How to Organize an Unforgettable Same-Sex Wedding?

When you plan a same sex wedding, it feels like an uncharted territory as many vendors and just ordinary people aren’t still accustomed that gay people are getting married. That’s why, LGBTQ couples may face some challenges while planning their special day.

However, we aspire to make the process a bit easier for you and offer a guide to the organization of your unforgettable wedding.

Check the Legality

Though the same sex marriage is allowed in many countries, there are still many places where gay weddings are forbidden. If you plan a wedding within the United States, you aren’t supposed to have any law problems. However, if you plan a destination wedding overseas, check the country’s laws before planning the ceremony there.

Don’t Stick to Traditions

As every union is unique, it’s up to each couple to interpret the traditions of marriage to fit their celebration, especially if it’s a gay people wedding. Actually, there is no need to adhere to wedding traditions as you have a chance to organize something really creative and unusual.

For instance, you may ask not only your father but also your mother to walk you down the aisle. Or, you can break the tradition and walk alongside your partner. Moreover, a gay wedding doesn’t need two best men and two sets of ushers, just as a lesbian wedding doesn’t need two maids of honor and bridesmaids. Actually, gender shouldn’t define anyone’s role as it’s more important to surround you and your sweetheart with the people you love.

Besides, you can change some traditions. For example, as brides have two bouquets at lesbian weddings, they can toss both of them or neglect that tradition at all. Also you can replace a father-daughter dance with a mother-daughter one.

Gay wedding

Gay wedding

Make Sure that Your Vendors Are OK with Your Same-Sex Wedding

As same sex couple marriage isn’t a common thing, you need to seek for LGBTQ-friendly venues and vendors. It’s important to make sure that people you involve into your wedding organization, like officiants, photographers and venue owners, accept gay couple marriage.

Another problem you may face is the lack of expertise in gay/lesbian weddings. Try seeking for wedding organizers who already have some experience and can offer many cool same sex wedding ideas. Some professionals can even offer you a ready same sex wedding ceremony script.

What Outfits to Choose?

Actually, there are no limits to your imagination and you can wear a great number of things for your wedding. It will look great if your outfits are complementary. They can be in one color or one style, be made of identical fabrics or feature some similar details.

For instance, the girls may have traditional bridal gowns, dress in one color but different dresses, have dresses of one design but of different colors (pastel ones work the best). Or, one bride can wear a dress while the other one can try a jumpsuit or a pantsuit. There are also some lesbian weddings at which either one or two brides wear tuxedos.

The boys may have suits of similar design but of different colors or the suits in the same color scheme but of different designs. Also, one groom may have a shirt, for example, of blue color and white pants while the other can wear a white shirt and blue pants. You can also try twinning in the identical outfits or coordinate your different suits with similar details, like identical bow ties or boutonnieres.

Same sex wedding

Same sex wedding

Same Sex Wedding Décor

Though you may have different same sex wedding invitations and same sex wedding cake toppers, the wedding décor for a gay wedding doesn’t differ much from the one at a traditional wedding. You will need a wedding arch, centerpieces and table decorations, flowers and many other things.

You will just need to replace Mr & Mrs pieces with Mr & Mr or Mrs & Mrs in case you want to use such decorations. Also, you may add some personal decorations like your photos or things that tell a story of your relationship.

Wedding Guest List

A wedding guest list for a same sex wedding usually includes the closest people only. It’s important to be surrounded by the right people on such a special day. Invite only those people whom you really want to see and who support your choice. Of course, you may feel pressured to invite some distant relatives, but our opinion is that you don’t have to do that just to please your parents or someone else.

Moreover, a too long wedding guest list raises the chances that there will be a homophobe at your wedding. Some of them behave absolutely normal, but it’s possible that such a person may spoil your wedding or make you feel uncomfortable.

Now, we hope that your same sex wedding will be a much easier task for you and our guidelines will be really helpful.

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