The Checklist of Wedding Accessories for a Bride

Every bride will agree that it’s not an easy task to bear in mind all the things that you need to purchase before the wedding. As there are so many wedding accessories you need to get, it’s good to have a list not to forget about anything.

That’s why, we have prepared a checklist of wedding accessories for bride, which includes 11 items that will help a bride to complement her look.

Bridal Shoes

As soon as you buy a wedding dress, you need to think about the shoes. Actually, they are among the most important bridal accessories unless you plan to walk down the aisle barefoot. While seeking for the perfect pair, always put your comfort first as you will need to spend the whole day in the chosen shoes and you need to feel good in them.

Besides, the shoes must suit the style of your wedding dress and the venue. For instance, if you plan a backyard or beach wedding, think about replacing traditional high-heeled shoes with something more convenient as high heels, especially stilettos, may get stuck in the soil or sand.

Bridal Lingerie

Another key element of the bridal look is lingerie. It’s one of those wedding accessories that are the most specific and the final choice depends on the peculiarities of the bride’s body and her dress design.

Thus, the girls who want to look slimmer often use shapewear, especially if they have a mermaid or sheath wedding dress. Or, the owners of open back gowns need to seek for backless and self-adhesive bras.

Wedding Bouquet

It’s pretty hard to imagine a bride without a bouquet. Though this accessory gets to you directly before the wedding, it’s advisable to make an order for it beforehand so that the florists prepare all the necessary flowers and decorative elements especially if you want to have something unique. Be ready that an unusual bouquet may cost pretty much in comparison with a simple bouquet of roses.

However, a bouquet may also become one of cheap wedding accessories for bride if you refuse from fresh flowers and give preference to the ones featuring artificial blooms. Though many brides don’t like this idea at first sight, there are many bouquets for sale which look even more gorgeous than their counterparts with fresh flowers.

Bride’s Jewelry

Another must-have wedding accessories are jewelry pieces. A bride can wear a set of jewelry or just one item. Everything depends on the dress design. For instance, high neck dresses don’t demand necklaces while bracelets are usually not used with long-sleeved wedding dresses. In some cases, beautiful earrings are enough to complete the bridal look.

You may have jewelry made of gold or platinum and even the one with diamonds and other precious stones. If you can’t afford that, there are thousands of cool and affordable jewelry pieces for sale. They can be made of sterling silver or even cheaper materials like stainless steel or zinc alloy.

Bridal Veil

A traditional bridal look must include a veil. It turns a girl in a wedding dress into a real bride. A veil can be bought at a bridal boutique together with a dress or you can get it at shops selling wedding & bridal accessories. Veils can be used with other hair accessories like hair pins, combs and headbands.

However, many modern brides refuse from veils on various reasons and use headpieces instead of them. Moreover, some wedding dresses just don’t go well with classic veils. So, today, this accessory is more optional than obligatory.

Wedding Headpiece

Undoubtedly, wedding hair accessories add a charm to a bride’s look and make her hairstyle look more sophisticated. The most frequently used headpieces are tiaras, combs, headbands, hair vines, hair clips and hair pins.

Good news: the choice of headpieces is pretty large, especially if you plan to shop online. You can have gold wedding hair accessories as well as silver ones or pieces adorned with rhinestones, crystals and pearls.

Wedding Clutch

Though this accessory is optional, it’s very convenient to have a bridal clutch, where you can store your mobile phone, a lipstick, a perfume and other essentials. Some brides store these items in the clutches of maids of honor or their moms, but it’s much easier to have everything at hand.

You can acquire a clutch at a wedding accessories store or at a regular bags shop or at an online store. By the way, the clutch doesn’t necessarily need to be the same color with the wedding gown. You may have the one in nude or blush color as well as go with silver or golden hues. As to the design, the clutch can be rather minimalist or feature rhinestones, pearls or lace décor.

Bridal Garter

Whether you’re planning to toss a garter at your wedding or not, you may wish to include it as one of your marriage accessories for bride for tradition’s sake and to have a keepsake from your big day. Also, you may use it for your bridal night.

As a rule, the garters are made of lace, tulle or satin. However, there are more creative variations as well. Moreover, a garter is a perfect opportunity to incorporate a “something blue” into your wedding-day look.

Wedding Wrap

If you plan a fall or winter wedding, you need to think about a wrap that will prevent you from getting cold. It can be a bolero, faux or real fur wrap, a shawl or a cape. By the way, the latter is the top trend now.

However, it’s important that the wrap goes well with your wedding dress and complements it. For instance, a lace bolero is the perfect fit for minimalist dresses without sleeves while a warm shawl may look great with a country wedding dress.

Bride’s Gloves

In truth, this bridal accessory is the most rarely used one today though it was popular in the past century. So, gloves a great way to complement a vintage-inspired bridal look no matter if they are made of lace, satin or crochet. They work well with sleeveless and short-sleeve dresses of any lengths.

Clearly, there are also some modern wedding gloves, which look very stylish. But in the majority of cases, they aren’t universal for all dresses and you need to think over your look to the smallest detail.

Sash for Wedding Dress

Sash is one of those wedding dress accessories that can make wonders even with the simplest wedding gown. Though not all wedding gowns demand them, some gowns may be adorably complemented with sashes. As a rule, sashes are used with rather simple dresses to add some sparkle and zest to them.

There are many cool sashes for sale. Some of them are ready to wear while the others need to be attached to the dress. A sash can feature rhinestones, crystals, pearls or artificial flowers. Or, it can be something minimalist like a satin ribbon tied in a bowknot

The mentioned above items are among the most widespread accessories, but it doesn’t mean that you need to have them all. You just need to understand what exactly you need and find the best place to buy bridal accessories for your wedding.

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