How to Plan a Wedding During Coronavirus Pandemic

While the humanity is facing one of the most difficult challenges in its history and is fighting against Covid-19, couples in love face some other troubles as well. Because of the quarantine measures and the probability of getting infected, many couples have to cancel or postpone their weddings.

If you planned a wedding for March-April 2020, you must have already postponed or cancelled your wedding. However, if you are planning a wedding for summer, fall, winter or even 2021, quarantine isn’t a reason to forget about your wedding planning as we hope that this nightmare will end soon. Moreover, if you don’t work, you have a chance to plan your wedding more thoroughly. So, there are always some positive moments in everything.

So, we are eager to provide you with some useful tips on how to prepare for your wedding during coronavirus pandemic. Here we go.

Get inspired

First of all, you have some spare time to get more inspiration. Read wedding blogs, subscribe to inspiring pages about weddings on Instagram or Pinterest and watch videos on this topic. You will see that your knowledge about wedding planning will considerably grow. Moreover, you can prepare for your married life as well by reading books and articles about how to build a happy family or gain some new cooking skills.

Newlyweds in a picturesque location

Newlyweds in a picturesque location

Use modern technologies to contact your wedding organizers

Actually, by cancelling a wedding, you hurt small businesses severely. Try to reschedule your weddings. Modern technologies give us many opportunities for fruitful communication, so you can use your phone or computer to get in touch with the wedding organizers, venue owners, florists and photographers. Ask them about the possibility of rescheduling your wedding and ask what this process looks like.

Moreover, if you haven’t booked any venues and failed to get in touch with people, who will help you to organize a wedding, you need to do that now. The majority of venues can be booked online or by phone. Moreover, you can even use video calls to contact your wedding organizers and florists.

Buy wedding supplies online

Actually, the majority of items for your wedding can be bought online. Wedding decorations, tableware, supplies for hen parties and bachelor parties, wedding guest favors and many other things are for sale online.

Moreover, you can seek for a wedding dress online as well as for dresses for your bridesmaids. The most important while buying dresses online is to pick up the correct size and understand what you order. So, read the items descriptions attentively. Such bridal look essentials as shoes, jewelry and headpieces are sold at online shops as well.

Wedding in the mountains

Wedding in the mountains

Amount of guests

Small weddings, which are often called micro weddings, are gaining popularity, especially in the times of the coronavirus pandemic. By inviting your closest people only, you will risk less. Moreover, some couples even prefer to elope and spend this special day tet-a-tet.

Basically, micro weddings have many benefits. Firstly, they cost less that luxurious nuptials with over 100 guests. Secondly, you aren’t required to have expensive outfits and brides often give preference to simple and casual wedding dresses for such ceremonies. And thirdly, small weddings involve lesser stress plus make a bride and a groom feel more relaxed.

Destination weddings and honeymoons

The issue of destination weddings, which are extremely popular, is the most difficult for couples in 2020. Due to Covid-19, the air traffic and some other means of transportation may be restricted and we don’t know for sure how long it will last. So, we don’t recommend making any reservations for destination weddings and think that a local venue is the best option this year.

As to the honeymoons, the situation is very unclear. We think that the best idea is to wait and make a last-minute reservation or postpone a honeymoon for some time. It’s especially reasonable if you plan to travel overseas. If you are going to spend a honeymoon in your country, everything is a bit easier and you can make reservations as soon as the situation with coronavirus becomes clearer.

All in all, the coronavirus pandemic is a chance to look at our life at a different angle and make some conclusions. We hope that we will win this battle soon and you will have the brightest and the most romantic wedding ever. Just, don’t get devastated and spend the time fruitfully. And stay healthy!

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