Tips on Choosing Wedding Hair Accessories

If you have already found your perfect wedding gown, it doesn’t mean that all the most difficult shopping issues are already solved. The bridal look consists not only of a gown but also of a number of other accessories. Believe that it’s critical to choose the proper accessories in order to make your bridal look complete and beautiful.

For instance, wedding hair accessories don’t only adorn your hairstyle but also make a finishing touch to your bridal look. Want to know how to choose the best accessory for your hair? Have a look at the following tips.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Hair Accessory for Your Wedding

Though a hair accessory seems to be a trifle in comparison with the choice of a wedding gown, it’s a part of your bridal look and you must choose it with much care in order to make everything look organic and stylish. Here are the basic things which you need to keep in mind while shopping for a bridal headpiece.

Your Hairstyle

Before you buy bridal hair accessories, decide on what hairstyle you are going to have. Will you be wearing a bridal updo, all down hairstyle or something other? We recommend choosing your hairstyle first and then add your accessories to compliment the style. Your hair type also matters. If have long thick hair, think about massive hair pieces that can stand up to the weight as small ones can remain unnoticed. And, vice versa, if you have short or thin hair, give preference to more delicate accessories.

Wedding hairstyle with flowers

Wedding hairstyle with flowers

Your Wedding Dress

Undoubtedly, the hair accessory must complement your wedding dress. If your dress is quite minimalist and features almost no embellishments, you may enhance your look in various ways and choose accessories made of different materials. However if your gown is embellished or has many intricate details, you need to choose accessories more carefully. Thus, if your bridal dress is adorned with crystals, a crystal vine will look organic while floral accessories may go well with floral-patterned lace.

Moreover, pay attention to the dress color. Though, it’s not necessary to choose the headpieces of the same color, remember that everything must look harmonious. For instance, if you have a blue sash on your gown, you can definitely opt for blue hair accessories for weddings.

Gold or Silver

Almost all bride wedding hair pieces, except flowers and pieces made of them, are made in either gold or silver color. The majority of brides opt for silver accessories as they are more neutral. However, gold wedding hair accessories are gaining popularity now. Some brides think that silver is more suitable for white dresses while gold is the perfect choice for champagne and beige gowns. However, we think that both silver and gold are universal colors and suit dresses of any hue.

However, if your dress features embellishments of either silver or gold color, then, the choice is quite evident. Moreover, hair piece must match the color of other jewelry pieces. Thus, if you want to have gold earrings and necklace, opt for a gold headpiece as a silver one will look absolutely out of place.


Another important thing is style. Your hair accessories must suit the style of your wedding dress and the wedding as a whole. Thus, if you have a vintage ceremony, wedding hair accessories vintage will complement your bridal look better than any other pieces. Or, if you have an outdoor wedding, try wearing a flower crown or add some flowers to your wedding hairstyle.

Basic Types of Wedding Hair Pieces

Of course, prior to shopping for hair pieces for wedding hair, you need to know what variants you may come across. So, here are the basic types of wedding hair jewelry.

Tiara/Crown. That’s definitely the most luxurious type of hair accessories which goes the best with traditional wedding dresses of ball gown and A-line silhouettes. It’s the perfect choice if you have always dreamt about being a real princess at your wedding day. You can wear tiara both alone and with a veil. As to the hairstyle, it works well with hair down, half up or all up.

Comb. Hair combs go in various sizes and shapes. Moreover, they can be made of various materials. You can buy luxurious combs with rhinestones or pearls as well as romantic ones featuring flowers. They look gorgeous in updo hairstyles and hair half up. Combs can be combined with a veil. However, it’s advisable to adjust the veil and comb separately.

Vine. Bridal vines are the hottest trend. They are pretty universal and can be used with various hairstyles. Thus, you may twist a vine in the back of a soft braided updo, around a bun or on the top of your head like a headband. Moreover, they can serve for adding a finishing touch to a wedding dress of various styles: from luxurious ball gown to minimalist sheath dress.

Artificial flowers for wedding hairstyle

Artificial flowers for wedding hairstyle

Hair Flowers. Flowers will add a romantic mood to your bridal look. Depending on how you want to arrange them, they can be well combined with wedding gowns of different styles, from casual short dresses to traditional A-line gowns. They look great with loose hair or pretty simple hairstyles. Hair flowers are a great accessory if you plan an outdoor wedding as they will be in harmony with the surrounding nature.

If you want a casual romantic look, you may adorn your hair with one big flower. However, more complicated flower compositions look more festive and interesting. Also, it’s good if the color of the flowers is identical to the one of the wedding bouquet. By the way, both fresh and artificial flowers can be employed.

Flower Crown. If you want to make a cool statement with your wedding look, consider wearing a flower crown. It’s the perfect choice for outdoor weddings as it will look 100% organic with the surroundings. The flower crown looks the best with light and flowing wedding dresses, like the ones in Greek or country style. Also, it can be combined with two-piece wedding dresses or minimalist ones.

Pin/Clip. A pin or clip is the most suitable for an updo or half up half down hairstyle. While they add some chic and complement your wedding look, they remain rather understated and look pretty traditional. However, you may group several pieces to get a more dramatic look. Moreover, there are some cool pins with complicated designs for sale.

Veil. Veil is a traditional element of a bridal look, which is often ignored by some modern brides. However, it looks very spectacular when attached to a stunning tiara, headband or comb. The most important is to decide how to adjust everything beautifully. For example, if you have a bun, you may locate a veil beneath it while placing a comb above it.

Birdcage Veil. The birdcage veil is rather a specific accessory, which is usually worn for vintage-inspired weddings. Also, many people consider this headpiece to be more appropriate for elder brides. If you opt for this accessory, you need to wear it correctly. We like when the veil is placed off to the side of the head and drape across the face diagonally.

The Coolest Ideas of Bridal Hair Accessories

Now, have a look at more specific examples of cool bridal hairpieces to draw some inspiration for your bridal look.

Flower Comb

Flower comb

Flower comb

Undoubtedly, flower hair accessories wedding will make your bridal look fresh and bright. A great way to add flowers to your hairstyle is to use a flower comb as it’s pretty simple to adjust it and the result is astonishing. You may go with fresh flowers, but be ready that they can fade and so, you need to use special techniques to preserve them. Though, you may opt for dryer flowers like lavender or succulents and even herbs.

However, if you don’t want to face troubles with fading flowers, opt for artificial ones. If a comb features good quality flowers (for instance, the ones of fabric look more natural and beautiful that the ones made of foam), it will look not worse than its all-natural counterpart. Keep in mind that the cheapest artificial flowers may spoil your look, so give preference only to beautiful pieces, which resemble fresh flowers, even if they cost several dollars more. Basically, any artificial flowers hair comb will cost less than the one of fresh flowers.

Comb with Rhinestones

Combs are often chosen for enhancing bridal hair with accessories. They can go well with various hairstyles and look astonishing. The combs with rhinestones are sparkling and add a bright accent to a wedding hairstyle. You just need to choose the right size and adjust it correctly.

The prices for combs with rhinestones differ depending on the materials quality and sizes. Usually, the price is between $20 and $100. Moreover, rhinestones can be mixed up with some other materials, for example, pearls or beads.

Pearl Hair Pins

Pearls hair pins

Pearls hair pins

Hair pins are considered to be cheap wedding hair accessories, but, actually, the prices for them range depending on materials. As a rule, you can buy pretty simple pieces for a couple of dollars while the ones with more complicated designs may cost about $20-$50.

If don’t want to overload your hairstyle with too heavy pieces, opt for hair pins. And if you don’t want to have too much sparkling in your hair and seek for a more romantic accessory, opt for pearl hair pins. They look delicate and very beautiful.

Flower Crown

Flower crown is a real statement. It’s one of the best ideas of beach wedding hair accessories or the country ones. Actually, it will look gorgeous at any outdoor or country-styled ceremony if it’s in harmony with the wedding gown. You can wear a delicate flower crown as well as a pretty big one. The latter is more specific and looks the best if the bridal gown is pretty simple.

Like in the case with hair combs, it’s not necessary to use fresh flowers and you can opt for high-quality artificial ones. Moreover, you can buy a crown, where the flowers are attached to a hair hoop. In such a case, you don’t need to worry about how to adjust it as you just put it on and that’s it.

Crystal Vine

Hair vines look very beautiful and delicate, especially the ones made of crystals and pearls. Such a headpiece is pretty universal and goes well with any dress style. Moreover, as it can be adjusted in a number of ways and easily bends, a hair vine enhances any hairstyle: from loose hair to complicated updos.

As a rule, bridal hair vines cost about $20-$50. They often go in the length of about 30 cm (11.8 inches), which is enough for almost any hairstyle. However, there are longer variants of up to 100 cm (39 inches), which are great if you twist them into a volume braid.

Rhinestones Headband

A headband made of rhinestones is a bright accent of your wedding hairstyle. Such headbands can go in silver color as well as are available as rose gold wedding hair accessories. Some pieces can also bend like vines and that makes them suitable for almost all possible hairstyles.

As rhinestones can be of different quality, the price for a rhinestones headband may be about $10 as well as exceed $100. Their length is usually around 30 cm (11.8 inches).

All in all, the choice of wedding hair accessories is pretty vast and you will have no problems with finding the proper ones. Just, don’t forget to take all the stated above tips into consideration and pick up the piece which complements your wedding dress and hairstyle but not overloads it.

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