16.

Price: the price of this dress on our site is $34.49. So, it’s rather an affordable option. Moreover, the price is the same for both one-shoulder and off-the-shoulder variants.

Pros and Cons

Burgundy evening dress

Burgundy evening dress

Want to know pros and cons of this bridesmaid dress by The Best Wedding Dresses? Here we go.


- Price. This is one of those cheap evening dresses, which look amazing. The price of less than $70 is very affordable. So, if you buy such gowns for your bridesmaids, you have a chance to dress all the girls beautifully without spending a fortune.

- Various sizes. This model is available in various sizes and so, each girl may find the one appropriate for her.

- Stylish and sexy style. Despite being pretty simple and featuring no embellishments, this gown looks very stylish and really beautiful. The ruffles add a romantic touch while a high slit adds sexiness to it. Moreover, the opportunity to choose a top design is highly estimated by many girls. And finally, the colors it’s sold in are among the trendiest ones no matter if you prefer dark colors or pastel hues.

Sky blue one shoulder evening dress

Sky blue one shoulder evening dress


- Not 100% comfortable for someone. Off-the-shoulder neckline isn’t universally comfortable for every girl. While some girls are ok with open shoulders, the others can’t get rid of the illusion that the dress is slipping off. At the same time, one-shoulder variant is considered to be more convenient. 

- Not for plus size girls. Unfortunately, the maximum size this model is available in is 16 and so, plus size girls don’t have an opportunity to wear this gown. However, there are much more cool variants of dresses on our site, which are available in a wider range of sizes.

- Not famous brand. The dress is manufactured by Ever Pretty brand, which is now only gaining popularity. So, if it’s important for you to have a dress by a famed brand, you need to seek for some other variants.

Alternatives to This Evening Gown

Want to have a look at the possible alternatives? Let’s consider 3 variants, which have something in common with the discussed model but feature some differences at the same time.

One Shoulder Chiffon Dress

One shoulder evening dress

One shoulder evening dress

This one-shoulder gown will make you feel like a Greek goddess. It’s also made of chiffon and features an A-line silhouette while having an empire waist. So, this gown is pretty universal for any girl no matter what type of body she has. It’s available in the sizes 4-16. The possible color variants are burgundy, pink, blue, white, coral, hot pink and aqua. 

Evening Dress with Ruffles

Evening dress with ruffles

Evening dress with ruffles

If you like the discussed above dress for its romantic ruffles, here is one more romantic variant. It features one-shoulder neckline and a sexy mermaid silhouette. It’s available in green, navy blue, champagne, black, burgundy and red colors. The possible sizes are 4-10. .

Chiffon Evening Dress with Flutter Sleeves

Chiffon evening dress with sleeves

Chiffon evening dress with sleeves

Flutter sleeves are one of the hottest trends and they look really great on chiffon dress. This gown features a V-neckline and the back of the similar design. Additionally, the top is draped and has a waistband accentuating the waistline. This evening dress is sold in the sizes from 4 to 16. You are free to choose among black, coral, green, grey, navy blue, pink and purple colors. 

So, EP07211 evening dress is a pretty cool variant of a bridesmaid, wedding guest or prom dress, which is pretty cheap. The most amazing is that this gown has a great quality price correlation and so, you get a pretty good product without spending much money.

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