Can You Use Artificial Flowers for Wedding Décor?

Undoubtedly, flowers are an essential part of wedding décor, which also requires significant money investments. That’s why many couples consider using artificial floral decorations instead of fresh ones. Some people consider that it’s inappropriate to use fake flowers, but, actually, they can be a great solution of many problems like getting the necessary flowers out of season or saving wedding budget.

Let’s dig a little deeper and discover what the reasons to use artificial blooms are and what some great examples of such decorations are.

Reasons to Opt for Artificial Flowers

1. There are many ways of how to use artificial flowers for wedding décor. For example, they can be applied for table centerpieces, garlands and bridal/bridesmaids’ bouquets.

2. Such flowers don’t wither. That’s why you don’t worry that too hot or too cold weather will spoil your floral compositions. Moreover, you can prepare the decorations beforehand, even several weeks or months before the wedding and avoid pre-wedding worries about how the flowers will look and if florists will manage to prepare everything in time.

3. You can use your favorite flowers out of season. If you want to use peonies as your wedding adornments but plan your nuptials for fall or winter, it’s pretty hard to find fresh flowers and even if you find them, you need to pay very much. However, silk peonies are a great way to use your favorite flowers no matter what season you are getting married at without going bankrupt.

4. Artificial flowers can be rather a money-saving option. Very often, such flowers cost less than their fresh counterparts and you can save some money from your wedding budget.

5. It’s easier to work with fake flowers. If you plan to make the decorations yourself, you need some special skills to make compositions of real flowers and make them last long. At the same time, artificial flowers don’t require any special skills and almost everyone can create cool décor elements out of them.

6. Faux flowers cause no allergies. If you are allergic to flowers, consider replacing them with artificial alternatives. Moreover, if your wedding guests have allergies, they can feel bad if fresh flowers are applied for table centerpieces standing in front of them.

7. Multiple colors are possible. While the colors of fresh flowers are rather restricted, artificial ones are available in all possible hues. So, if you seek for some unusual shades, you can go with fake flowers.

5 Cool Examples of Wedding Décor with Artificial Flowers

Now, let’s have a look at 5 great examples, which prove that artificial flowers are a great idea for wedding decoration.

Hanging Flowers

Artificial wisteria flowers vines can help you to create fantastic hanging flowers décor. Such vines look cool if they are attached to a ceiling, but they can be also applied for wall decor. Of course, you will need hundreds or even a thousand of vines to cover the whole ceiling but you can create some cool accents by employing a fewer number of vines.

Rose Bouquets

By using artificial rose bouquets as table centerpieces or aisle decorations instead of real ones, you can save much money. Moreover, you won’t be afraid that they will start to wither because of too hot or too cold weather.

Heart-Shaped Wall Hanging

A cute rattan and artificial flowers heart-shaped wall hanging will add romantic spirit to your wedding. It’s an especially great addition to country-styled and rustic weddings. You can use several pieces as well.

Magnolia Bouquets

If roses and peonies seem to be too banal for you, consider using magnolia flowers for your wedding décor. You can place them in vases and use as centerpieces or you can use separate branches for creating some beautiful compositions. Moreover, after the wedding, these beautiful flowers can be employed for home décor.

Metal and Flower Wall Hanging

Though metal is rarely used for wedding decorations, it can look absolutely gorgeous if it’s combined with artificial flowers. For instance, a round, triangle or square wall hanging will be a cute romantic addition to your wedding décor.

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