11 Coolest Ideas of Princess Wedding Dresses

It’s very hard to find a girl, who didn’t dream about being a princess in childhood. And many girls continue to dream about that even if they are already grown-ups. A wedding is one of those rare occasions when this dream may turn into reality. By wearing a princess wedding gown, you will feel like a princess from Disney cartoons and it’s an unforgettable experience.

Undoubtedly, princess wedding dresses look gorgeous. They suit many girls, but, unfortunately, not everyone. Keep reading and you’ll find out who can wear such wedding gowns and what their pluses and minuses are. Moreover, we will show you 11 cool ideas of wedding gowns in this silhouette.

Who Can Wear a Princess Wedding Dress?

Princess wedding dress with train

Princess wedding dress with train

A princess type wedding gown or, as it’s also called, ball gown is a traditional wedding dress silhouette. It features a fitted bodice and a large voluminous skirt. Very often, the skirt consists of several underskirts and tulle below to keep the shape. That’s why, this dress is pretty heavy, especially if it has a train.

The princess gowns usually feature a natural waistline, but some other variations are possible. Thus, the gown may have a drop waist, a basque waist or a bit higher waist. The bodices can be smooth, draperied, covered with lace as well as feature embroidery or beading. The skirt may be of minimalist design or feature tiers or can be adorned with lace or beading. It can be made of tulle, taffeta, satin, organza and some other fabrics.

Princess style wedding dresses are the most flattering for the girls with rectangle and boyish body types. They make the bridal look more romantic and feminine. Of course, the happy owners of an hourglass body type will look astonishing in such gowns as well because every silhouette looks great on them.

Also, the girls with pear-shaped and inverted triangle body types can wear such gowns if to opt for the proper neckline and style. The brides with apple-shaped bodies also can wear a ball gown wedding dress. However, they must choose the bodice with much care in order to avoid highlighting of the figure demerits. For example, it’s better to opt for a gown with a slightly higher waist to hide the tummy.

However, the ball gown silhouette isn’t suitable for petite brides as the dress may overwhelm them. It looks the best on the girls with medium or tall height. Also, plus size girls should avoid this silhouette as it may make you bigger than you are. It’s better to opt for a less voluminous alternative – an A-line wedding dress. Moreover, the fullness of the skirt can make the girls with large bust look bigger all over.

As a rule, princess ball gown wedding dresses are chosen for traditional wedding ceremonies and the ones in a fairytale style when you complement the look with fantastic heels, a tiara and gorgeous jewelry. They are not convenient for outdoor weddings in the country or on the beach. They will also look weird on modest wedding ceremonies.

Pros and Cons of Princess Style Wedding Gowns

Princess bridal gown

Princess bridal gown

Of course, princess bridal gowns have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see what the best and worst qualities of such dresses are.


- You may feel as if you were a heroine of a fairytale. Disney princess wedding dresses have no rivals in creating the fairytale atmosphere at your wedding. If you have always dreamt about being a princess, the wedding is the perfect occasion for being her.

- A ball gown dress can help to accentuate a wider waistline. Even if you don’t have a slim waist, the full skirt will create such a volume in the lower part of the dress that the waist will look visually slimmer. Moreover, you can opt for the bodice, which can make your waist slimmer, like the one with asymmetrical draperies or with the beading, which is wide at the top of the bodice and gradually becomes thinner towards the waistline.

- A princess dress hides the heavier bottom. That’s why, the pear-shaped girls may highlight their tender upper part and hide the hips under the full skirt.

- This silhouette helps the girls with wide shoulders to make the body look more balanced. The full skirt will add the necessary volume in the hips and will make your figure looking closer to the hourglass type.

- Princess wedding dresses are available in a number of styles. You can find minimalistic ones like an entirely satin dress or the one of tulle as well as heavily embellished gowns with sequins, embroidery, beading and crystals.

- The full skirt is well-combined with any type of the neckline. All the gowns, from strapless to the ones with long sleeves, look gorgeous.

- As a rule, ball gown wedding dresses don’t need many accessories. They are absolutely self-sufficient and so, there is no need to adorn them with additional details. However, you still can wear the jewelry, veil, headpiece and capes/wraps.


- Wedding princess dresses aren’t the best choice for older brides. They look great on young girls, but are too juvenile for older brides.

- Ball gowns aren’t suitable for petite brides as they overwhelm them. If you don’t want to be almost invisible in such a big gown, it’s better to opt for less voluminous dresses.

- This silhouette doesn’t suit plus size girls and the ones with too big bust. It may make them look bigger than they are. And no bride wants that at her wedding!

- A princess dress isn’t very convenient, especially if it features a train. You will always need the help of your bridesmaids. You will even go to the restroom with them as it’s very hard to cope with such a voluminous gown alone.

- A ball gown is appropriate for large and traditional wedding. However, it’s not suitable for small and modest ceremonies. Also, it’s not convenient for outdoor weddings, especially the beach ceremonies.

11 Marvelous Ideas of Princess Wedding Gowns

Now, let’s seek for inspiration and have a look at 11 incredible and unique princess wedding dresses.

Strapless Wedding Dress with Crystal Beading

In our opinion, a princess wedding dress with a tulle skirt and a strapless bodice, embellished with crystal beading is the most traditional version of a ball gown wedding dress. The sparkling embellished top grabs all the attention and makes the gown look luxurious.

A wedding gown of this type suits the girls, who have always dreamt about a royal-style wedding and want to be real stars of their special day. Clearly, depending on your body type, you may have something similar with other necklines, from plunging to high-neck. Also, the skirt can be made of taffeta or satin.

Wedding Gown with 3D Appliques on the Skirt

Wedding dress with 3D petals

Wedding dress with 3D petals


If you are a romantic personality, you will like the idea of some 3D décor on your wedding dress. It looks very beautiful when the bottom of the tulle skirt is adorned with 3D flowers, petals or butterflies. Such decorations may also extend to the train.

A wedding dress with such a skirt may go well with rather a minimalist bodice, like the tulle one with draperies. Also, the top of the dress can feature some 3D details. This idea is good for pear-shaped girls as it will make the upper part of the body look more balanced with the bottom.

Open Back Wedding Gown

Open back ball gown wedding dress

Open back ball gown wedding dress


Open back wedding dresses are often associated with less voluminous and sexier wedding dress silhouettes like mermaid or sheath. However, they may be an astonishing accent on a ball gown wedding dress.

The dress may feature a low back or the one with straps. Also, illusion backs look very beautiful. They create the illusion of an open back, while it remains closed by thin tulle of nude color, which can be adorned with lace for a more dramatic effect.

Satin Princess Wedding Dress

Satin wedding dress

Satin wedding dress


If you want to be a princess but aren’t eager to have much embellishment, opt for a minimalist satin wedding dress. It looks very stylish. It can go with a number of necklines from straight strapless to high neck ones.

However, some décor may still be added to a minimalist dress. For instance, a little bit of beading can be added to the top or the dress may feature a lace back. The easiest embellishment is a sash of the matching or contrasting color.

Illusion Wedding Dress

Don’t be surprised, but a princess gown wedding dress can be also sexy. The illusion bodices, which are so popular now, go well with any wedding dress silhouette and so, even a ball gown may look astonishing with it.

The illusion of the transparence is very intriguing. As a rule, illusion wedding dresses are adorned with lace or lace appliques. However, they may also feature beading or embroidery.

Wedding Dress with a Detachable Skirt

Princess wedding dress with a detachable skirt

Princess wedding dress with a detachable skirt


It’s very convenient to have 2 dresses in one. If you want to have a princess wedding dress, but are afraid that you won’t cope with such a volume, think about a gown with a detachable skirt or, as it’s also called, a transformer wedding dress.

Thus, the basic gown can be less voluminous, for instance in sheath, mermaid or A-line silhouette, while the skirt will be of princess style. As a result, you may have a princess-style look at the wedding ceremony and take off the skirt later to have a more comfortable dress for the celebration part.

Long-Sleeved Wedding Dress

The long-sleeved ball gown wedding dresses have an incredible royal charm. If you get married in fall or winter, need to hide the arms or are simply fond of dresses with sleeves, you definitely need to have a gown with long sleeves.

The dresses with lace or illusion sleeves look very feminine and romantic. They are greatly combined with lace bodice of high- or V-neckline and any type of a skirt. Also, if you want to have some interesting detail, opt for a gown with a low back.

Wedding Dress with Tiered Skirt

A tiered skirt is ideal for a bridal gown princess. Depending on their form and size, the tiers can create the additional volume as well as make the difference between fitted bodice and full skirt slighter.

As a rule, when such an accent is made on the skirt, the bodices look rather minimalistic. They may feature draperies or are adorned with lace. But no one prohibits you to combine a richly embellished bodice with a tiered skirt.

V-Neck Wedding Dress

V-neck wedding dress

V-neck wedding dress


All the types of V-necklines can be used in combination with a full skirt, from deep plunging neckline to a delicate cut, depending on your body type and personal preferences. V-neck suits the best the girls with normal and wide shoulders. A slight V-cut neckline fits the brides with all bust sizes, but the deep plunging one is the best for the girls with small and medium bust.

Of course, the ball gowns with V-neck can go in various styles. The minimalistic satin ones look as beautiful as the dresses, embellished with crystals and beading.

Bateau Neck Wedding Gown

A ball gown with a bateau neckline is a variant, which is liked by almost everyone. However, it’s the most suitable for the girls with narrow and medium shoulders as such a neckline may add a bit of volume in the shoulders.

A classic variant of such a dress features a lace top and a tulle/satin skirt. However, there are dozen of variants of how to combine a full skirt with the bateau neck.

Lace Wedding Dress

An entirely lace princess bridal gown looks very luxurious. And the gown can look absolutely fairy if the lace features some sequins or beads, though it can be very pricy.

Clearly, the lace can be the major accent of the dress, but don’t provide the full cover for the full skirt. The lace can be added to the bottom of the skirt or lace appliques may be located on the transition from the top to skirt.

So, there are no doubts that princess wedding dresses are luxurious and unforgettable. If you have always wanted to have such a gown, your wedding is the ideal chance for that. The choice of such gowns for sale is pretty large and so, you will definitely find the best one, which you will wear for your fairytale wedding.

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