Everything You Need to Know about the Choice of a Flower Girl Dress: Answers to the Most Frequent Questions

It’s extremely cute to watch little girls walking down the aisle in beautiful dresses and tossing petals in front of a bride. Undoubtedly, flower girls are among the most important people at the wedding, who attract much attention and make the wedding really touching.

Of course, each bride wants her flower girl to be beautifully dressed. However, it seems to be a challenge to pick up the proper outfit for the youngest participant of your wedding ceremony. That’s why, we have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions to make the choice of a flower girl dress easy and convenient for you. Here we go.

What Is the Traditional Role of a Flower Girl?

A flower girl precedes the maid of honor down the aisle, scattering flowers, petals or confetti as she walks. She can follow the ring bearer as well as walk alongside him. It’s not obligatory to have only one flower girl and you can invite several girls to become a part of your nuptials.

How to Choose a Flower Girl and Prepare Her for the Role?

Actually, you are free to choose any young lady you know. As a rule, the brides give preference to a niece, cousin, little sister or daughter of a family friend. The average age of a flower girl is between 3 and 8 years old, but you are free to invite younger as well as older girls. If you want to invite a baby younger than 3 years, make sure that she will cope with the task as such little children often get scared and can be confused.

One of the ways to prepare your flower girl for her job is to buy a book, explaining her role, which will make her really excited of the importance of her part at a wedding. However, you can do that work yourself. It’s better to have a rehearsal before the wedding so that the girl has a chance to get some practice as well as to get acquainted with other participants of your wedding. During the ceremony, seat her parents on the aisle, near the front so that she can see them while walking down the aisle. Also, make sure she uses a restroom before the ceremony in order to avoid some “inconvenient” situations.

Moreover, you may ask one of your bridesmaids to take care of the girl and watch if she does everything correctly. All in all, we advise not to worry too much about how the flower girl will cope with her duties as even if something goes wrong (if she cries, drops the basket or lifts up her dress), all the guests won’t be able to resist the kid’s cuteness and will be able to do nothing but smile.

Who Buys the Dress?

There are no strict rules as to who is responsible for buying a dress for a flower girl. Usually, her parents do that, but some brides prefer to buy the attire themselves. Also, it’s pretty widespread when a bride chooses several dresses that will be suitable for her wedding and the girl’s parents buy the one they like the most.

If you prefer to buy a dress for your flower girl yourself, make sure that you know what exact size you need. It’s better if you know the girl’s height and measurements especially when you buy a dress online.

Does a Flower Girl Dress Need to Match a Bride’s or Bridesmaids’ Dresses?

Traditionally, a flower girl’s dress resembles the one of a bride. What’s nice is that little girls look incredibly cute in the gowns resembling the bridal dresses and that looks adorable at wedding photos.

Also, very often, flower girls have similar outfits with bridesmaids. So, if your bridesmaids have gowns in burgundy color, you may definitely opt for a burgundy flower girl dress. If you think that the chosen hue is too dark for a little girl, you may buy a white dress featuring some burgundy details like a sash or a bow.

Additionally, you may opt for a flower girl dress which resembles neither yours nor your bridesmaids’ dresses. However, try to stick to your wedding colors. Thus, if you have blue and white décor, give preference to a white and royal blue flower girl dress.

Is White Color Is the Most Preferable Option?

Basically, white flower girl dresses are the most popular ones as many brides prefer to turn a flower girl into a mini-me version of a bride. The other frequent option is a white dress with the addition of other colors. Very often, you may see flower girls wearing white gowns with colorful sashes. Moreover, white gowns are often substituted with ivory flower girl dresses.

However, you are actually free to opt for any other color. As blush wedding dresses are pretty popular now, blush flower girl dresses also gain popularity. The dresses of other pastel colors also look brilliant, like a lavender flower girl dress or a dusty blue flower girl dress.

If you have a certain wedding theme and plan to have everything in definite colors, choose the color of a flower girl dress in accordance with the theme. Thus, if you are a fan of a rose gold color and plan to add it to your wedding décor, a rose gold flower girl dress or the one with a waistband in this color will be a great option.

Blue flower girl dress

Blue flower girl dress

What’s the Price of Flower Girl Dresses?

The average price for a dress is about $30-$100. However, if you are seeking for a designer outfit, be ready to pay $300-$500 or even more. Also, you may find many cool variants of flower girl dresses cheap and can get a dress for around $10-$30.

Where to Get a Dress for a Flower Girl?

No matter if you need toddler flower girl dresses or the ones for pre-teenage girls, there are three basic ways of getting a gown. You can buy a dress at your local shop. You are free to visit a bridal boutique as well as nearby kids’ stores. Also, you may find some cute dresses at ordinary malls and branch stores.

The other way is to go online. The main pluses of online shopping are lower prices and wider selection of dresses. Moreover, you can get everything without leaving your home. However, if you order online, pay attention to the dress characteristics and make sure that the size you order is suitable for your flower girl.

And the third variant is to borrow a dress from your friends or relatives. For example, if you have recently visited your cousin’s wedding and there was a flower girl in a cute dress, you may ask the girl’s parents to borrow a dress to you. Though this way is the most money-saving, the probability of such an operation isn’t very high. Your flower girls can be of different age and size. Moreover, you may have weddings in absolutely different themes and styles.

What Are the Main Parameters While Choosing Flower Girl Dresses?

There are 5 main things, which you need to keep in mind while shopping for your flower girl attire.

Formality and style. Just like in the case with a wedding dress, formality and style matter. If you have a lush ceremony at a restaurant, you may buy lace flower girl dresses or the ones with other luxurious details. If you have a simple beach ceremony, give preference to cute and light outfits.

Color. As we have already mentioned, you are free to opt for any color, which fits your wedding theme. If you doubt, opt for white as it’s a classical color, which fits any kind of a wedding no matter what theme it has and where it takes place.

Quality and comfort. Undoubtedly, each child must wear comfortable clothes. Believe if your flower girl will feel uncomfortable in her outfit, her mood will be spoilt and it can affect your wedding. So, make the final choice with much care. Remember that a kid must move freely in a dress and feel neither too cold nor too hot.

Season. The weather plays a big part in the style of the flower girl attire you choose. If you have a summer wedding, avoid buying dresses of thick fabrics as well as the ones with long sleeves. And if you are getting married in a colder season, the situation is absolutely different as dresses of light fabrics aren’t the most suitable option.

Budget. You need to know how much you can spend on a dress before starting the search of the proper variant. There are many variants of both luxurious and cheap flower girl dresses so you will definitely choose something beautiful no matter how big your wedding budget is.

High-low flower girl dress

High-low flower girl dress

Is It Necessary to Add Accessories?

The answer is definitely yes. Accessories make the look complete and more enhanced no matter of what age the girl is. First of all, think about the matching shoes, which will be also convenient and ideal for the season. In some cases, consider providing your flower girl with socks or tights.

Little girls also adore jewelry. So, you can buy her a cute bracelet or a pair of earrings. You don’t have to buy gold or silver accessories and can freely get some cool budget-friendly items. For example, it can be a wrist corsage with a flower or a bracelet made of beads.

Furthermore, don’t forget about a headpiece. If you are getting married in spring or summer, a flower crown is a great idea, especially if you have an outdoor ceremony. You may also use a floral comb or just place a flower in the girl’s hair. Also, various types of headbands, bows and hair ribbons look adorable. Moreover, you are free to use barrettes or hair pins.

All in all, in comparison with the choice of a wedding dress or the gowns for bridesmaids, the purchase of a flower girl outfit is the easiest task. However, you need to dedicate some time to that task to make each detail of your wedding perfect. Moreover, even if your budget is tight and you can afford only a cheap flower girl dress, don’t worry. Little girls look cute in any outfit they wear no matter what its cost is.

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