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Do you seek for an affordable wedding dress which looks luxurious and stylish? We are sure that this task is pretty hard. Very often, the dresses we like cost a fortune while cheap wedding dresses seem to be too simple. However, this model is an exception. It’s a perfect choice for a fairytale wedding which will make any girl feel like a real princess.

So, let’s have a closer look at DWMD001 wedding gown, which you are free to purchase on this site.

Who This Dress Is Suitable For?

Off-the-shoulder neckline looks sexy and beautiful

Off-the-shoulder neckline looks sexy and beautiful

If you plan a fairytale wedding and want to have a royal like look, the dress with gold lace and a luxurious train will be a great chance to show your romantic personality. Though off-white color doesn’t suit all skin colors, gold makes it a universal variant as it looks great on both pale and dark-skinned brides.

The silhouette of this gown is rather questionable as it can be both A-line and ball gown depending on the underskirts you choose. It suits girls with various body types, but looks the best on pear and apple-shaped girls. Also, if you wear it with a voluminous petticoat, it will be a great option for girls with a rectangular body type or a boyish figure. The exception is girls with broad shoulders. Actually, off-the-shoulder neckline may accentuate wide shoulders.

Off-the-shoulder dresses are at the peak of popularity now. So, if you are fond of the gowns with open shoulders, you will definitely like this model. Moreover, if you have beautiful shoulders, this gown is a great opportunity to show them.

Additionally, many brides are fond of sleeves. And this gown features three quarter ones. They are more convenient than long sleeves and, at the same time, they cover the upper part of the arm. It’s especially good for plus size brides, who often want to hide their arms.

Characteristics of DWMD001 Wedding Dress

DWMD001 wedding dress

DWMD001 wedding dress

Here are the main characteristics of the gown.

Silhouette: the dress is described to be a ball gown. However, its silhouette actually depends on the underskirts you wear. If you prefer to wear a dress without any underskirts, its silhouette will be A-line. However, if you wear it with a crinoline, it will be a ball gown like pictured.

Style: This gown looks very luxurious thanks to beautiful gold lace adornment. It features a lace up bodice and has an off-the shoulder neckline. A cute accent is three quarter sleeves. Moreover, the dress can be purchased either with a train or without it.

Materials: it’s made of tulle with sequined décor and adorned with gold lace on both top and skirt.

Colors: the dress is sold in off-white with gold color only.

Sizes: the gown is available in a wide range of sizes from 2 to 28. So, both petite and plus size brides can acquire it.

Price: this dress is available for about $50-70. So, it’s rather an affordable option.

Pros and Cons

Back of DWMD001 wedding dress

Back of DWMD001 wedding dress

Now, it’s time to consider positive and negative sides of this wedding dress by The Best Wedding Dresses.


- Price. The dress is pretty cheap in comparison with gowns by other brands, which have some similar features with it. It means that every bride can buy it and feel like a real princess at her nuptials. Everyone will agree that $112 isn’t a high price for a bridal dress.

- Wide range of sizes. Very often, wedding dress designers offer the regular sizes from 2 to 16. However, this gown is sold in the sizes up to 28 and it means that even a plus size girl has a chance to create such a princess look.

- Lace up bodice. Lace up bodice will make the dress fit your perfectly. Unlike dresses with zippers and buttons, such a bodice can be regulated. Moreover, even if you lose or gain an extra kilo or two before the wedding, it will still fit you.

- Universal silhouette. This gown is suitable for girls with various body types. However, it looks the best on pear, apple and rectangle body types.

- Sexy neckline. The off-the-shoulder neckline will make you look sexy and tender, showing off the beauty of your shoulders and breast line.

Dress features a lace up bodice

Dress features a lace up bodice


- Not 100% comfortable. If you have ever tried on a dress with off-the-shoulder neckline, you know that it can be not very convenient. For example, you may have some difficulties with raising your arms up.

- Not famous brand. This dress is created by Do Dower brand, which isn’t as famous as Vera Wang, David Tutera or Maggie Sottero. So, if you have always wanted to wear a gown sewn by a well-known brand, this option isn’t for you.

- Cheap materials. Though the dress looks luxurious, its price signifies that it was made of cheap materials. It doesn’t mean that the gown is of bad quality. However, don’t expect it to feature expensive French lace or real Swarovski crystals.

- Limited color options. The dress is available in off-white color only. Also, the color of the lace is only gold. That’s why, if you planned to have a pure white gown, you need to consider other options, some of which are listed below.

Alternatives to This Wedding Gown

Now, let’s have a look at the dresses, which have something in common with the discussed above model but simultaneously have some differences. We have picked up three good alternatives for you.

Gold Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Dress

Gold off-the-shoulder wedding dress

If you like the reviewed dress for its gold accents, you may also be interested in this gold wedding dress. It’s fully covered with gold sequined fabric and features the same silhouette as DWMD001. So, it’s a perfect variant for a fairytale wedding. It also features off-the-shoulder neckline and a lace up bodice. The price is around $60. It’s only disadvantage is that it’s available in sizes from 6 to 10. So, only slim brides can wear it. Moreover, other color variations aren’t available as well as a variant with a train.

White/Off White Off-the-Shoulder Bridal Dress

White/Off White off-the-shoulder bridal dress

White/Off White off-the-shoulder bridal dress

If you are fond of princess dresses with off-the-shoulder necklines but want to keep to traditional wedding dress colors, pay attention to this gown, which is available in both pure white and off-white hues. Like the previous two dresses, it features a lace up bodice. The dress is adorned with beautiful lace on top, hemline and skirt, just like DWMD001. However, it has no sleeves and a train. It costs $75. You can purchase this gown in the sizes from 2 to 22.

Wedding Dress with Three Quarter Sleeves

Wedding dress with three quarter sleeves

Wedding dress with three quarter sleeves

If you think that off-the-shoulder neckline isn’t suitable for you but you like how the described dress looks on the whole, you may try a similar dress with an illusion high neck. Actually, illusion bodices are very popular today and they look very beautiful. Moreover, this gown also features three quarter sleeves and a lace up bodice. It’s also available in both variants: with train and without it. And if you like lace, it will please you with gorgeous floral lace on both bodice and hemline. The only available color is off white while the dress price ranged between $70-100. The size range is very large: from 2 to 28.

All in all, DWMD001 wedding gown by The Best Wedding Dresses is a decent representative of affordable wedding dresses. It looks very beautiful and stylish along with being available in various sizes. Moreover, its unusual color attracts attention immediately and will look great on any girl. It’s a perfect variant if you have always dreamt about having a princess-like dress but have a restricted wedding budget.

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