The Best Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Though weddings are usually rich in emotions and bright moments, a bride and a groom usually don’t have time to enjoy the moment and soak up every little detail. Thus, photos become the lasting memories of your special day and choosing your wedding photographer is a very important pre-wedding task.

Right now, we are going to provide you with the best tips on how to choose your perfect wedding photographer and get amazing wedding photos.

Tip 1. Choose a style

Each photographer has his/her peculiar style and before looking for the local photographers, you need to understand what style you like more. Would you like to have traditional wedding photos with the accent on posed photos or a reportage styled shoots with the emphasis on moments and emotions? Or maybe you like artistic photos that look like masterpieces? Decide that before hiring a professional.

Besides, pay attention to the photographer’s editing style. Avoid choosing a photographer for your wedding if you don’t like the way he or she edits photos.

Tip 2. Ask about the photographer’s experience

Choose your wedding photographer by experience. Ask him/her how long he/she is in business and ask if the photographer has a website or social media where his/her works are presented. Also, a bonus is when a photographer has worked on your venue as he/she is aware of the best photo locations and other opportunities there.

However, we don’t say that you shouldn’t opt for a beginner. There are many talented wedding photographers who just start their path in the industry and can make really amazing photos. The main advantage of hiring beginners is that their fees are usually lower and you can save some money.

Tip 3. Discuss all the details in person and write them down

It’s important to have a personal meeting with the photographer to discuss all the details. You need to know how many images you will get and in what format (digital or printed) they will be, what packages the photographer has, if a deposit is required, what the general turnaround time for receiving the photos after the wedding is and if some additional costs may emerge.

We highly recommend writing all the details down or even to have a contract with the photographer in order in make sure that everything will go as planned. By the way, many photographers already have some contract drafts that just need to be filled in.

Wedding photographer

Wedding photographer

Tip 4. Have a test run

How to choose your wedding photographer to be sure that you like what he/she does? Have a test run. Usually the couples make an engagement photo shoot with their photographer to see how the person works and if you have the same vision of your wedding day.

Tip 5. Communicate with your photographer

As soon as you know what photographer to hire, you need to communicate and tell him/her what you like and dislike. You may discuss the locations, poses and other important things. You may also communicate throughout the process and share your ideas for wedding photos.

Tip 6. Define your photography requirements

After choosing your wedding photographer, you need to explain what you expect from your photos. Visualize your day and try to identify which areas you want to be covered. For instance, your wish list may include: bride and groom getting ready, venue and décor shots, first look, the ceremony itself, bride and groom portraits, family portraits, first dance etc.

If the list of your requirements is really big, consider hiring a second photographer. For instance, if you want to capture your walk down the aisle along with a photo of the groom’s face when he sees you for the first time, one photographer would hardly cope with that unless he is a superhero.

Tip 7. Ask for Testimonials

The last but not the least thing on our list of tips for choosing your wedding photographer, is to ask for testimonials. Maybe, one of your friends or relatives had a wedding recently and can recommend a good photographer. You can also get recommendations from your venue, social media and online reviews.

So, choosing your wedding photographer is not an easy task, but these simple tips will help you to cope with it without pain. Believe that the right photographer is one of the most important people at your wedding as he/she is responsible for your memories of this special day.

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