What Do You Need to Know While Choosing Summer Wedding Dresses?

It’s not a secret that summer is the most popular season for weddings. The majority of wedding dresses for sale are suitable for warmer seasons. However, if you want not only to look beautiful, but also feel comfortable and avoid overheating, it’s better to choose the dress for a summer wedding with much care.

Now, let us show how to choose the best dress for your summer wedding as well as inspire you with the most astonishing summer wedding dresses ideas.

Tips on Choosing a Summer Wedding Dress

Open back wedding dress

Open back wedding dress

Before you start the search of your perfect dress among the summer bridal dresses, have a look at the following tips.

Take into account your body type. This rule works no matter if you are getting married in summer or winter. The dress silhouette must be flattering for your body as well as the neckline. That’s why, the most important in choosing the perfect dress is how it looks at you. The dress must help to show your merits as well as hide the imperfections.

Comfort is your priority. No matter how cool the dress looks, think twice before buying it if you don’t feel comfortable in it. Do you want to sacrifice your comfort for the “wow effect”? If not, try to seek for the dress, which is both beautiful and comfy.

Opt for light and breathable fabrics. Natural fabrics are the perfect variant. For example, consider buying a silk wedding dress. Tulle, organza and chiffon are also very light and will be very good for summer style wedding dresses. Also, consider lace fabrics. Clearly, some types of lace may be too heavy and warm. However, there are much lighter variants, for instance Chantilly lace, which is very thin and will allow your skin to breathe.

Think about adding hoops to your gown. Though princess-styled gowns can hardly be called the most convenient variant for a summer wedding, you can definitely wear the one if you have always dreamt about such a dress. However, to keep the fabrics away from your legs, you may get a hoop stitched into the petticoat lining of the gown. In such a way, the air will circulate freely and you will feel more comfortable.

Take into account the type of wedding, its location and style. Of course, not only the dress comfort must be taken into account, but also if the dress corresponds to the wedding style, theme and location. If you plan a beach or outdoor wedding, it’s better to give preference to light flowing gowns. In fact, the majority of summer beach wedding dresses are just of this kind. If you have a black-tie wedding in a restaurant or hotel, opt for more luxurious dress with dramatic embellishment and train.

9 Astonishing Ideas of Summer Wedding Gowns

Now, let’s have a look at the coolest ideas for summer bridal gowns.

Plunging Neckline Bridal Dress

Plunging neckline is one of the trendiest types of neckline at the moment. Such a deep decollete is ideal for hot summer weather. The depth of the cut may be different, depending on your body peculiarities as well as personal tastes. The deep plunging neckline looks the best on the girls with small and medium breast. Such a bodice can be smooth, feature draperies or be adorned with lace and beading. It means that it can be used for simple as well as luxurious gowns.

Open Back Wedding Dress

Open back dresses continue to win our hearts. Summer wedding is the ideal occasion for having a dress with low back, which looks sexy and intriguing. Besides, a wedding dress in summer may have not a fully open back but the one with illusion details or be made from thin lace. Also, the wedding dress back can be adorned with beautiful cutouts, for instance, in the form of a heart.

Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Gown

Off-the-shoulder trend is still popular. The open shoulders always look feminine and romantic. Such a neckline goes well with all the types of skirts and can be made of different materials. Moreover, off-the-shoulder dresses can be of different styles. Thus, you may find a casual dress with open shoulders as well as a luxurious ball gown.

Empire Waist Wedding Dress

Empire waist gowns are one of the most popular light summer wedding dresses. They are usually made of flowing materials like chiffon and help to create the look of the “Greek goddess”. They are ideal for beach and outdoor ceremonies. The empire waist dresses may be minimalistic and have no embellishments as well as feature beautiful draperies. If you look for more chic variants, there are the empire waist dresses with lace bodices as well as the ones with crystals, sequins or embroidery.

Thin Lace Wedding Dress

Clearly, a summer lace wedding dress also looks astonishing and remains trendy for many years. It’s cool when the whole dress is covered with thin lace. Though entirely lace wedding outfits are more associated with mermaid and sheath silhouettes, the empire waist and A-line gowns also look gorgeous.

High Slit Wedding Dress

Undoubtedly, summer bridal wear can be sexy. If you have beautiful legs, why not show that with a high split on the dress? Such a detail adds some Hollywood chic to the dress and makes any girl look like a celebrity from a red carpet. The splits can be made on different types of skirts. However, the tulle skirt with a high split is a fantastic combination of sexiness and tenderness. Also, a split will prevent you from overheating if the weather is hot.

Casual Wedding Dress

Casual wedding dress

Casual wedding dress

Casual wedding dresses for summer become more and more popular as many young people prefer modest ceremonies today. Also, casual dresses are suitable for country, beach and other types of outdoor weddings. Such gowns can be made of natural fabrics, for example linen or cotton, which will allow your skin to breathe. One more plus of a casual wedding dress is that it can be used for other occasions.

Two-Piece Wedding Dress

The brides, who seek for unique summer wedding dresses, will definitely love the two-piece dress, which consists of a crop top and skirt. The dress of this style will be great for an outdoor, beach and country-styled wedding. The top and skirt can be of the same fabrics, for instance satin. However, the best choice for a summer wedding is a chiffon skirt and a top, made of thin lace. The only minus of such gowns is that you won’t find plus size summer wedding dresses with crop top as it suits only slim girls.

Boho Wedding Gown

Boho wedding dress

Boho wedding dress


Boho dresses are ideal for spring and summer seasons. Such a wedding dress summer style often features lace, but not always. The boho dresses can have various necklines, be with sleeves or without them. There are also cool see through boho dresses for the brides, who want to look sexy on their wedding day. But the most important feature of this type of dresses for a summer season is that they are very convenient.

In a nutshell, there are dozens of variants of summer wedding dresses, which are both comfortable and gorgeous. Remember that you need not only to follow the pieces of advice but also listen to your heart while seeking for dresses to wear to a summer wedding.

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