How to Look Feminine in Camo Wedding Dresses?

Have you ever considered the possibility of going to the aisle, wearing a gown with camouflage print? Such an idea is very creative as you will hardly see many girls, who marry in camo wedding dresses. However, if you don’t want to wear a traditional bridal gown, you may show your creativity with such an alternative variant.

However, the camouflage print doesn’t seem to be feminine and you may wonder if it’s possible to look beautiful and womanly in a camo dress. Let’s consider this problem in more detail.

What’s the Reason for Wearing Camo Wedding Gowns?

Camo wedding dress

Camo wedding dress

If you don’t understand why to wear camo dresses for wedding, let’s try to find that out. First of all, girls, who have to do with army or whose future husbands are men of arms, may want to go to the aisle, wearing the gown in the colors they are used to.

Secondly, if you plan a country-styled wedding, the camo pattern may be a logical addition to your bridal look. Thus, the realtree camo pattern may look great at the background of the nature.

Thirdly, camo clothes are in trend and that’s why the wedding industry has also been influenced by it. Some wedding designers have already presented their masterpieces in camo hues while the others consider this trend ugly and weird.

Fourthly, if you want to have a unique wedding dress, camoflauge wedding dress is just the case as the choice of the dresses for sale is rather limited, especially if to talk about plus size camo wedding dresses. There are no camo wedding dress stores and even the ordinary wedding salons usually don’t have the gowns with such a print. So, you will need to spend some time to find where to get your dress.

And, finally, if a white wedding dress simply doesn’t fit your character and tastes and you have never dreamt about being a princess on your wedding day, you don’t have to wear a dress you feel uncomfortable in. If you consider the camo theme close to your internal feelings, you are free to opt it for your wedding.

What Are Different Hues of Camouflage Wedding Dresses?

Pink camo wedding dress

Pink camo wedding dress

Clearly, the primary aim of any camouflage is to blend with the surroundings by repeating the specific type of environment. As a rule, the camouflage print goes in the earth and green tones for military and hunting purposes. However, there are some more color variations for this print. And here they are:

Digital Camo

Digital camouflage pattern consists of seven colors in earth tones from cream to olive and dark brown, which form a pixelated design.

Realtree Camo

Realtree camo is often used by hunters. It may come in different patterns, which resemble different types of terrain and trees. This type is three-dimensional for more efficient blending with the environment.

Predator Camo

This type is characterized by bold, irregular images of leaves, branches and other vegetation. Predator camo uses an open pattern technology, which makes it difficult to focus on your figure.

Pink Camo

Pink camo is definitely the most feminine type of camouflage. The print features the realistic vegetation of the traditional woodland style but in the shades of pink. Pink camo wedding dresses won’t look as harsh as the ones in green and brown hues and so, you will look more womanly.

Desert Camo

This type was created to blend with the desert landscape. It features a light tan mixed up with broad swatches of pale green and hues of brown.

Woodland Camo

This is the most traditional camo pattern and it’s often used in the fashion industry. It consists of 4 contrastive colors. The disruptive pattern is formed by irregular markings and earthy neutral tones like sand, brown, green and black.

Urban Camo

Urban camo is similar to the woodland camo in its pattern, but it features the shades of gray and black, which mimic urban terrain.

Tiger Stripe Camo

This camo was designed for jungle environment. It contains the brush strokes in the hues of brown, green and black, which resemble the tiger skin.

Snow Camo

Clearly, snow camo was designed for snowy landscapes. It features a white background, overlaid with winter vegetation like branches, sage and leaves in muter tones. This variant is the best choice for a wedding dress because it features white color. At the same time, the print with branches and leaves makes it more creative. White camo wedding dresses are a great mixture of uniqueness and tradition.

How to Choose a Camo Wedding Dress to Look Feminine?

White camo wedding gown

White camo wedding gown

In order to look womanly in a camo dress, you need to choose the silhouette and fabrics with much care. Clearly, a wedding gown made of the same fabrics as the military uniform may look rather rough. More often, the traditional wedding fabrics like satin, tulle, taffeta and silk are used.

The most important about the silhouette is that it suits you perfectly. Highlight the merits of your body and hide the parts you like the least. It’s important to make an accent on your femininity and so, the gowns with heart-shaped and V necklines are a good option.

In fact, it’s not necessary to wear an entirely camo dress. You may add some details like the front inserts or trains as well as opt for some adornments with camo print, for instance a waistband or capelet, while wearing a more traditional gown.

As to the possible color, a white camo wedding dress seems to be the best option as the camouflage pattern is combined with the traditional wedding color. One more suitable and feminine option is a pink camo wedding dress. Clearly, if you like the more traditional camo prints, you are free to opt for them for your wedding.

Though the majority of people don’t understand this trend and even wedding dress designers consider it to be weird, there are still some beautiful camo wedding dresses, which may help you to create an unforgettable bridal look for your special day.

In short, camo wedding dresses are chosen by creative brides, who don’t want to follow the traditions and want to impress their wedding guests with a unique bridal look. However, before making up your mind to wear such a gown, consider all the pros and cons carefully. Be ready that not everyone will understand your choice. But, on the other hand, you are free to look as you want at your wedding day. And if you want to be a bride in a camo dress, wear it.

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