How to Wear Corset Wedding Dresses?

Corsets are a great invention in the world of women’s fashion. Though someone may think that corsets are already in the past, they remain a great garment for shaping the body as well as intriguing additions to the outfits.

While only a few of us wear corsets in everyday life, the majority of girls give preference to them on their special day. In fact, corset wedding dresses are the most popular choice of the brides around the world. However, a few of us know how to wear a wedding dress corset. That’s why, we offer to consider this issue in more detail.

Things to Know about Corsets

Corset back dress

Corset back dress

Corset is, first of all, a body-shaping garment. It cinches the waist, lifts the bust and improves posture. As a result, you look and feel slimmer. That’s the main reason why corset wedding gowns are so popular.

A classic corset top wedding dress has loops and a lacing cord or ribbon instead of an ordinary zipper or buttons. The majority of dresses have a modesty panel, which is located between the back and lacing in order to keep the bride's back closed. But it’s optional.

Also, your wedding dress may feature a hidden corset under a zipper or buttons. In such a way, the lacing will be done inside and won’t be visible. If you don’t like the corset backs, but want to shape your body, it’s a very good idea.

The other way to enhance your body for a wedding is to have a corset under wedding dress. Such an undergarment is often used by the brides, who want to have a slimmer waist, but have a dress without a corset. Also, a corset bra for wedding dress can be worn.

The most popular types of corset wedding gowns are:

1) Puffy corset wedding dresses. The puffy dresses can be of ball gown or A-line silhouettes. These gowns strike with their luxury and are the most popular among brides. The puffy corset gowns are present in almost each wedding designer collection and so, the choice is extremely large. Very often the accents are made on the corsets, which are adorned with lace, embroidery, sequins, beading and crystals. But the minimalistic corsets with flat or draperied designs are also possible. The skirts can be simple, full pleated as well as feature several tiers. The puffy skirts help to hide heavy hips as well as add volume to narrow ones.

2) Transparent corset wedding dresses. If you have always dreamt about a sexy wedding dress, you may have a transparent corset. Of course, the corset isn’t fully transparent as a dense fabric is present in the chest area. Very often, such corsets are adorned with lace. They go well with all the possible types of skirts and may be part of the dress of any silhouette. However, in order to wear such a gown, you need to have a very good body as all the faults, which are usually hidden by classic corsets, may emerge in transparent ones.

3) Mermaid corset wedding dresses. You may already know that mermaid wedding gowns are the most flattering for the girls with hourglass body type. On such a figure, a corset mermaid wedding dress will look elegant and beautiful as well as will highlight the body curves. The choice of mermaid gowns with corsets is also pretty large and may go with various adornments, starting from slight draperies to richly beaded corsets.

4) Drop waist corset wedding dresses. A drop waist corset reaches the upper hips and helps to create the necessary silhouette quite easily. It’s very convenient as you can tighten as well as unlace the corset if you need. However, the girls with apple-shaped bodies as well as petite ones should avoid this type of corset dresses as the demerits can be accentuated.

5) Short corset wedding dresses. A wedding dress may have a short corset as well. The empire waist wedding dresses feature short corsets, which go above the level of the waist, creating a Greek-style look. This type of gowns suit many girls, but is the most flattering for apple-shaped girls as well as pregnant brides because it can hide the tummy. Usually, tulle and chiffon skirts look fantastic with short corsets. The corset itself may feature draperies, beading or lace.

Pros and Cons of Corset Bridal Gowns

Corset wedding gown

Corset wedding gown

Undoubtedly, corset style wedding dresses have a number of pluses and minuses. Let’s see if the dress of this type will suit you.


- Both short and long corset wedding dresses look great on various types of figures.

- A corset makes a waist look slimmer as well as helps to support the bust, even a large one. Also, it will flatten the stomach and make the hips visually slimmer.

- It helps to make a skinny body look curvier and may accentuate even small breasts, making them look a bit bigger.

- When you have a corset dress, you will hardly face the problem of finding the perfect size thanks to the corset lacing.

- Also, you may forget about worries if you lose or gain some weight before the wedding. The corset lacing can be tied tighter as well as looser.

- A corset improves posture. It’s very hard to hunch when you are wearing such a gown. That’s why, you will hold your back straight and beautiful.

- Corset wedding gowns make the bridal look feminine and elegant no matter what silhouette you prefer. Corset mermaid wedding dresses look as astonishing as ball gown ones.

- Corset wedding dresses are available in all possible styles. You may have a satin, lace, tulle, chiffon, taffeta dress in all the silhouettes from empire waist to princess gown. A lace sleeve corset wedding dress is also not a problem as all the necklines and kinds of sleeves are available.


- A wedding gown with corset may be not very comfortable. In fact, not all brides can wear them. If the corset is too tight, it will be hard to breathe. That’s why, if you feel uncomfortable in a wedding dress, don’t sacrifice your comfort for the sake of a beautiful bridal look.

- Such gowns are a bit difficult to put on. A bride won’t cope with this task alone and so, the help of mother, sister or bridesmaids will be needed. But even if you ask someone for help, this person must know how to lace up the corset properly so that it looks tidy and beautiful. A bride will also need help while taking the dress off.

- Corset dresses aren’t the best option for pregnant brides as they may be too tight. However, you may find some maternity wedding gowns with empire waist, which will cause no tension on your bump, but will support the bust pretty well.

How to Lace Up a Corset Wedding Dress?

Wedding dress lacing

Wedding dress lacing

Of course, not all of us know how to lace up a corset back wedding dress. However, it’s very important to lace up the dress properly in order to both look beautiful and feel comfortable.

Here are some instructions for brides and those, who will help them to put on a dress.

Step 1. Adjust the wedding dress in such a way that the bodice sits on the torso properly, not too high and not too low. Smooth out the modesty panel, the fabric panel, which will be located under lacing and will prevent exposing the bride’s back.

Step 2. After finding the centre of the corset ribbon, insert one end in the top left loop and the other one in the top right loop. Make the centre of the ribbon located at the centre of the back. There are two ways of inserting the ribbon: you can insert the ribbon over the loop, feeding the ribbon inward toward the wedding dress, or you can insert the ribbon under the loop, feeding out and away from the gown. The both techniques look beautiful if you repeat the same process for all loops.

Step 3. Cross the left side of the ribbon over and insert it into the second loop on the right side. Cross the right side of the ribbon and insert it into the second loop on the left side. Continue lacing in the same manner till the end of the corset. Note: keep the ribbon flat and the modesty panel smooth so that the lacing looks aesthetical.

Step 4. Tighten the laces a little to make the wedding dress sit properly, starting from the top to the bottom.

Step 5. Tie the two ends of the ribbon into a tight bow. You can leave it as it is as well as hide the bow under the corset, pulling it below the last two loops. Bingo! Now, you have a beautifully laced corset bridal dress.

Tips on Choosing and Wearing Corset Style Wedding Gowns

Corset mermaid wedding dress

Corset mermaid wedding dress

Here are some tips on choosing and wearing a corset wedding gown, which will be of use for you.

- A corset can be made of large shaped and small shaped pieces of fabric. The one of small pieces ensures a perfect fit.

- Don’t tie the dress too much. You must feel secure but not squeezed into the dress. At the same time, the dress doesn’t need to sit loosely on you and, in such a way, it won’t accentuate the best parts of your body and may even make you look unproportioned.

- While choosing the dress, make sure that it’s really flattering for your body type. Corsets are rather universal, but the silhouette and style are also very important. For example, a see through corset wedding dress won’t suit the plus size brides. The same concerns the necklines. As corsets go with all possible types of necklines, choose the one, which suits you the most.

- Find the person, who will help you to put on the dress on your wedding day beforehand. In order not to get nervous before such an important event, decide who will help you to dress for the wedding. It can be a mother, a sister or a bridesmaid as well as any other person, you trust.

- Be ready that your movements will be a bit constrained. Of course, you must feel comfortable in a dress, but, all the same, it has some pressure as you aren’t wearing a tracksuit or other everyday clothes. That’s why, you won’t be able to make certain movements.

- Today, the majority of wedding dresses have built-in cups. If yours is one of them, you don’t need to wear a bra. The only exceptions are if you want to have some extra support for big bust or, vice versa, need to add some extra volume to small bust. If your dress doesn’t have cups, you may ask to sew them in. It’s very important if you have a low back corset for wedding dress. Or, you may correct the situation with the proper undergarment.

So, corset wedding dresses remain the most popular choice of brides for many years. They help to highlight your best body parts as well as help to shape the body, creating the illusion of a slimmer waist and bigger bust. You see that there is nothing difficult in choosing, putting on and wearing them. If you want to have a corset bridal gown, don’t hesitate to start the search of the perfect one.

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