Are Black Bridesmaid Dresses a Good Choice for a Wedding?

Have you ever thought about having black bridesmaid dresses at your wedding? This issue is vividly discussed on many bridal forums and blogs. While some experts consider black to be not the best solution for a wedding, the others are sure that the gowns in this color look elegant and very stylish.

Actually, today even a bride can go to the aisle wearing a dress of any color, including black. So, why not choose this color for bridesmaids’ dresses? Our opinion is that black gowns are appropriate for weddings, especially if they suit the wedding theme and style.

So, let’s discuss this issue in more detail. Moreover, in this post, we are going to provide you with some astonishing examples of black bridesmaid gowns as well as help you to find alternatives to them.

Is It Appropriate to Use Black Bridesmaid Dresses?

If you are one of those brides who wants to accentuate her wedding with black bridesmaid dresses, here are some facts, which will prove that you are about to make the right decision.

Firstly, if you make some search on the net, you will see dozens of wedding photos with bridesmaid in black, which are fantastic. Actually, black dresses look great in contrast with a bride’s white gown.

Secondly, black is flattering for everyone. It accentuates beautiful bodies of slim girls and makes plus-size girls look slimmer. The girls of any age, with any hair and skin color look elegant and beautiful in black gowns.

Thirdly, black color never goes out of style. It seems to be always popular no matter how fashion trends change. So, by opting for this color, you give your bridesmaids a chance to wear the gown once again. It seems to be a decent money investment.

Fourthly, black color is appropriate for any season. Though some people think that dark bridesmaid dresses suit fall and winter weddings more, today this rule doesn’t work. So, black can look great even at a mid-summer wedding.

Fifthly, black can be combined with other colors. So, you can opt for black and white dresses, black and gold ones, black and red gowns etc. Moreover, you can add some details to a simple black dress. For instance, a sash of a contrasting color can work well.

Sixthly, if you are afraid of a too gloomy look, keep in mind that the proper accessories can fix everything in the wink of the eye. For instance, jewelry can make real wonders. You can use a jewelry set or a single piece like statement earrings. Also, headpieces can be applied. Moreover, the bridesmaids’ bouquets will also add brightness to their look.

Another way to make a black dress look more interesting is to play with the texture. Thus, black velvet bridesmaid dresses or sequined ones look really cool and unusual. Besides, even a simple chiffon dress can look brighter if it features some textured details like draperies, ruffles or lace.

And, finally, we are sure that there are much more black dresses for sale than the ones in any other color. Thanks to its universality and elegance, black is featured in the collections of any brand no matter if it’s cheap or expensive.

10 Ideas of the Best Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Do you know that you can get really beautiful and stylish black bridesmaid dresses cheap? Here are 10 proofs that cool dresses can be pretty affordable.

V-Neck Mermaid Dress

Black V-neck mermaid dress

Black V-neck mermaid dress

If your bridesmaids can boast of beautiful bodies, you may highlight that with such a dress in a mermaid silhouette. It’s very elegant and, at the same time, is sexy. The V-neck is perfectly combined with lace décor and a satin skirt.

Off-the-Shoulder Dress

Black off-the-shoulder dress

Black off-the-shoulder dress

Off-the-shoulder dresses are among the most popular ones today. This A-line dress is flattering for girls with various body types. It’s pretty lightweight and looks very feminine. Moreover, this dress features elbow-length sleeves and is a great alternative to long sleeve black bridesmaid dresses.

Black Sparkling Dress

Black sparkling dress

Black sparkling dress

You must have noticed that sequins are among the biggest trends now and we have several fantastic variants of black dresses featuring them. For instance, such black sequin bridesmaid dresses with a leg slit and spaghetti straps look really cool and sexy.

Empire Waist Dress

Black empire waist bridesmaid dress

Black empire waist bridesmaid dress

Actually, empire waist dresses are also pretty universal as they suit girls with various body types. What we like about this variant is that it features thick straps and cute décor on a waistline. It resembles a gown of a Greek goddess. Moreover, the models like these are great ideas of plus size black bridesmaid dresses.

Short Satin Dress

Short black satin dress

Short black satin dress

In case you are fond of minimalism and like sleek textures, you need to think about opting for satin dresses. This short off-the-shoulder gown is a decent variant. It’s pretty simple and features no excess embellishments. At the same time, it can be beautifully accessorized with statement jewelry and cool shoes.

Dress with Flutter Sleeves

Black dress with flutter sleeves

Black dress with flutter sleeves

Do you need black bridesmaid dresses with sleeves? We have a variant for you as well. For example, we offer you to refuse from traditional sleeves and pay attention to flutter ones. They look really cool and are especially suitable for spring-summer weddings. Moreover, the top of this A-line dress features sequins and so, your bridesmaids will sparkle as well.

Black Bridesmaid Gown with Lace Details

Black bridesmaid dress with lace details

Black bridesmaid dress with lace details

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many girls love lace. Of course, you can seek for fully lace gowns or you may try dressing your girls in beautiful A-line dresses featuring draperies and lace details. This gown features a V-neckline, which is flattering almost for everyone and adds visual height to short girls.

Minimalist Black Dress

Minimalist black dress

Minimalist black dress

You may know that even simple long black bridesmaid dresses can look astonishing. Actually, this mermaid dress is very simple and its only accent is a creative back design. However, if a girl has beautiful body curves and accessories this gown with the proper jewelry, she will definitely have a “wow” look.

Short Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

Short chiffon bridesmaid dress

Short chiffon bridesmaid dress

The beauty is in simplicity. These short black bridesmaid dresses made of chiffon prove this rule. They suit the most outdoor weddings as well as semi-formal ones. Also, chiffon is a pretty light material and is more appropriate for warmer seasons.

Simple Dress with Lace Top

Black bridesmaid dress with lace top

Black bridesmaid dress with lace top

Another example of black lace bridesmaid dress is this gown featuring lace top and a beautiful semi-transparent lace back. Its flowing silhouette will be liked by the majority of girls while the lace details make it look very feminine. The silhouette is universally flattering.

What Are the Alternatives?

If you still have doubts if black is the proper color for your bridesmaids’ dresses, we can offer you some alternatives. There are many other dark hues, which also look pretty cool and elegant. Here are five examples.

Navy Blue

Navy blue is the closest color to the black. It’s very deep and looks more elegant than traditional blue. Sometimes, it even resembles black, especially if to look from afar. The dresses in this color are always beautiful no matter what silhouette they have and what material they are made of.


Burgundy color has millions of fans around the world. It seems to never go out of style, especially if the proper hue is chosen. It suits girls of any age and is a great option for a summer as well as winter wedding. Moreover, even a minimalist dress with no embellishments looks fantastic in this color to say nothing about gowns with lace, beading or sequins.


Purple is a royal color and we like it the most in its darkest shades. Like burgundy, this color is rather self-sufficient and can look nice even if it’s a minimalist dress. However, all the known embellishments are possible. It can be also combined with other colors like black, silver or gold.

Dark Green

While dark green color suits all girls: blondes, brunettes and red-headed, it’s not so popular as the mentioned above colors. However, we think that this color is underestimated. It looks really beautiful, elegant and stylish. The most important is that the hue you choose is deep and not bright.


Roughly speaking, gray is a lighter shade of black. Actually, this color has many hues and you are free to choose the necessary hue from pastel gray to almost black one. However, be ready that some gray dresses may look too simple and too dull. Our recommendation for those who want to have gray bridesmaid dresses is to pick up the ones of a beautiful fabric (like lace or sequined material), the ones with draperies or other textures, or the ones featuring embellishments like beading or crystals.

In general, black bridesmaid dresses are a good choice and aren’t worse than the gowns of light or bright hues. Everything depends on your wedding style, location and what exact dresses you choose. Accessories as well as the color of the bridesmaid bouquet also matter. So, if you choose everything with care, you will definitely have a stylish and beautiful wedding with the bridesmaids in black.

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