29 Fantastic Ideas of Bridal Bracelets for Any Budget

We all know that good jewelry can transform your look in the wink of the eye. And as all brides are eager to be beautiful and sparkle on their wedding day, they choose accessories with much care. Bridal bracelets are one of those things that add shining to your bridal look and go well with any type of the dress.

So, let's not waste time and get inspired by some fantastic ideas of bracelets for bride for any budget. 

Gold Bracelets

Gold never goes out of fashion and is always valued. That’s why, a bridal bracelet made of this material is a good money investment. As you may know, gold can be white, gold and rose. You are free to choose whatever you like more, but keep in mind that you need to stick to one metal color in all jewelry pieces you use on your special day. For instance, if you have a bridal bracelet rose gold, choose rose gold earrings or a necklace.

Undoubtedly, the variety of gold jewelry pieces impresses. You can opt for something classic and minimalist like a thin bracelet with diamond inserts or seek for statement bracelets with creative designs. You may also try a pearl bridal bracelet as pearls look great on brides. Also, it’s pretty popular to combine metals. Thus, you may have a bracelet consisting of both gold and white gold or even the one featuring all three types of gold.

Our recommendation for those who plan to wear a bracelet, bridal earrings and bracelet set or any other jewelry of gold is to buy a piece that can be worn in the future. If you prefer a minimalist design, a bracelet can be worn daily. And in case you seek for something luxurious, it can be later used for parties, weddings of your friends and other festive events.

To the point, if you want to save some money, shop for gold online. Though it seems to be a crazy idea at first sight, the majority of companies have licensed products and have a return policy in case you aren’t satisfied with the jewelry you get. Actually, you can save up to several hundreds of dollars by buying a bridal cuff bracelet online.

Silver Bracelets

Silver has been an alternative to gold for ages. And, of course, bridal bracelets are also made of this material. They cost cheaper than their gold counterparts and so, you may save thousands on buying bridal jewelry sets, necklace, earrings and bracelet of silver.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the selection of bracelets of sterling silver is amazing, especially at online stores. You can find a piece that fit any theme, style and your personal requirements. Thus, you will have no troubles in finding bridal bracelets for small wrists or bracelets of unique designs.

Like in the case with gold, bridal bracelets crystal are rather widespread. However, diamonds are usually not used with silver. As a rule, silver jewelry is decorated with rubies, emeralds or sapphires. And if you need something cheaper, try jewelry with cubic zirconia.

Affordable Bracelets 

In case your budget is limited and you can’t afford buying jewelry of precious metals and stones, don’t get upset. Actually, there are many amazing bracelets made of stainless steel or various alloys, which everyone can afford. And what’s great is that the majority of people won’t even distinguish them from precious ones.

In you like stones, pay attention to cubic zirconia bridal bracelets. Cubic zirconia is a cheap version of diamonds. Of course, it doesn’t sparkle like diamonds but looks pretty decent. Moreover, the choice of the items with this stone is very big. Actually, cz bridal bracelets are rather widespread and you can get them at both brick-and-stone and online shops.

Besides, the bracelets of non-precious materials are available in a greater number of designs and styles. You can find a cool minimalist, massive, classic, vintage and even boho bridal bracelet. The bracelets with imitation pearls and rhinestones are also among top sellers.

All in all, bridal bracelets aren’t an obligatory piece of a bride’s look, but we can’t deny the fact that they add an incredible charm to it. Just pick up the piece which fits your wedding budget and goes well with your dress and be a queen of your special day.

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