What Are the Best Ideas of Mother of the Groom/Mother of the Bride Dresses and How to Make the Right Choice?

Though mothers of both groom and bride aren’t the main stars at the wedding, their roles are also very important and that means that they are always in the spotlight on this special day. That’s why, their outfits must be chosen with much care, taking into account the wedding type and their personal preferences.

Today, we are eager to share some tips on how to choose mother of the groom as well as mother of the bride dresses. Here we go.

Tips on Choosing Mother of the Bride/Mother of the Groom Dresses

So, in order to make your search of mother of the groom gowns and mother of the bride dresses easier, we have prepared some tips that will be your guidelines for the attire selection.

Discuss the Dress Issue with the Bride

It’s great to discuss what bride wants you to wear. As a rule, a bride already imagines how their mom or mother-in-law must look at her wedding and so, it’s crucial to ask her about that beforehand. In such a way, you will show your respect to the bride’s wishes for her special day and will discover what your attire must be.

What Color to Choose?

Undoubtedly, every woman wants the color of the dress to highlight her beauty and make her look youthful and radiant. However, in some cases, your favorite shades may be not a good fit for a wedding. For instance, it’s not recommended to wear white as it may resemble the bridal dress. The other usual “no” is a black color. However, recently, these colors have become pretty widespread for wedding themes and in such a case, all the guests are allowed wearing them.

As a rule, mother of the bride dresses are either in pastel colors (like powder, peach, light blue or lilac) or dark ones (including burgundy, navy and dark green). If the wedding isn’t dedicated to a certain color theme, you are free to select the color you prefer. However, if the wedding is planned to have a certain color combination, a bride may ask both moms as well as all guests to have outfits in the chosen color palette.

Besides, you can have a dress which combines several colors or features a pattern. For instance, floral patterns are pretty common and look very nice.

There are many discussions if a mother of the bride/mother of the groom dress must match the bridesmaid dresses. It actually depends on the bride’s choice. However, the dress doesn’t need to be identical either way. Even if the bride asks you to wear the same color, you have a wide choice of silhouettes and designs to choose from. Moreover, you may have the same color but of a different shade.

Dress Design and Length

The next step is to find out what silhouette is the most flattering for you. The general guidelines are the following:

Rectangle body types (straight up and down): dresses with V-neck or off-the-shoulder necklines with a form-fitting bottoms or trumpet skirts. These details will make your figure look curvier as well as textured details like drapes.

Inverted triangle body types (broad shoulders and slim hips): dresses with A-line skirts and V-necklines. A fit and flare silhouette will help to balance your larger upper part with slim hips.

Pear-shaped body types (wide hips and narrow shoulders): dresses with off-the-shoulder necklines will work well. Also, you can make the bust and shoulders look more balanced with the hips by choosing dresses with ruffles or textured décor on the bodice.

Hourglass body types (curvy figure with an accentuated waist): dresses with fitted silhouettes will accentuate your beautiful curves. Feel free to wear mermaid and sheath dresses.

But what about the length? The final choice must depend on the dress code, venue and time of day. Formal black tie and white tie weddings demand long dresses while semi-formal weddings are less conservative and allow ladies wearing tea-length and short dresses. Clearly, even mother of the groom dresses for summer shouldn’t be too revealing and too short. So, the best choice is a gown having the length from knee-length to long.

Put Your Comfort First

No matter what color and what design you need, don’t forget about your comfort. As you are about to spend the whole day in a dress, it must fit you well. Also, if it’s a summer wedding, think about light and breathing fabrics so that you weren’t a victim of overheating. And if it’s a winter wedding, consider wearing a wrap in order not to get cold.

Additionally, you need to move freely in a gown and so, it’s better if it doesn’t have any trains or details which can limit your movements.

Select Appropriate Accessories

While choosing mother of the groom dresses, don’t forget to add some accessories to complement your outfit. Choose comfortable but beautiful shoes and a clutch. Besides, look for jewelry or a hairpiece that matches your attire.

Where to Buy

If you are eager to know where to find mother of the groom dresses, keep in mind that you have at least two options: to buy a dress at the brick-and-mortar shop or online. The first variant involves bridal boutiques as they often have dresses for bridesmaids and wedding guests in stock, shops which sell evening and cocktail dresses plus ordinary chain shops as their assortment may also include some good dresses.

While shopping online, your choice isn’t limited as you are free to order a dress from any corner of the world and even save some money by getting good-quality but cheap mother of the bride dresses.

25 Ideas of Dresses for Groom’s/Bride’s Mother

Now, let's get from theory to practice and have a look at some amazing ideas of mother of the groom/mother of the bride dresses. 

Draped Satin Dress

​Short satin dresses with draped design are loved by many women as they help to accentuate beautiful body curves and hide the imperfections. They look great in both light and dark hues. 

Lace and Chiffon Dress with Sleeves

Light and flowing dress of chiffon and lace suits any season. The design is pretty fresh and unusual and we like that. The gown is available in navy, wine red, purple and black colors. Moreover, it's a great idea for plus size mother of the bride dresses. 

Long Beaded Dress

Beading adds a festive mood to any type of the dress. So, it looks pretty cool when a bride's or groom's mom sparkles in a gown like this. And what's good is that this dress is sold in dozens of colors, including the pictured light grey. 

Chiffon Dress with Flutter Sleeves

Chiffon dresses are the perfect choice for spring and summer weddings as this fabric is very light and breathable. The combination of flutter sleeves and drapes looks fantastic no matter what size you have. By the way, this model can be of many colors. 

Wrap Dress with Tiered Skirt and Sleeves

It's a great idea of mother of the groom dresses for summer outdoor wedding as this gown is light and flowing. The interesting skirt and sleeves design look very feminine. This dress is available not only in the pastel pink color but also in pastel hues of mint and purple. 

Knee-Length Dress and Jacket

Dresses with jackets are the perfect way out if you want to hide your arms or if the wedding takes place in the fall/winter season. The combination of lace and satin is classy while you can choose the most suitable hue from a wide range of colors. 

Lace Patchwork Off-the-Shoulder Dress

In case you are a fan of off-the-shoulder dresses, pay attention to this model with patchwork lace. Combination of red and white looks bright and creative while the dress itself is ideal if you want to highlight your femininity. 

Mermaid Dress with Bateau Neckline

If you can boast of beautiful body curves, don't hesitate to try a mermaid dress. For instance, the pictured gown with draperies and beaded decor will make you the second star of the wedding after the bride. 

Short Sleeve Dress with Bow Sash

Actually, mother of the bride dresses tea length are among the best choices as they look formal but not so much as their long counterparts. This grey dress is an amazing example of something simple and classy while a bow sash adds a bit of flirt to the look. 

Lace Dress and Chiffon Cardigan

A lace dress with a chiffon cardigan is a universal variant if you don't know what the weather will be like on the wedding day. Moreover, it's suitable for summer outdoor weddings as you may wear a dress during the day and add a cardigan in the evening when the temperature will fall down. 

Long Satin and Lace Dress

Undoubtedly, gold mother of the bride dresses are always a good idea. Satin looks extremely cool in this color, especially if combined with beautiful gold lace. This dress is of an A-line silhouette that is quite universal for almost any body type. 

Long Two-Piece Mother of the Bride Dress

If you seek for mother of the groom dresses for fall, you definitely need to pay attention to this long gown with a jacket. It looks very stylish. Besides, the jacket may be later worn with other dresses, skirts or pants. 

Lace Knee Length Dress

Tight-fitting knee-length dresses never go out of fashion. They suit women of all ages and look especially nice when they feature sleeves.   

Long Dress with Lace Decor

One more example of mother of the bride dresses long is this empire waist dress with sleeves. It's adorned with delicate lace and features draperies. Though this dress is available in various colors, the pictured ink blue variant is one of our favorites. 

Knee Length Dress with Lace Bodice 

A knee-length dress with lace halter neck bodice and pleated skirt is a universal variant for any occasion, including weddings. The possible colors are green, dusty pink, navy, burgundy, green, purple and rusty rose. 

Taffeta and Lace Short Dress

If you seek for elegancy with a bit of vintage charm, you may like this short taffeta dress with lace. It features sleeves and an interesting neckline design. It's available in various colors, including navy, plum and champagne.  

Flower Print Dress

We have already mentioned that floral patterns may be a decent alternative for solid color gowns, especially if we talk about mother of the groom dresses for beach wedding or country one. This dress features a very cool floral pattern, which is a bit abstract but very stylish. 

High-Low Dress and Cardigan

High-low dresses are surely a very good idea. Being short and long simultaneously, they look formal enough for weddings. Moreover, this dress features a bonus - a matching cardigan. If you don't like pink, the seller also offers this item in blue color. 

Sequined Cocktail Dress with Sleeves

Who has told that a mother of the bride or a mother of the groom can't sparkle at such a special day in her life? We think that sequins are a great idea, especially for evening weddings. This cocktail gown is available in two amazing colors: light gold and dazzling blue. 

Light Dress with Sleeves and Pleated Skirt

This light dress with sleeves and a pleated skirt is perfect for spring and summer weddings. It's available in pastel shades of purple, green, yellow, pink and blue. After the wedding, this gown can be used as an ordinary cocktail dress. 

Long Satin Dress with Draperies

While satin is rather a widespread and simple material, it looks gorgeous if it's draped. This sheath dress is also adorned with beads and features an interesting neck design. The selection of colors also impresses. 

Long Sleeve Satin Dress

It's another example of a beautifully draped satin dress. Unlike the previous variant, it features long sleeves and has a high waist while the selection of colors is also great. 

Tea-Length Flutter Sleeve Dress

Light tea-length dress with flutter sleeves is the most suitable for summer celebrations. Along with wearing it to a wedding, you are free to use this dress daily and for other important events. The V-neck, flutter sleeves and a skirt with pleats seem to be a perfect combination. 

Sequined Dress with Chiffon Sleeves

Undoubtedly, mother of the bride dresses look especially chic if they feature sleeves. However, the designers of this gown decided to be creative and added really cool chiffon sleeves to the sequined dress.

Mermaid Dress with Beaded Cap Sleeves

Of course, this dress is only for self-confident moms who have beautiful slim figures. Though this gown seems to be simple at first sight, beaded cap sleeves work wonders and turn it into something really special. 

Ultimately, the key factors while choosing a gown is that it suits the wedding type and is comfortable for a groom’s or bride’s mom. Also, don’t forget to make sure that the bride and the groom are satisfied with your final choice.

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