How to Look Stunning Wearing Simple Prom Dresses?

Everyone will agree that a prom is an unforgettable event, especially for girls who start to seek for the most appropriate gown for this special day long before the event itself. However, today, it’s pretty widespread to opt for simple prom dresses. The girls give preference to such gowns for a number of reasons, the most common of which is to save money.

Besides price, simple gowns have some other benefits as well as may have some shortcomings, which we are going to discuss in this post. Moreover, we’ll try to answer the eternal question about what length is better for a prom dress.

However, it’s evident that a simple elegant prom dress may look a bit dull and inexpressively. But each girl wants to look stunning at such a great event as a prom no matter how well off her family is. That’s why, we have also prepared some tips on how to create an unforgettable look having a simple dress and a couple of accessories.

Pros and Cons of Simple Prom Dresses

Clearly, cheap simple prom dresses have both advantages and disadvantages. Have a look at the basic ones in order to understand if a simple dress is what you exactly need for your prom.


1. Price. Perhaps unsurprisingly, simple dresses usually cost less than heavily embellished ones (if we don’t talk about gowns by luxurious brands). That’s why, if you are short of money or have no desire to spend much money on a dress that will be worn only once, simple prom dresses are the way out.

2. Universality. While luxurious prom dresses are usually worn only once, their simpler analogues can boast of more universality. Such gowns can be used for a number of other occasions, including wedding, parties and formal events. Moreover, short simple prom dresses are even more universal and can be a good fit even for your going to a night club.

3. Wide accessories options. When you have a simple dress, there are many accessories which you are free to use in combination with it. While luxurious sparkling gowns are self-sufficient and restrict your choice of jewelry and other accessories, simple gowns allow you to choose from a wide range of options.

4. Accent on natural beauty. A simple dress doesn’t distract attention from your natural beauty and so, it’s a great way to accentuate your personality.

5. Various designs. A simple prom dress doesn’t necessarily stand for a gown of plain fabric in a sheath or fit and flare silhouette. Actually, there are many possible designs. You can look like a Greek goddess in an empire waist chiffon dress, add a bit of chic to your look with the help of lace sleeves or accentuate your beautiful body curves by a mermaid prom dress. Moreover, there are some more variants with unique cuts or featuring cute details like an open back.


1. No wow-effect. By wearing, for example, a simple black prom dress, you will hardly be called the brightest girl at the prom. Though you can look really stylish and astonishing, the most of views will go to that girl in a bright dress adorned with rhinestones.

2. Cheap look. Many simple dresses may look pretty cheap even if they are made of good quality fabrics. That’s why, it’s important to choose the proper accessories to complete the look.

Long or Short?

This is the age old question, which can’t be answered univocally. Almost every girl thinks a lot if it’s better to wear a long gown for her prom or go for short. Actually, both variants are appropriate, especially when we talk about beautiful simple prom dresses. But let’s have a look at peculiarities of such gowns.

Reasons to Wear a Long Dress for Prom

Simple long prom dress

Simple long prom dress

Undoubtedly, simple long prom dresses are timeless and classic. They look elegant and may turn even a tomboy into a real lady. Moreover, they will definitely be approved by your parents and grandparents thanks to their eternal look.

A long dress, even the simplest one, always looks more festive than a short one. It’s also more formal. However, if you want to add a bit of sexiness to the look, opt for a dress with a slit or open back.

As a long gown may cover your legs completely, you may save money on the shoes and opt for simple footwear. The shoes don’t have to be of the matching color and can be in one of universal colors like nude, beige, black, silver or gold.

Why to Opt for Short Prom Dresses?

Simple short prom dresses are light and fun. They show off your legs and make you feel at ease. They allow you moving and dancing freely. Moreover, by wearing a short dress, you will have no fear to step on its hemline by chance.

As a rule, short dresses are less expensive than long ones. But they can save your money much more times as they can be worn for various occasions. Thus, a short dress can be worn by a wedding guest as well as for many other parties and public events.

And one more plus is that your hemline doesn’t need any alterations. Not every girl is of the same height and by buying a long dress, you may discover that it’s too long for you. As a result, you have to ask a tailor to shorten it. And that, of course, involves some additional expenditures.

5 Easy Ways to Create an Unforgettable Look with Simple Prom Gowns

Now, let’s proceed with the most interesting part: creating your bright and unforgettable look for a prom. Here are 5 super-easy ways of enhancing simple elegant prom dresses.

Statement Shoes

Prom statement shoes

Prom statement shoes

Statement shoes are a great way to attract everyone’s attention at a prom. It’s preferable that they are of good quality and have no flaws. The shoes can be made of an interesting material (for instance, be covered with lace) or be of unusual color (though it’s important that it looks great with the color of your gown).

You can even go further and acquire shoes adorned with crystals, beads and rhinestones. But the accents can be also made by unusual prints or unique designs. By the way, if you are a creative soul, you can buy ordinary shoes and turn them into your personal masterpiece.

Hair Accessories

Red flower headband

Red flower headband

Though many girls forget about hair accessories, we are sure that they can really do wonders. They don’t only complement the look but also make it brighter and unique. There are dozens of various beautiful headpieces which can be worn for your prom.

Thus, a crystal vine or a headband will add sparkling to your hair and will accentuate your hairstyle. They look great with both hair up and down. Moreover, if you opt for vines made of clear crystals, they will go well with a dress of any color. If you want to accentuate a definite part of your hairstyle, you can try a hair comb made of rhinestones.

Another cool variant is flowers. You can use a fresh flower and insert in into your hairstyle. Or, you may seek for something more complicated. For example, a red flower comb can be a great accent if you wear a simple red prom dress. And it’s not necessary to buy fresh flowers as there are many cool items made of artificial flowers.

If you want to look unforgettable and have a romantic-styled gown, you can wear a flower crown. It always looks fresh and unusual. It can be of the matching color with your gown as well as be of another color though it’s important that it looks good with the gown. For instance, if you have a blush prom dress, you can wear a flower crown of blush, peach, ivory and pink colors while dark purple and blue are absolutely unsuitable.

Beautiful Belt

A beautiful waistband is a universal decoration for any dress, including short and long prom dresses. By simply adding this accessory, you will enhance your look in a wink of the eye. Actually, there are many types of belts, the most popular of which are the ones adorned with rhinestones, crystals and beading.

Satin ribbons are frequently employed instead of traditional belts. They can be embellished or you can just bow them in the front or back. The ribbon can be of the matching as well as of the contrasting color. For instance, you can use a black or navy blue ribbon to adorn your red dress. A cute variant is to use a ribbon adorned with fabric flowers. It will look unique thanks to a 3D effect.

Also, a belt can be made of metal. The ones in gold and silver colors are universal though make sure that the belt design and size are appropriate for your gown.


It’s a fact that even simple black prom dresses will look absolutely different if you wear the proper jewelry with them. There are many variants of how to combine everything beautiful.

If you want to have a set of earrings, a necklace and a ring, the pieces must be not very large in order not to overload your look. But if you want to use statement pieces, we recommend concentrate on one piece. For instance, big statement earrings will look more stylish than a set of massive earrings and a necklace. And if you want to make an accent on a bracelet, refrain from wearing a necklace and a ring. However, earrings can be applied in this case.

Cool Wrist Corsage

Unique wrist corsage

Unique wrist corsage

Though wrist corsages are a traditional element of a prom look, you can stand out by ordering the one with unique design. For example, it can be a boutonniere made of artificial rose, peony or orchid with a cute and unusual design. And don’t forget to order the matching boutonniere for your date.

Wrist corsages look astonishing with cute long prom dresses as well as short ones. Moreover, they work well with any style, color and design. And while it’s not obligatory that a wrist corsage is of the same color with the dress, it still needs to look organic with it.

Now, you have much knowledge about simple prom gowns and how to stay beautiful and stylish wearing them. Actually, your great look doesn’t depend much on the money you spend on it. However, it’s more important to have a good sense of style and taste as well as know how to mix different pieces together.

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