Tips on Choosing Bridal Headpieces for Girls with Short Hair

It’s not a secret that short-haired brides face more challenges in the creation of a wedding hairstyle and choice of bridal headpieces. There are a great number of variants of hairstyles for brides with long hair while the girls with short hair have more restricted options. However, it doesn’t mean that if you have short hair, you can forget about a beautiful hairstyle.

And a statement bridal headpiece for wedding is your little assistant in the creation of a bright and stylish look. Let’s see how to pick up the proper piece as well as have a look at some inspiring ideas.

Things to Consider While Choosing Bridal Veils and Headpieces for Short Hair

Please pay attention to these pieces of advice before making the final decision.

1. Consider hairstyle first. No matter what the length of your hair is, you need to decide on your hairstyle before buying any hair accessories. Only knowing what exactly you want, you will be able to opt for the best item.

2. Consider hair extensions. If you have always dreamt about having long hair at your nuptials, this desire can be easily brought to life with the help of hair extensions. Believe it’s nothing bad in using them to have beautiful long locks. Actually, many celebrities do that regularly. By using hair extensions, you have a chance to create any beautiful updo, which short hair doesn’t allow having. For instance, you may have a braid or a bun. Moreover, you can wear a statement veil, which is pretty heavy for short hair.

3. Choose a veil. Basically, many brides with short hair avoid wearing veils as they may be pretty heavy and need much hair to be fixed to. However, there is always a way out. For instance, blusher veils are suitable as they are short and light. Also, a birdcage may be used, but it has a more vintage look and doesn’t work well with all dress styles. Other vintage option is a bridal cap or a Juliet cap veil adorned with lace, crochet or jewels. However, you can still ignore the veil and give preference to other accessories.

4. Avoid too heavy accessories. Though statement pieces look fantastic with short hair, take care that the wedding headpiece you choose isn’t very heavy. The thing is that heavy accessories need a lot of hair to be fixed properly. Otherwise, they can slip or fall down.

5. And ignore combs and hair pins. If you have a pixie or short hair cut, hair combs as well as pins will have nothing to be fixed to and can easily slip down even if you manage to fix them for some time.

7 Cool Ideas of Bridal Headpieces Which Go Well with Short Hair

Now, let’s draw some inspiration from these 7 ideas of the best wedding headpieces, which can be used for short hair.

Statement Headband with Rhinestones

Statement headbands are one of the hottest trends and are definitely a great variant of bridal headpieces for short hair. As you don’t have enough length to create an updo, a bright hair piece will be a good way out to make even the simplest hairstyle look bright and stylish. The headbands are usually flexible and so, you can mold them to make them the perfect fit for your head and hairstyle.

Fortunately, there are thousands of cool headbands for sale. So, you will definitely choose the one, which fits your wedding gown and overall bridal style perfectly. The statement pieces are often adorned with crystals and rhinestones. Also, beads and pearls are pretty widespread. If you want to have a more romantic look, the headband may feature plastic or fabric flowers.

Headband with Pearls

Pearls always look delicate and feminine. They aren’t so eye-catching as rhinestones, but their look is eternal. At the same time hair accessories with pearls can make a great statement for your short bridal hairstyle. Moreover, pearls are compatible with almost all types and styles of wedding dresses: from cute short dresses to classic ball gowns with beading and embroidery.

Gold Bridal Headpiece

Though the majority of brides give preference to hair accessories with white metal resembling silver or platinum, gold pieces look more unique and unusual. Moreover, they look great in combination with gold wedding rings.

If you prefer gold metal for your hair accessory, take care that your jewelry is of gold color too. As to the hairpiece itself, it can be adorned with white as well as colored rhinestones, pearls, beads and may even have some lace elements. Moreover, a cute accent is a ribbon like on the item pictured above.

Small Bridal Vine

Small bridal headpieces work brilliant with short hair. They are usually used instead of classic wedding combs and hair pins. For instance, a delicate hair vine with a ribbon will look very elegant. The image above features a vine with rhinestones and beads, but actually, it may be also adorned with pearls, crystals and even minerals.

Small vines look the best if they make an accent on one side. Though, you may also opt for the ones, which are located in the center of the head.

Classic Crystal Headband

Classic crystal headbands are loved for their universality. They can be used for a wide range of hairstyles along with being adorably combined with a wedding gown of any silhouette and almost any style.

The location of a headband depends on the hairstyle and its design. There are straight pieces, which embrace the head as well as one-sided ones, which make an accent on one side only. Also, there are forehead bridal headpieces, which adorn the forehead and stretch out to the ears.

Small Tiara

A full wedding tiara isn’t the best option for a short-haired bride. It’s hard to stabilize its weight without a lot of hair. However, if you are fond of this accessory, consider something similar but smaller (not higher than 5-6 cm). Believe, even a small tiara will add that princess-like chic to your bridal look. Unlike big tiaras, small ones weight more and that means that it’s easier to wear them if you have short hair.

You will be surprised but the choice of small wedding tiaras is pretty big. There are some classic variants with rhinestones for sale as well as tiaras with more creative design. You may even have a crown with minerals or pearls.

Flower Crown on a Hair Hoop

Flower crown

Flower crown

A bridal flower headpiece is pretty trendy now and it’s perfect for all types of romantic weddings as well as rustic and outdoor ceremonies. You are free to have a piece made of either fresh or artificial flowers. Actually, the latter costs cheaper and is easier to make and wear. Moreover, crowns of faux flowers don’t spoil and can be used for other occasions after the wedding. Also, you may keep such a crown as a reminder of your special day.

It’s better if the flowers are attached to a hair hoop. It’s very convenient as you just put a crown on and that’s it. You don’t need to fix it or do any other operations. The other variants are also suitable but you will need some more time to fix the crown.

All in all, it’s not obligatory to be an owner of long locks to have a stylish and beautiful hairstyle at your wedding. And bridal headpieces are your main assistants in the creation of unforgettable bridal look. Don’t neglect them and you will be surprised how much chic and style they add to your look.

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