5 Reasons to Organize an Elopement amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic is dictating the new rules for us and we have to change our lifestyles. Moreover, the quarantine has ruined the plans of many couples to get married and they have to postpone their nuptials or even cancel them.

However, people tend to always find ways out of any situation and elopement turns out to be an amazing way to get married amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are 5 reasons to organize such a wedding.

It’s Safe

Elopements are such weddings that include only a bride and a groom. That’s why, you don’t have to worry that someone comes to the wedding ill and infects other guests. Moreover, as a rule, couples hold such ceremonies away from public places. Mountains, beaches and countryside are among the most widespread choices.

You may also organize an overseas elopement. However, due to the pandemic, you need to find out if it’s safe there and if the country accepts tourists at all.

Elopement in the mountains

Elopement in the mountains


It’s Different

Elopements are absolutely different from traditional weddings. The absence of the guests makes the event very personal as it’s actually organized for the two of you and not for your wedding guests.

It’s Romantic

Undoubtedly, it’s extremely romantic to elope with your significant other to a beautiful place. However, even such a wedding needs some organization and we insist that you hire a wedding photographer to capture the special moment.

It’s Intimate

If you don’t like big companies and want a celebration just for you two, elopement is a good variant. Today, some couples are forced to elope though they initially planned to have a big wedding. And in case it’s a forced elopement, you can livestream your ceremony to your relatives and friends.

Beach elopement

Beach elopement


It’s Cheap

Some couples opt for such a wedding type because it’s much cheaper than a traditional wedding. You don’t need to pay for food, invitations, décor and venues. Moreover, you don’t need formal wedding outfits. Pretty often, brides get married in rather casual dresses while grooms don’t wear tuxedos and formal suits.

So, elopement is rather an interesting way to organize a wedding, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic. It suits the adventurous and romantic couples the most. And so, if you have always dreamt about a luxurious wedding, it’s better to wait and have the wedding of your dreams after the situation gets better.

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