What Are Alternatives to White Flower Girl Dresses?

No one raises the level of cuteness at your wedding ceremony like a flower girl. Though not all brides have the one at their weddings, no one will disagree that it looks extremely touching when a little girl scatters the flowers as she walks down the aisle just in front of a bride.

If you are one of those brides who want to have a flower girl at your wedding, you need to take many details into consideration, including the choice of the proper dress for your little wedding helper.

Traditionally, white flower girl dresses are chosen. The reason is that flower girls must look like mini versions of a bride and so, the traditional white wedding dress requires a white gown for a flower girl.

White Flower Girl Dress

White Flower Girl Dress

The choice of outfits in the classic wedding color is pretty large. And you are free to choose among many silhouettes, from ball gowns to cute short baby doll gowns, and a vast number of materials as there can be white lace flower girl dress, the ones made of satin or chiffon as well as dresses made of natural fabrics.

However, today, you may have many alternatives which will look no worse than white dresses. Let’s see the dresses of what colors will be great substitutions to traditional flower girl dresses.

Ivory, Beige and Champagne Dresses

Ivory Flower Girl Dress

Ivory Flower Girl Dress

If you want your flower girl to wear a dress which doesn’t differs much from the white gown, consider buying a dress of ivory, beige or champagne colors. While these colors are very close to white, their hues are warmer and look very beautiful. Moreover, these colors suit everyone, just like white.

The other reason to opt for these shades is a bridal dress of one of these colors. Many wedding organizers think that a bride and a flower girl should wear dresses of the same color. And as many modern brides prefer gowns of ivory, beige and champagne colors, a white flower girl gown may look a bit out of style and it’s better to stick to identical colors.

Moreover, ivory is already considered as a traditional wedding color and it differs from the white only by its warmer hue. And while beige and champagne are a bit darker, they still go well with a bride’s gown of all possible hues of white.

Flower Girl Dresses of Pastel Colors

Pink Flower Girl Dress

Pink Flower Girl Dress

Undoubtedly, pastel colors are also suitable. They look subtle and delicate. And what’s more important, little girls look adorable in gowns of such hues. Moreover, it looks beautiful when the color of a flower girl’s dress looks organic with the one of bridesmaids’ dresses. And very often, bridesmaids have dresses of pastel colors. So, you may seek for the same color as your bridesmaids wear and not the one of a bridal gown.

Blush color is one of the trendiest at the moment. Many brides wear gowns of this hue now or the ones featuring some details of blush like a sash or embroidery. Blush is also a popular choice for bridesmaid’s dresses. And the good news is that the choice of blush flower girls dresses for sale is really great.

Powder Flower Girl Dress

Blush Flower Girl Dress

Another interesting option is light blue. This color looks very airy and festive. And it’s the great way to add “something blue” to your wedding. A classic light blue can be also substituted with dusty blue shades, which are extremely popular today. By the way, blue is a fantastic option for wedding décor, especially in combination with white, ivory or pink colors.

In the search of more inspiration for white flower girl dresses substitution, we came across lilac and lavender colors. And we were really surprised how stylish and unusual they look. So, if you are a fan of these colors, you definitely need to use them for your special day. In order to look organic with your flower girl, you may add some lilac or lavender details to your wedding dress or to have a wedding bouquet in these hues.

Additionally, other cool options are the lightest hues of mint, yellow and peach. These colors are often applied in wedding décor and so, if you will make everything look organic, these colors will make your wedding ceremony stylish and unforgettable. Moreover, they can be beautifully combined with classic white or ivory.

But what you will really like about flower girl dresses of pastel colors is that they are a great opportunity to save money. Such gowns are pretty universal and can be used for a number of other occasions and not only wedding. Thus, in the future, your flower girl will have an opportunity to wear it for a birthday or any other party.

Dresses with Combination of White and Other Color

White and Pink Flower Girl Dress

White and Pink Flower Girl Dress

Many modern weddings have a certain theme or stick to definite colors in décor and other wedding details. In such a case, you need to pick up the dresses for bridesmaids and flower girls very carefully. If you plan a wedding in pastel colors, you are welcome to read the section above and if you consider something brighter, let’s discover what dresses will go well with it.

For instance, some couples opt for a black and white wedding theme. It looks very stylish and, of course, it demands that your bridesmaids and flower girls have outfits in one of these colors or featuring their combination. And while a few brides will want to choose black dresses for little girls and, at the same time, seek for the ways to refrain from simple white gowns, a black and white flower girl dress turns out to be the most reasonable option.

White and Blue Flower Girl Dress

White and Blue Flower Girl Dress

Actually, there are many options of how black and white can be beautifully combined. Thus, it can be a white dress with a black sash or vice versa. Or, you may seek for a white gown featuring black lace or other black details. Also, don’t forget about prints. Thus, flower girls dresses with dots, stripes, butterflies, flowers and abstract patterns may look pretty cool.

Red is another widespread color which is chosen for the wedding theme. It looks bright and passionate. Moreover, red is a great option for a summer and fall wedding as well as the one on the Valentine’s Day. So, red and white flower girl dresses will be the most appropriate choice. By the way, red color looks fantastic in combination with ivory as well.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many shades of blue can be used for weddings: from light hues to royal blue and even navy. So, while a simple dress of blue color, especially if it’s pretty dark, may look too contrasting with the bridal gown, a white dress with blue detailing seems to be the best variant. Some accessories, for example, flower bracelets or hair flowers in blue colors, may add a bit of chic to the image of your flower girl.

Also, some brides pick up such saturated colors as purple or burgundy. Clearly, these colors look very deep and royal but they don’t always look great on little girls. Thus, burgundy or purple and white flower girl dresses remain the only decent solution of the problem. As a rule, flower girls wear white dresses with purple or burgundy belts or add some accessories of this color like shoes, bags or hair pieces.

Furthermore, there are such wedding themes which look great but, simultaneously, don’t demand too much time to be implemented into life. These are traditional combinations of white/ivory with gold or silver. Such combinations of colors always look fantastic and are ideal for weddings. Basically, white and gold flower girl dresses or the ones with silver elements look very festive and are liked very much by little fashionistas.

White Flower Girl Dresses with Prints

Flower Girl Dress with Dots

Flower Girl Dress with Dots

While it’s pretty common to adorn a white flower girl dress with sash of a contrastive color, a few brides consider the possibility to acquire dresses with cute prints. Of course, monochromatic fabrics for a flower girl dress are much easier to choose and it causes no problems to accessorize them. However, if you are a creative personality, you will have no difficulties with prints as well.

So, what’s the trick of dresses with prints? The thing is there are many cool white or ivory fabrics with prints, which can be suitable for certain kinds of weddings. Clearly, the gowns made of them can’t be called universal for every wedding style but still may be a cool accent of your special day.

Firstly, consider some floral prints. Girls always look great in such gowns, but it’s important not to overdo. Our personal opinion is that the flowers mustn’t be too big or too bright. You’d better seek for some delicate patterns or the ones in watercolor style. They look really astonishing. A great alternative to floral motifs are prints with butterflies. They also look elegant and very girlish.

Secondly, think about dots and stripes. Girls always look extremely cute in dotted dresses. The dots can be of pastel colors as well as bright ones. Everything depends on your wedding colors. The same concerns stripes. Though stripes look much stricter and simpler than dots, they are still a good variant.

Thirdly, there can be some abstract prints. But still, they mustn’t be too big and too eye-catching. By the way, the print doesn’t necessarily need to be of one color. Thus, it looks great if a white dress features dots of several pastel colors, for example, pink, blue and lilac.

However, refrain from bright animal prints like leopard or zebra. They may look too vulgar on little girls. Also, we don’t recommend using too bright and too complicated patterns as they look better on adults than children.

Multi-Colored Dresses for Flower Girls

The bravest brides, who are open to experiments, have some other color options as well. Thus, pretty girls dresses for weddings can be multi-colored. Here, our main piece of advice is try not to overdo.

If a dress features several colors, it’s crucial that their combination looks really beautiful and appropriate for a wedding. For instance, a gown in combination of pink, light blue and ivory colors may look astonishing. But, at the same time, the combination of saturated hues of green, blue and red may be absolutely inappropriate for such an event as wedding.

Actually, the coolest variant is to pick up a flower girl dress featuring no more than 4 different colors. Pastel hues are the best option for wedding. However, it can be a combination of subtle and bright colors. For instance, a gown featuring white, light blue and royal or navy blue may look really interesting.

All in all, we hope that you have got a great portion of inspiration from these ideas and already know what dress to choose for a flower girl. Don’t be afraid of breaking the rules and opt for really beautiful dresses for little cuties, who will make your wedding ceremony really bright and unforgettable.

However, if you understand that the white color is still the best option but have no desire to make your flower girls look too simple, you may find some great white gowns. Thus, consider the gowns of textured fabric or lace. They look unusual and are pretty self-sufficient. Or, you may try to find some unique designs of dresses for your flower girls. They may have interesting adornments or be of a creative cut.

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