Dogs at Weddings: Tips on Involving Your Pets into the Ceremony

At least 90% of dog owners will agree that dogs are much more than just pets, they are actually family members. That’s why, many couples think that it’s rather logical to have them involved into the wedding. Actually, dogs at weddings make your special day much more memorable, but they also require special handling.

So, let’s consider some tips on incorporating our furry friends into the wedding.

Pros and Cons of Having a Dog at Wedding Reception

Dog at wedding photoshoot

Dog at wedding photoshoot

As a wedding with dogs involved is rather a controversial issue, here are some pros and cons of it.


- You will get fantastic photos as dogs are incredibly photogenic. On Instagram or Pinterest, you may found hundreds of cute ideas of wedding pictures with dogs and get inspired on how to pose with your furry family member.

- Dogs look cute when they are dressed up. Dogs in tuxedos at weddings or in wedding dresses look amazing. However, if your pet isn’t accustomed to wearing clothes, you may have a cute bow instead.

- You won’t miss them. Some dog owners can’t stand the separation with their pets and so, the good way out is to have them by your side on such a memorable day.

- Dogs will entertain guests and put a smile on even the grumpiest of guests’ faces.

Dog at wedding

Dog at wedding


- You need to be ready to some unexpected accidents. Still dogs are animals and their behavior may change depending on the atmosphere. For instance, they can become aggressive or get depressed in the presence of too many unknown people.

- Though dog admirers don’t understand that, but some people don’t love dogs and some of those people can be your wedding guests. As a result, they will feel uncomfortable.

- You need someone to take care of the dog as you will be too busy. Moreover, this person must be familiar to your pet.

Top 5 Tips on Planning a Wedding with Dogs Involved

Bride with her dog

Bride with her dog

While preparing your pet for a ceremony, you will need to cope with dozens of tasks. However, the following ones are the most important.

Practice and One More Time Practice

In order to have your dog incorporated in wedding ceremony, you need to get prepared. You should organize several rehearsals to see if your pet copes with the task. If a dog walks with another person, make sure that he/she knows how to treat your dog.

Consider Your Dog’s Temperament

You need to think about what’s best for your pet. Is it get stressed in unknown situations or gets aggressive being surrounded by the people it doesn’t now? In such a case, it’s better to give up the idea as your wedding may become a torture for your lovely friend.

Dog at wedding

Dog at wedding

Make Sure that Venue Rules Don’t Forbid Pets Presence

You need to contact your wedding organizers or the venue owners and ask if pets are allowed. Actually, dogs at weddings are rather a risky business for venue owners and so, many of them forbid bringing any pets to their locations. But some premises are pet-friendly.

Choose the Right Person to Take Care of Your Pup During the Ceremony

Don’t trust your dogs to walk down the aisle by themselves and choose a person who knows your pet and its habits. It can be someone of your close relatives or friends as well as one of groomsmen or bridesmaids.

Have Treats on Hand

In order to motivate your dog, you need to have the treats it really loves. It’s especially important if a dog walks you down the aisle or serves as a ring bearer.

How to Incorporate Dogs into Wedding?

Dog ring bearer

Dog ring bearer

And now, here are some practical ideas for dogs at weddings. Let’s see what a role of your furry friend can be. So, you dog can:

Walk You Down the Aisle

A bride walking down the aisle with a dog will definitely surprise the guests. And it will look very touching.

Pose for Pictures

As we have already mentioned, dogs at weddings photography look very cute. You can also use some accessories for dogs at weddings like flower wreaths or cute costumes.

Serve as a Ring Bearer

Have you ever considered your dog as a ring bearer at wedding? That will be a very creative idea though your pet will need some extra training for that.

Dog with bride and groom

Dog with bride and groom

Be a Companion at the Altar and the Best Man

Instead of accompanying a bride, a dog may stand by the groom’s side at the altar and serve as his best man or, to be exact, the best dog.

Be a Dance Partner

Can you imagine a dog dancing with bride at wedding? We can. Such a ritual can become one of the most touching moments at the nuptials.

So, you see that dogs at weddings are a really cool idea that, at the same time, demands much preparation. If you are ready to all the obstacles you may face with, don’t hesitate to make your pet a special guest at your wedding.

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