15 Astonishing Ideas of Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Burgundy bridesmaid dresses are pretty popular as this color is liked by many girls. It looks beautiful, stylish and suits almost all girls no matter of what color their skin and hair are. Moreover, burgundy color looks very rich and royal-like. It’s suitable for any type of wedding no matter if you have a restaurant celebration or an outdoor ceremony. This color is also universal for any season.

So, if you want to see your bridesmaids in burgundy color, feel free to draw some inspiration from the following gowns. We have prepared 15 most fantastic ideas for you.

1. Greek Style Dress

If you want to be surrounded by Greek goddesses on your wedding day, opt for gowns in a Greek style with an empire waist, cap sleeves and an accentuated waist adornment. Such a model will fit girls with various body types. By the way, you can get such burgundy bridesmaid dresses cheap.

2. One Shoulder Gown

One-shoulder dresses always look unusual and interesting, especially if they are long and feature beautiful drapes on the top. Such a gown will look great on both tall and short girls.

3. High-Neck Dress

High neck burgundy dress

High neck burgundy dress

High-neck burgundy bridesmaid dresses long look pretty modest and don’t distract the guests’ attention from the bride. At the same time, they look pretty cool if they feature some décor, for instance, lace inserts on the shoulders.

4. Off-the-Shoulder Dress with a Slit

Want to have sexy bridesmaids? Pay attention to this off-the-shoulder dress with a high split. It looks very sexy but still isn’t vulgar at all. Such a dress is a great variant if your bridesmaids are slim and of average or tall height. A cute accent is a ruffle on the shoulders. Moreover, such a gown can be used for a number of other events in the future.

5. Empire Waist Dress

Simple empire waist dresses with V-neckline are also associated with Greek style. Despite featuring no adornments, they look pretty cool and are universal no matter what body types your bridesmaids have. Moreover, such a dress is a great example of cheap burgundy bridesmaid dresses.

6. V-Neck Mermaid Dress

Mermaid dresses look very elegant and stylish. This one features a V-neck and a cute basque design, which makes it look unique. While mermaid dresses aren’t universal for all girls, the basque hides the waistline and hips a little and so, your bridesmaids can wear such gowns not only if they are of an hourglass body type but also if they have pear, apple and inverted triangle figures.

7. Chiffon Dress with Ruffles

Chiffon dress with ruffles

Chiffon dress with ruffles

Though this dress seems to be very simple at first sight, a special chic is added by the ruffled skirt. Such a gown is great for a summer wedding as it’s pretty light and convenient. However, it’s not recommended for plus size and pear-shaped girls as it may add some visual volume on the hips.

8. Long Sleeve Dress

If you want to have burgundy long sleeve bridesmaid dresses, seek for the ones with lace sleeves like this one. Lace sleeves always look brighter and more intriguing than ordinary ones. What we like about this particular dress is that lace sleeves are combined with a nice draped top design.

9. Burgundy Dress with Lace Décor

If you are thinking about burgundy bridesmaid dresses with sleeves just to cover the girls’ shoulders, a great alternative is a bateau neckline, which covers shoulders but leaves arms free. The lace decor on the top makes the gown look more luxurious and festive.

10. Dress with a Draped Top

Draped top bridesmaid dress

Draped top bridesmaid dress

If you want to find burgundy bridesmaid dresses, which are pretty simple but not too boring, we offer you to opt for drapes. The draped tops always look beautiful and feminine no matter if you opt for strapless, V-neck or off-the-shoulder necklines. Moreover, diagonal drapes can make your bridesmaids visually slimmer.

11. Short Lace Dress

Short lace bridesmaid dress

Short lace bridesmaid dress

Burgundy lace bridesmaid dresses always look fantastic. Want your bridesmaids to feel comfortable but be elegant simultaneously? Go with short dresses, which are fully covered with lace.

12. Mermaid Off-the-Shoulder Dress

Mermaid off-the-shoulder dress

Mermaid off-the-shoulder dress

Mermaid off-the-shoulder dresses look very sexy and beautiful. We like when a lace top is combined with a plainer skirt, but you are free to have a dress of a single texture. However, take into account that such a design doesn’t look good on plus size burgundy bridesmaid dresses.

13. Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Velvet bridesmaid dress

Velvet bridesmaid dress

Velvet burgundy bridesmaid dresses are the best option for fall and winter weddings. As this material is pretty thick, it will save your girls from cold and make them feel comfortable no matter how chill the weather will be.

14. Short Chiffon Dress

The brides who seek for cheap, light and convenient variants can go with short burgundy bridesmaid dresses made of chiffon. This material is very light and comfortable while dresses made of it are pretty affordable.

15. Minimalist Dress with a Slit

Minimalist dress with a slit

Minimalist dress with a slit

Minimalist dresses are classic and will never go out of fashion. They are usually made of chiffon, satin, taffeta or polyester and go in various styles. Sheath and A-line gowns are among the most popular ones. However, we recommend to opt for minimalist gowns featuring some interesting details, for instance a high slit.

So, we have picked up the most astonishing ideas of bridesmaid dresses for you, which are beautiful, convenient and affordable. Mo matter if you give preference to long sleeve burgundy bridesmaid dresses or the short off-the-shoulder ones, make sure that the gowns will suit all the girls and their body types.

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