Do You Actually Need Two Wedding Dresses?

Today, it’s pretty popular to have two wedding dresses: one for the ceremony and one for the reception. Many celebrities follow this trend and switch attires just during the wedding celebration. Thus, Kaley Cuoco switched to a lace pantsuit after the ceremony while Chrissy Teigen couldn’t decide what of three Vera Wang gowns she liked more and wore them all at her wedding to John Legend.

As a rule, brides opt for more luxurious gowns for the ceremony and put on simpler gowns, which are called cake cutting dresses by modern designers, for the party. The second dress isn’t only simpler but usually is less expensive.

However, not every bride needs a second wedding dress. Let’s try to figure out if you need two dresses for your wedding and how to pick up the appropriate ones.

Reasons to Wear Two Wedding Dresses

Among the most popular reasons to have two dresses at a wedding are:

You like two dresses

While some brides find one perfect gown for their wedding, some girls are torn between two or even more. So, if you can’t decide what dress is the best for you, take two. Very often, girls prefer wearing a traditional ball gown or A-line dress for the church ceremony and switch to a sheath one or a short dress or even a pantsuit as soon as the reception starts.

You want to have a mix of cool wedding photos

By having two dresses, you will have wedding photos of two entirely different themes. You are free to try various styles, backdrops and poses. You can even change your hairstyle. As a result, you will have many cool photos with two gorgeous bridal looks.

You want to have a convenient gown to dance freely at the celebration

The majority of brides who follow the two wedding dresses trend prefer to have a luxurious gown (often with a train and rich embellishment) for the ceremony. Though, it's a fact that some wedding gowns can be pretty heavy and not convenient at all. That’s why, if you want to feel freely at the reception and enjoy dancing, you can wear something less voluminous and not so heavily embellished for the rest of the party.

Your wedding budget allows having two dresses

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a second wedding dress demands some additional money investments. So, it’s reasonable only if your budget isn’t restricted. However, there is a way to create two bridal looks and, at the same time, save your wedding budget. But let’s discuss that in the last paragraph.

What Is the Best Choice for a Second Wedding Dress?

Clearly, each girl is free to opt for that exact design of her second wedding gown which she likes more. However, these four variants are my favorites.

Casual wedding dress

Casual wedding dress

Casual wedding dress

A casual wedding dress is usually a gown made of simple materials and featuring no or minimal embellishment. However, it doesn’t mean that it must be absolutely plain. It can be covered with lace or feature some lace details. Or it can have some cute adornments like 3D fabric flowers or a beautiful belt. By the way, the dress mustn't be bridal, you can find some cool variants among bridesmaid dresses as well. 

Short wedding dress

A short dress is definitely a very convenient variant for a wedding as it will not prevent you from moving and dancing freely. It can be of various silhouettes as well as lengths. Mini and knee-length dresses are more popular but tea-length ones also look great.

Two piece wedding dress

A two-piece wedding dress can consist of a top and a skirt as well as of a top and a pair of pants or shorts. It can be pretty casual as well as featuring beading and lace. For example, it looks great if a lace top is combined with a chiffon skirt.

Jumpsuit or pantsuit

This variant is only for the bravest brides. However, if to have a look at the jumpsuits presented at the latest bridal fashion weeks, it’s pretty hard to resist buying the one. Modern jumpsuits and pantsuits are so gorgeous and stylish that they aren’t considered as outfits for older brides any more. They look fantastic at young brides as well.

Is There Is a Way to Save Money and Have One Dress Which Is Universal for Both Ceremony and Reception?

Yes, universal wedding dresses do exist. Moreover, there are several variants of them. First of all, you can wear not a traditional wedding dress but something more casual. For instance, a light chiffon dress with a beautiful sash usually doesn’t cost much. At the same time, it looks beautiful and is more convenient than a traditional ball gown adorned with crystals and beading.

Moreover, there are many possible variants of convertible bridal gowns. A two in one wedding dress can consist of a long gown of sheath or mermaid silhouette and a skirt with train, which is easily taken off after the ceremony. Or, it can be a short dress and a long skirt. Additionally, some variants with jumpsuits and pantsuits are possible. Actually, two piece short wedding dresses are among the most popular ones.

The other way to have a universal gown is to opt for a simple satin dress with no embellishments and adorn it with a luxurious beaded cape or lace bolero. Capes are one of the hottest trends right now. After the ceremony, you can substitute the cape with a beautiful crystal sash or any other adornment.

Poppy Delevingne wedding dress

Poppy Delevingne wedding dress

A great example is Poppy Delevingne’s bridal look. Rather than wearing a second dress, the celebrity wore a multi-purpose Chanel gown featuring a detachable skirt, which was taken away soon after the ceremony to enjoy partying on the dance floor.

All in all, though two wedding dresses trend has many followers, it doesn’t mean that every bride should wear two dresses at her special day. Actually, I recommend buying two dresses only if your wedding budget is pretty large and you plan a really luxurious ceremony in aspiration to impress your guests.

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