How to Accessorize Bohemian Wedding Dresses?

Are you a free and romantic soul? Don’t want to follow the wedding traditions and wear a classic wedding dress? Have you heard about the bohemian weddings trend? Today, it’s quite popular to organize weddings in such a style and wear simple and romantic wedding gowns for them. The bohemian dresses are free-spirited and are perfect for the brides, who want to run away from traditions.

Bohemian wedding dresses are all about light and flowing fabrics, lace, layers, draping, unique patterns and unexpected silhouettes. They are loved by many girls for their simplicity and uniqueness.

However, while preparing for a boho wedding, you need not only to choose a dress, but also some accessories, which will complement your bridal look. Here is our guide of how to choose the proper accessories for bohemian wedding gowns.

What Are the Peculiarities of Bohemian Wedding Dresses?

While seeking for a bohemian wedding dress, draw inspiration from 1960-1970s, when this style became extremely popular. Your dress must have the feeling of freedom and laid-back vide of those times. Bohemian dresses may also have some elements from gypsy style as well as feature hippie and vintage elements.

The main characteristics of modern bohemian style wedding dresses are:

- Comfort. Unlike black- and white-tie wedding dresses, which can be very inconvenient, the most important about boho dresses is that you feel comfortable in them. Aerial dresses in fluid fabrics are the best option.

- Noble materials. Though the dress may look very simple, it’s cool if it features some noble materials like silk, silk crepe, crocheted cotton and lace. In such a way, you will have a more refined look.

- Soft colors. It’s very hard to find a vintage bohemian wedding dress in bright colors. Opt for soft and natural colors like white, beige, nude or powder.

However, there are many cool designs of romantic bohemian wedding dresses. They can be strapless and long-sleeved as well as feature many types of necklines. Various fabrics can be used for such gowns, but the most important is to preserve the light and flowing feeling.

Also, the silhouettes can be different and you are free to choose the one, which suits you the most. Though, the most suitable silhouettes are sheath, empire waist and A-line ones with flowing skirts. Also, you are free to have a top and a skirt instead of the dress as well as a short or tea-length wedding dress.

What Are the Best Accessories for Boho Wedding Dresses?

Basically, you need to think over not only your dress design but some minor details as well. Believe, the choice of shoes and other accessories is no less important as accessories may complement the dress and help create an unforgettable bridal look. Here are some basic things, which you need to consider.


Bohemian-styled capelet

Bohemian-styled capelet

Capes for wedding dresses look astonishing. They aren’t suitable for all the styles of wedding dresses, but the ones in bohemian style are just the case. You can have a small capelet, which covers the shoulders only or the one, which ends at the level of the waist, covering the major part of the arms. Also, long capes look gorgeous, though they are less universal.

The capelets look beautiful if they are transparent and are made of tulle or thin lace. Also, they look great if they are made of the same fabric and in the same style with the dress.

Another way to cover the shoulders is to have a lace or crocheted bolero or topper. The latter one looks very stylish and interesting. The topper designs may be different, but the sheer ones look the best. Instead of lace, chiffon or tulle can be used. Also, toppers as well as boleros can feature some adornments like beading or crystals.

If you planned to have a long sleeve bohemian wedding dress but, as a result, bought a sleeveless dress, you can correct the situation with the help of detachable sleeves. You may buy them separately from the gown.

For instance, there are such gloves, which look like fitted sleeves and can be of various lengths. It’s very convenient as you may wear the dress in two ways. Also, some wedding designers offer the ready sets of dresses and detachable sleeves in their collections.

In truth, you can wear shawls, jackets and pashminas as well. However, we recommend them only in case if you need to get warm and aren’t going to wear them the entire day.


Anklets for bohemian wedding

Anklets for bohemian wedding

Clearly, the choice of the shoes also depends on the dress you have. But, a wedding in bohemian style is the one, where you can refuse from traditions not only for wedding dress but for shoes as well. Of course, you can wear traditional shoes on heels and they may look great with your dress. But you can be more creative as well.

For instance, you may wear gladiator shoes, flats, ankle boots, knee-length boots, beaded sandals and wedge shoes. As the boho style is all about convenience, you may wear whatever you want, but don’t forget that the shoes must look harmonious with the dress. 

The color of the shoes doesn’t necessarily need to be the same with the color of the dress. Beige, powder and ivory colors are traditional, but you can opt for brighter hues like orange or turquoise if you have some other accessories in these colors.

Moreover, even classical shoes may turn into boho ones with the help of certain accessories. Thus, you may add some vintage brooches, lace or crochet elements as well as fringe, beads, pearls and even crystals.

In addition, if you have a beach ceremony, you can even go to the aisle barefoot. A boho wedding is one of those rare types of weddings, when you can afford being creative. Instead of shoes, you may have double anklets, which will look absolutely harmonious with your bohemian beach wedding dress.


Bohemian shoulder jewelry

Bohemian shoulder jewelry

Needless to say that traditional wedding jewelry with lots of crystals isn’t suitable for boho weddings. You definitely need to be more creative. For example, tassel earrings are trendy today and they will suit your wedding theme. They will give an artistic and free-spirited vibe to the bridal look.

The arms can be adorned with chunky bracelets. They can be of metallic colors as well as colorful. The bracelets of vibrant colors need to match something else like the color of your bouquet or shoes. Such bracelets will add some gypsy and hippie elements to your bridal look.

Also, some necklines allow wearing pendants. They can be also of traditional metallic and bright colors. You can even wear several pendants simultaneously, but, of course, they must look beautiful together. In addition, the pendants may adorn not only front of the dress. If you have a backless wedding dress, the pendant can be located in the back. It will look very cute.

One more cool idea is shoulder jewelry. If you have a strapless wedding dress or the one with spaghetti straps, you can adorn the shoulders with such a beautiful piece. It will look very creative and suit the wedding theme.

Hair Pieces

Wedding hairstyle with flowers

Wedding hairstyle with flowers

Flowers are one of the major trends for boho wedding hairstyles. They look great with all the styles of gowns from a bohemian lace wedding dress to a minimalistic silk dress. Depending on your hairstyle, you may have a single flower, inserted in the hair, a flower comb as well as a flower crown. The latter variant looks the best for outdoor weddings. The flowers can be both natural and artificial.

Various types of headbands look very cool. They can be made of lace, thin chains, pearls, crystals and artificial flowers. Also, hair vines, clips and combs look very beautiful with different types of updos.

As to the veils, they are rarely used for bohemian weddings. However, they may look cute with some dresses in boho style. So, if to wear or not to wear a veil depends on your personal taste and the dress design.

Other Accessories

Boho wedding bouquet

Boho wedding bouquet

The choice of other accessories will also add the necessary atmosphere to your celebration. Thus, a wedding bouquet in bohemian style looks the best if it’s made of wild flowers and features much greenery. Ranunculus, spray roses, daffodils, dahlia, chamomile will look gorgeous in a bohemian bouquet. Besides flowers, a bouquet may feature some other details like feathers, ribbons, beads or brooches.

Or, if you want to add some interesting details to the wedding dress, you can do that with the help of belts. It can be something from jewelry, a ribbon of a contrasting color or a beaded/embroidered waistband. Also, if you have a country-styled wedding or wear leather boots, you can adorn the dress with a leather belt.

So, you see that the choice of the proper accessories is very important when you are preparing for a bohemian wedding. Though the wedding dress is the key element, the bridal image will look more interesting if the thematic accessories are added.

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