15 Most Popular Designs for Sheath Wedding Dresses

Are you sick and tired of traditional wedding dresses? Want to avoid wearing a “big white dress” on your wedding day? What about sheath wedding dresses? Though some people consider them to be less festive than ball gowns and A-line dresses, sheath gowns look absolutely astonishing at various types of weddings.

Today, sheath bridal gowns are very popular and are liked by many girls for their convenience and body flattering silhouette. Let’s get to know a bit more about this silhouette and have a look at the most popular variants of sheath wedding gowns.

What You Need to Know about Sheath Wedding Gowns?

Sheath wedding dress

Sheath wedding dress

What is a sheath wedding dress? Sheath, which is also referred as column, is a slim-fitting silhouette with straight lines, which flows from the neckline to the hem.

Sheath gowns look sleek and sexy. Moreover, they are very elegant. In fact, though this style is one of the basic ones for wedding dresses, it’s not traditional. And so, it will be ideal if you want to avoid wearing a “big white dress” on your wedding day. The major plus of such dresses is that they are more convenient than traditional gowns. They follow the body shape and allow brides moving freely.

Sheath wedding dresses are the most flattering for slim figures. They are great for petite brides as long narrow lines elongate a small frame. Also, sheath gowns will highlight the beautiful body curves of the girls with hourglass body. But, if you are an owner of a pear-shaped body, be careful with the sheath silhouette as it may be absolutely unflattering, accentuating extra inches. Also, sheath gowns aren’t the best option for plus size brides.

A sheath wedding dress can be suitable for all the types of wedding ceremonies. It can be used for casual ceremonies, outdoor weddings as well as religious and luxurious ceremonies. This silhouette is also one of the favorites for destination weddings as the dress isn’t very voluminous and can be transported even in a suitcase.

The dresses in sheath silhouette are rather versatile. They can be simple and luxurious, formal and informal, modern and vintage as well as feature many types of embellishments. The types of necklines, fabrics and back designs can be also different.

The Most Popular Sheath Bridal Gowns

Now, let’s have a look at 15 sheath wedding dresses, which are the most popular and trendy today.

Satin Sheath Wedding Dresses

Satin sheath wedding dress

Satin sheath wedding dress


A satin sheath wedding dress is one of the most traditional variants of the gowns in this silhouette. It looks minimalistic, but, at the same time, is stylish and elegant. However, a dress may feature some embellishments for a more festive look. For example, it can be adorned with a beautiful waistband or feature some beading.

Also, a dress may feature some other interesting details. For instance, it may have an open back, a high slit or cuts on the waist. Also, the gown may look more flowy and romantic if some ruffles are added.

Long Sleeve Sheath Wedding Gowns

Long sleeve sheath wedding dress

Long sleeve sheath wedding dress


A long sleeve sheath wedding dress is another classic variant. It can be made of various materials, but the lace gowns with sleeves are the most popular. As a rule, the brides opt for fitted sleeves design, but there are some other options, like bell, bishop or illusion sleeves. Also, three-quarters sleeves can be a great alternative to the long ones.

The sheath gowns with long sleeves may have various types of necklines: from deep plunging to high neck ones. The back can be closed, partly open and absolutely open. Also, it’s trendy to have a gown with illusion bodice.

Illusion Sheath Wedding Dresses

Illusion wedding dress

Illusion wedding dress


The most daring brides opt for illusion wedding dresses. They are usually sheath lace wedding dress as lace helps to hide some parts of the body on transparent dresses. As a rule, such gowns are made of transparent or half-transparent fabrics and are embellished with lace or beading.

However, if you like the idea of illusion dresses, but aren’t ready to have such a sexy wedding dress, you have a way out. You are free to buy a wedding dress with the lining of nude color, which will create the illusion of the bare body, but will, at the same time, reveal nothing.

Backless Sheath Gowns

Backless sheath wedding dress

Backless sheath wedding dress


Many girls are fond of backless wedding dresses, especially the brides, who get married in spring or summer. Undoubtedly, wedding dresses with open backs look sexy and intriguing no matter if they are simple or made of expensive lace. However, the combination of a narrow sheath silhouette and open back looks beautiful on slim girls only.

If you like the idea of open back, but aren’t sure about having a low back dress, think about having a gown with a beautiful back design. For instance, it can be a cut, which reveals only part of the back, or an illusion back.

Lace Sheath Bridal Gowns

Lace sheath wedding dress

Lace sheath wedding dress


A lace sheath wedding dress will be liked by the girls, who want to combine simplicity and luxury. Sheath lace gowns are classic. They were, are and will be popular for many more years. They look great with all the types of necklines, with sleeves and sleeveless as well as with embellishments and without them.

Clearly, the gowns, which are made of expensive lace, look gorgeous and are suitable for traditional wedding ceremonies. However, you can get an inexpensive dress, made of simple lace, and look extremely beautiful in it. Such gowns look simple and are suitable for outdoor weddings, casual ceremonies as well as destination weddings.

High Slit Wedding Dresses

High slit wedding dress

High slit wedding dress


A high slit adds intrigue to any gown and wedding dresses aren’t an exception. Moreover, a slit can serve not only for making the bridal look sexier, but also for convenience as it’s easier to move if a long gown features a slit. Usually, such gowns are used for beach ceremonies and casual weddings.

However, a dress with a high slit can be very luxurious, featuring expensive lace and beading. Such adornments make the gown suitable for more traditional types of weddings. Moreover, the slit can be not only on the right or left, but also in the front or back of the dress.

Strapless Wedding Dresses

Strapless sheath wedding dress

Strapless sheath wedding dress


If you have beautiful shoulders, neck and breast line, you may show that by wearing a strapless sheath wedding dress. The strapless gowns look astonishing in minimalistic and luxurious variants, but they aren’t suitable for everyone. For example, if you have wide or too narrow shoulders, such a neckline isn’t the best option.

Strapless wedding dresses usually have straight, wave or sweetheart bodices. The latter variant is more universal as it suits the majority of brides as well as looks more feminine. The other two are less universal, but may look astonishing and very stylish on some kinds of dresses.

Vintage Sheath Wedding Dresses

Vintage sheath wedding dress

Vintage sheath wedding dress


Today, it’s quite popular to have weddings in vintage style. And sheath silhouette suits such weddings perfectly. Of course, you can buy a real vintage dress from 1920s or 1950s, but the majority of brides opt for new dresses with vintage elements.

But don’t think that vintage-styled dresses look old-fashioned. Modern wedding dresses designers create such gowns, which look both vintage and stylish. Also, you can even buy an ordinary dress and complement it with some vintage details.

Short Sheath Wedding Dresses

Short sheath wedding dress

Short sheath wedding dress


In fact, short wedding dresses become more and more popular. The secret is that more and more couples tend to have modest ceremonies, where no luxurious dresses are needed. Moreover, a short white dress costs much less than a traditional gown and can be worn once again as a cocktail dress. So, you can save the wedding budget considerably.

The short sheath wedding dresses are suitable for the girls with beautiful slim legs. You are free to opt for mini, knee length as well as tea length dresses. The dress can be made of various materials and feature all the traditional types of wedding dress embellishments.

Sheath Wedding Dresses with Flutter Sleeves

Sheath wedding dress with flutter sleeves

Sheath wedding dress with flutter sleeves


Actually, when the majority of brides think about having a sheath wedding dress with sleeves, they usually have in mind the ones with long fitted or cap sleeves. However, there is one more cool option – flutter sleeves. This type of sleeves will make any dress looking light and romantic. Moreover, such sleeves look very creative and interesting.

The sheath silhouette is adorably combined with flutter sleeves. They can be made of tulle or thin lace if you want to have a light look. Also, for a more dramatic effect, such sleeves can feature beading or can be adorned with sequins or crystals.

Sheath Gowns with Illusion Bodices

Sheath wedding dress with illusion bodice

Sheath wedding dress with illusion bodice


Basically, the illusion bodices remain one of the most popular wedding dress trends for already several seasons. They go well with all the silhouettes, including sheath ones. The half-transparent bodices look very intriguing and may highlight your slim body.

The dresses with illusion bodices may feature various types on necklines and sleeves. They usually feature lace details on the bodice or are fully covered with lace. The embellishment with crystals, sequins and beading is possible.

Simple Wedding Dresses

Simple sheath wedding dress

Simple sheath wedding dress


If you don’t plan a luxurious wedding ceremony, a simple sheath wedding dress will be the perfect variant. As a rule, such gowns are very convenient and are suitable for all the types of casual weddings. Simple wedding dresses are rather inexpensive and can be bought not only at wedding boutiques, but also at usual clothing shops and even department stores.

Usually, such gowns are made of simple fabrics and feature no embellishments. However, if you want to add some chic to them, you can always add something like a beautiful waistband or lace bolero.

V-neck Sheath Wedding Gowns

V-neck sheath wedding dress

V-neck sheath wedding dress


Surprisingly enough, V-necklines suit girls with various body types. As the depth of the décolletage can be different, such gowns look beautiful on the brides with small as well as big bust. The V-neck bodices look the best with thick straps as well as with sleeves of various types.

The dresses with V-necklines look great with various types of fabrics. They can be satin, silk, lace as well as feature the combination of lace bodices and simple skirts. Beading and other adornments are suitable.

Beaded Sheath Bridal Gowns

Beaded sheath wedding dress

Beaded sheath wedding dress


Frankly, a beaded dress is the most luxurious variant of a sheath dress. Beautiful beading always adds value to the wedding dress and so, even such a simple silhouette as sheath may turn into a gorgeous and expensive wedding gown.

The types of bodices may be different. For example, a sweetheart sheath wedding dress will look gorgeous as well as the one with high neck. The beading can be done on the smooth fabrics, lace as well as decorate the dress in the form of beaded appliques.

Sheath Dresses with Cap Sleeves

Sheath wedding dress with cap sleeves

Sheath wedding dress with cap sleeves


And finally, a sheath wedding dress with cap sleeves is also a very good variant. It can go in a number of fabrics and styles. Moreover, cap sleeves can be used in combination with various necklines from high neck to deep plunging neckline.

The cap sleeves look very cute on sheath dresses. They make the bride's look more modest and, at the same time, may help to hide some imperfections of the armpit zone. Moreover, they make the bridal look more romantic.

All in all, sheath wedding dresses are almost a wedding classic. They aren’t still so popular as ball gowns and A-line dresses, but more and more brides tend to opt for this silhouette thanks for its convenience and universality. A column wedding dress is a great way to be stylish, elegant ad feminine on your wedding day.

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